The Hammer Is In Your Hand

The integrity of a man or woman is in their words and the actions that follow.  Men have many faults, but the sin of faithful words followed by unfaithful actions is a discordant seed within.    There is errant energy in the conflict of words and actions.  It begins in the core, the place of life and expectancies.

If there is unfruitfulness in a life, a man needs to reverse his thinking in not finding blame beyond his own doorway.  What thoughts were manifested to building words but the manifestations of action fell short?  Great is wisdom and knowledge if not made to be idle.  If you speak of what you will accomplish, the accomplishment is always afar if actions are not immediately taken.   If you say, “I will do this” and what it is you will to do is right, it is only good if you follow the course of your inspired words.

I offer always an abundance of inspiration and desire to achieve, to build a strong and fruitful life, to be a man or woman who exhibits those strengths of a firm voice.  Be not as the talkers at the tables of exchange, who say this and that and then do that and this.   At the least they have acted, though seemingly not in a fair exchange, yet their cohorts do the same and all ends in peaceful hands.    But for one whose life is said to be built on faith and knowledge, so much more is expected for much has been given.

Your words manifested in the language of action are essential to the core of the faith seekers who watch for inspiration to learn, to follow, to find the path to an energized power because their words of confession to the birth, death, and resurrection of the lamb, is the acceptance of the great gift.

Neglect not that gift that is within.  Your words now have energized power to exceed what you formerly believed.  It is now that your actions are to be the manifestation of that power, to heal, to know, to speak in wisdom and knowledge, to act on the knowledge you have studied and the knowledge you are given as you run forward.

It is you who plants, but I shall give the abundance.   It is you who speaks forth, but I will give you the words.  The hammer is your hand, and I shall show you the fruit of your labor.  Ask, knowing it will be given.


Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you, which was bestowed on you through prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the presbytery. I Timothy 4:14 New American Standard

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