The Enterprising Way

To be enterprising is to take your situation and create a better one.  A poor man can mend his roof, if he is clever and keeps an eye out for the perfect cast away.  To sit in your well swept garden is refreshing at the end of a day.  Even a branch can be a broom and the sky covers everyone.   The enterprising keep the corners of their home free of dust, always ready for company, for who knows when an angel of the Lord might seek a place to rest.

To enterprise on the day is to redeem the moments, not resting idle without thought of action but to have already planned the steps of profitable activity.  Rise to plan your day.  The disciplined have planted their seeds early and are ready for the rains; they reap while others scratch their pockets.

I seek those who are ready for action by being in action, being in synchronization with the light, activating their thoughts with dedication to prayer and knowledge, building on knowledge that I am able to secure for them a more excellent way, excelling in their race, then reaching for the stars at the end of the day.   What way is more satisfying then to reflect on a day well served with gratefulness?

To be of the enterprising way is to find your strength each day in the fullness of your faith, for there is where I might fill you to overflowing that the resources of your energy and thought and money might be multiplied, that you might find favor, and honor.   I am the eye that sees and the ear that hears.  I know the intentions of every seed of thought whether to spend the time in distress for lack or to look up and allow favor to show the way to gain.

Those too lazy to plow in the right season
will have no food at the harvest.  Proverbs 20:4 NLT

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