A Heavenly Garden

The division of a family, or the division of a nation, is caused by the same factors of variance.  Strife and fear causing a shift, one blames another for lack.  Truth is now dark and sins have changed to glory. The children run amok when there are no wise words, when leaders speak in lies, when truth is stolen from the coffers.

Freedom is costly.  One claims that words cannot be stolen or hidden.  Another grants self defense is an offense.  Yet the words and images are free to quell the innocence of young minds and fracture them to overloaded impulses of violence, numbing the natural senses of desire.

Freedom in a nation that no longer holds up my words as truth, but has quieted those words of prayer, yet words are still caught up in freedom’s squall, have squandered the rewards of freedom and have given in to the fear of reason. You have heard the voices that use truths in untruthful arts.

What saves these generations who know not the arts of mating, whose needs are immediate feeding of shortened desires, not just of the young, but also to those who have fallen to the unaccountable ways of self justification and self gratification?   The seeds of allure and love are cast away rather than nurtured and savored.  The ways in which I created two to be as one, has been altered to the reams of fast food, flickering eyes that cannot focus in what is before them, and seeking the pulse of instant nourishing.

Therefore, I say to those who desire the rewards of righteousness, the true nourishment of truth, the stunning beauty of growing love; you must relinquish the ways of the world and seek my ways, not to the turning off of progress, but to the utilization of progress in right ways.   A quieted mind is the beginning of prayer, to allow my words to sing and carve new pathways of thought and desire.  To beam the power of a holy love that you attract those of my desire.  Two who live with righteous words on their lips, whose light is from above and not the harsh glare of a world gone to chaos, will live in a world not of the world, but of a heavenly garden.

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