The Paths Of Words And Life

I will fill your words with presence, that what you might utter be the manifestation of truth, to power of healing.   Yet if your voice quivers with reticence, hold the words of your tongue that you not speak in trepidations.  Open your eyes to the book of life and truth, and behold the powers of which I brought through the many generations, till that day my only begotten came in to the world to show you the way and the truth.

He spoke that you might have a voice, that you too would speak forth and move the mountain that blocks the way.  He showed you the manifestation of words in power, in his birth, his endurance of three days to fulfill the prophecies, words powered aforetime in those who believed, and in his rising again, breaking the shackles of death’s grip.  What sin was committed in the relinquishing of the ordinance of life eternal, yet life has been restored and sin redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

Now it is of your walk, the manifestation of what you have learned, to know in the full experience of holy spirit, not just of the words you study and memorize and repeat, but to the full life of walking in the spirit as did the one you profess to follow.

My finger pricks those hardened hearts, that you would see my great desire, to walk as my son, to do those he did, for through him, I have restored the connection to spiritual life, that your bodies be a living temple for what I am.  Come to the table of life as though an innocent child.  Your sins and ways have been forgiven.  Yes, you accept this and I ask that you now accept the power of my spirit.

Rise and lose the tongue of many worldly fears, and allow my spirit to come forth.  Speak boldly of those things that I will tell, for I am beside you, giving those words, thoughts, and inspirations.  And I will tell you of things to come, and I will show you many spiritual truths hidden in my book for life, for therein are all that pertains to life and all that pertains to godliness.

Allow not the spirits that bind to close the gate to your heavenly right for you are my chosen and I give you freely of what I am as your spiritual father and I give you holy spirit that you might save others, and heal the bodies, and discern the unclean spirits that your words of power cast them away.  And yes, I will give to you voice of knowledge and power and wisdom, and to see and know of things to come for to some I give the light of future vision, not to choice of one child over another, but in my wisdom, I have already known who will have the will to hear and to open their mouths with conviction that I will give the words.  Such is the faith of my son walking upon the waters that he settled to rest with the words I gave.

But this you need to see and know, that your words must hold truth in each sound, that your understanding be exercised by the diligent study of the words that were already written, that you live and walk with truth.

You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.’ Acts 2:28 NIV

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