You Will Find The Universe

To understand the senses you have known lack and loss, abundance and gain. It is wise to seek the understanding of decay, yet to know the abundance of life. All under the sun is to train your spiritual minds to the vast knowledge of my universe, and to understand that you will never know all my ways and means.

Yet I give you to see the patterns of the structures of molecules, atoms, the formation of seed bearing trees, the flow and nature of water, the crystals that build with a freeze, the dilation of life and breath. Breath is the beginning of all matter. I said, “Let there be light”.

I alone created a universe, a platform of time and space, matter, spirit and power that have no beginning and no end. To know day I gave night. And the spirit that moved against me, who sought my position as a creator became the imposter. I gave freedom of will, not only to my chosen in the garden, but to the spiritual angels who sing out along side me, who call into the vast vacuum of the galaxies with their perfect harmony.

Now is there a tumble of adversity in the skies, the demonic breath attempts to usurp the breath of my spirit, my spirit beings, my human beings. The battles are mounting to steal light, but darkness cannot hold light except for my night that holds the light of my stars and moons and vast array of heavenly bodies.

My breath alone fills the vacuum of the expanse, my finger holds the earth in its orbit, because I caused the beginning of energy, the birth of energy that turns and builds and expands. And the universe is made to pull against the orbits in its expansion and so energy, as life, is ever expanding and never comes to an end. Breath and breeze of light, it comes and goes and returns again.

You will feel and know my breath in your spiritual senses, as you seek and gain and build knowledge of my book of life. Within you will find the universe.


Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2

Vanity – This word הבל hebel, or, when used as a proper name, in Genesis 4:2, “Abel”, occurs no less than 37 times in Ecclesiastes, and has been called the key of the book. Primarily it means “breath,” “light wind;”

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