Plant Your Seed In The Morning

Your first seeds are those given to your time of prayer, thanksgiving, and study.  Do you rise when you see the first glimmer of light?  Light is the energy of seed, whether of the earth or of the spirit.   Allow your spirit to flourish with the regeneration of my words, my seeds of life.   And follow those words and steps of my one, who came and went before that you might have life eternal.  He was and is the seed of life and the birth of my words and he spoke my words.

To understand the cycles of seed and birth is to know the power of the spoken word, the faith of words spoken, to speak that which you know of truth, to know I spoke truth and it was manifested in light, and in the earth, and in the seeds of the earth, and in the seed of life and life.   Know this, all that I speak is of truth and truth was manifested in my book for life and in the life of my begotten.  Now, it is manifested in my children of life and faith, for you have spoken those words, and believe in your heart that he came, and died, and rose again, that your sins be forgotten for they have been forgiven, and that you might have the seed of life, that is of eternal spiritual life.   It is now that you have the seed, that you might do those things he did and even greater.   Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. I Corinthians 12:1 KJB

Fear not to speak with the tongue of the spirit, for you will utter things you would not know, yet the interpretation is given when your words of prayers and praise are offered before others that they would know and be edified.   Resist not the inspired words given of the holy spirit, for it is of me and I am working a mighty power energized by love, for all you do must come from the love of righteous behavior and the love of the brethren and all who would come to the power of the truth and even of those who love you not.

Allow wisdom to flourish in your words of power and truth, seeking for greater knowledge and adding to knowledge more and you will find greater wisdom, and my holy spirit is energized within you that you would speak of prophecies and knowledge.   Reach out to heal, for to some you hold the gifts of healing, yet all have the same power of holy spirit, you might stir one manifestation or another, for all you accept and work is of your will given freely to mine.  Cast out devil spirits for you have discerned their ways, and finally my children reach out your faith and you will raise the dead to life.

Be as my son, follow his ways, speak his faith, walk on the water of your faith, opening your mouth and loosening the tongue of power and the voice of my spirit, that you might rise up and call many to the fold of eternal life.

Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another—or maybe both.  Ecclesiastes 11:6 NIV 

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