A Nation Gone Astray

There is a rush of bitter breeze that no one hears.  It flitters over the sands and it slips across the waters.  It seeks a harbor in fertile lands, to steal, to spy, to creep in along side.   It will leap up at untoward moments leaving behind a wake of havoc.  Strange as it may seem, it exercises its freedom to roam and rave, this breeze that is forensic.  It solves its own crime and morphs to another form, sniffing along the pavements to widen a crack a gash.

To what do I attribute this maligned cloud of divisive ways?  You know the scent of evil, yet as a mighty nation you believe your shores are hearty.  The gates are wide open except for a few who watch with spiritual discernment.   A leader goes astray with words that falter in a wasteland.  The nation of seekers looks to other places for reward of their alms, yet they teach not the children of disaster.

Just peer into the cities of bleakness; the sins of its fathers are mighty.  They build palaces of commerce then turn away from the slums that are left behind.  Giants seek to rule the land in the preciousness of what lies beneath the soils.  I have hidden many treasures below the surface of the land.  But the land too is of great value, yet the giants seek to poison the resources that will save a nation, when multitudes of the world will come, as wind filled with dust and sand and locust, to take the fertility of the land.

Be wise.  Choose wise leaders.  Speak aloud of the rape of the land of plenty.  The time of famine across the world is creeping near.  Nations will seek land and water.  They will harness the debts for reward of governing who will eat the corn and wheat, but this will be a relinquishment of final freedom.  Not even the farmer will be able to shoo the poachers, coyotes, and ravenous rabbits.

I call to the mighty nation of waters and vast lands and mountains and all that I have given for prosperity and beauty, a place that my truths might flourish, heed this call of the wild, the angels forces await their orders, to bar the sea shores, to link arms over the fresh waters, to blow away the ravenous beasts.


When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.
    But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. Proverbs 28:2 NLT

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