Hear The Voice Of Strength

Drinking, drugging, lying, stealing, lust to fill your mouth and bowels, and mound the flesh about your body; all the things the waster wants you to do.  It is sinful to be unproductive but the activity of evil seeks an even darker path than the unfruitful works of fear or of laziness.  All take from the abundance of those who believe to love you even in your darkest days.  It takes from the abundance of your nation that strives to hold to liberalities way.   The dealers of death are glorified in their work; they build hierarchies of distribution, armies of cavorters and hold fistfuls of cash and firearms for their power.  It is to these gods that the sinful pay their dues.

To put off the relinquishing of unearned rest and sinful pleasures for tomorrow, is to live for a tomorrow that is always on its way.  There is nothing material in the futile words of saying, “I am going to”.   It is even worse to grasp the identity of the light and, as the dog that returns to its own vomit, seek to go back to your old ways.   Then the enemy is given a greater reward in the return of your soul to his will.  He delights in those traps stacked to fall in perfect unison.

Give no place to the adversary, and he will have no authority in your life.  Your thinking must be clear, your heart must be cleansed, your intentions must be manifested in true actions.  Your actions must be sure, straight, unhindered by even the thought of idleness.  You must abhor those attitudes of mundane thinkers and seek the company of doers, if they will have you in their midst, for you must prove your worthiness in your own achievements.

Hear the voice of strength.  It calls you to the light of forgiveness.  Let go of your old ways today, and then you will grasp the promise of tomorrow.  Step into the fold of knowledge, it is there always at your request.  Ask for wisdom and in times way, the knowledge you seek will grant you vision.   Peace than you shall find.

When people’s lives please the LORD,

even their enemies are at peace with them. Proverbs 16:7 NLT

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