The Light Of Holy Spirit

It is a day to see the means of light.  What is light?  It is the energy of love and power.  It was manifested when I called it to be that you would know the power of the word spoken with faith and to know the thrust of a holy love that would build a universe for its object.  And to the manifestation of my word in the birth of my begotten, such love he lived in his sacrifice and faith that I would be able to give to him regenerated power of his new form, one of light, and his return will fill the skies with his light.

The words you have studied and learned to manifestation of your faith, they are the utterances of light, to say you believe in the one who died and that I raised him again on the third day, are words of love because faith is the source of love.

To love those words that I have given is to know them in the experience of your life.  Do signs, miracles, and wonders follow?   See with your spiritual eyes then, allowing the gifts of light to manifest, to direct, to speak with searing conviction, to turn a wayward heart to the festival of light.

Love is in the utterance of the spirit, holy words as you pray and offer praise.  Those sounds resonate in the soul, on the tongue and to the outmost parts of the earth and the skies.   They fill my treasuries with the light of your faith that I might fill yours with the light of my grace.

To know, to understand with a spiritual understanding, is to accept those things you have not seen then you will see more.  As your understanding deepens, so does your vision of those things that are obscure to the casual reader of the book of life, or even the diligent scholar who only allows the words into the mind and not the heart.   Study to show yourselves approved, to be leaders of one or of many, for I desire leaders who know that they serve the one true god, who know to serve others you must be strong yet humble.

And the light of holy spirit will beam from your life, in words, in actions, in strengths and convictions.  You will be energized with faith, love, and passion.  You will see signs, miracles, and wonders.

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