The Disciplined Life

Time will run away from the lazy, shrinking their days that even to rise becomes onerous.  A little more sleep, a little less profit.   Slothfulness is a heavy load to bear.     There is a spirit of laziness that permeates, easy at the first taste.  Shoes off kind of rest that is only rest when there has been toil.  The factions of the land of plenty scorn those who come to labor with little rest, yet teach not those of natural birth the rewards of labor.  There are waves of generations whose parents have nurtured their innocence toward work, rather than raising them in knowledge.

Spontaneous reward is a goal.  Shiny new things beckon from every corner.  The gathering places for families are like gravesites in my eyes, where life is no longer lived but watched from hypnotized eyes.   Here is the conundrum; the material world on display is not attained by sitting on atrophied minds and muscles.   The voices heard are of false character and words.  No longer are conversations and communications fulfilling, and the minds grow narrower.

There are fewer disciplined minds; a small handful of children taught the hard work and rewards of learning.  What will become of a nation of so many, when so few will have the capacity to achievement?   The strands of attention shortened to moments will be the downfall of freedom, for few will understand the impact of changes that will mounted by the strong and of those who were taught by the foreign tongues and lashes of their mothers and fathers.

But there is a fragment of time, to seize, to redeem and to return to the disciplined ways of the fathers, not only of a great nation for they called this nation to be indivisible and under God, but those of the generations of my histories; the kings and the prophets who gathered and worked and strived to great knowledge and understanding.   Take the opportunity to teach your children well, the rewards of honest and hard work, showing them the fruit of a disciplined life.

It is time to turn from the glaring frame of distortion and turn to me, to each other, and share the histories of my book for life, creating a home of light, thought, new ideas, plans for education, and the righteousness of striving to be fruitful sons and daughters of the most high god.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 12:1 NIV

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