Qualities To Lead

I have spoken of the issues as they relate to those of great qualities, attainable to all who would choose the office of leadership, whether of governments, commerce, or for the benefit of the believers.    I speak not of condition to the world’s measures, for the world has exalted grave sinners to be spokesmen, statesmen, honored men and women who abhor a truth they take not even notice of.

Sinners cannot revere the greater truths of life unless they obtain truth by hearing and believing.   So the world continues to expound and expand its own glorious nature, one that justifies and exults the beast rather than the creator.  Sins are not greater in magnitude but greater in numbers because of the populations that grew and many more hosts were added to the coffers of evil.

Now the cause is greater as the strain between good and evil mounts to severe battles.  But my chosen, my cherished children, you have mounted on the wings of eagles with your chosen words of faith and surety.  Know that you are in my kingdom and my will is done in my place and with those who have committed their allegiance to the one, the king of all kings who holds the rule of all the earth under his hand.

Now there is a grave task at hand, for the nation of great waters and prosperity is at the watering hole of depravity, unholy sanctions, and the glorification of sorcery that the children no longer know right from wrong and truth from error.   Speak out now of the cause for true leadership.  Teach those who have found great positions that true leadership means service, not of their egos and puffed up versions of position, but of ministering as if to an ailing church.   It means to speak with such solid truth in every single utterance and letter and dot, that the words have power, that all in the land will hear and know they are inspiration and not harassment to those who strived and earned their prosperity.  Your leader today has sought to show there is shame for those of success.  He speaks with demeaning and disparaging sound of those who have even attained their prosperity rightfully.  Pray for the forgiveness he has not yet sought.  Pray for his seat to be safe, but that his ways be altered with the understanding of righteous reward.   The burdens of unfair taxation will hobble a country.  It shows the youth that there is no justice for long and hard days of striving and gaining increase as reward.   Instead increase is taken and given away, seeds that will never be put back to fertile ground.    For you of prosperity and of my hand, fear not, and I will give you what you lose.  The greater loss is in the perception of the poor, the young, the seekers who wonder at the lost reward and who will turn away from the race for where is the prize?

Speak, write, sing, share, spread it across the air, what are those right ways to great leadership and healing, whether to a family, a company, a nation.   Seek for those men and women who exhibit the right ways, living exemplary lives, having one wife or husband, having children of honest behavior, and a house ruled well, and you will find a great leader, whether or not they have attained the attachments of formal education and skills, for those will be added unto them swiftly.   Hire them, vote for them, purchase their goods and you will support their endeavors.  And tell it to those who falter, that they might adjust their ideas and find truth that can be shared for the healing of a nation.   All prosperity and strength is in my laws of seed.

Let them find in all thou doest the model of a life nobly lived; let them find thee disinterested in thy teaching, worthy of their respect,[a] 8 thy doctrine sound beyond all cavil; so that our adversaries may blush to find that they have no opportunity for speaking ill of us. Titus 2:7-8 Knox

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