Talk To Me As He Did

Write these words as I breathe and speak to you; words of heavens ways, words of desires, words of extinction.   I have buried many treasures that none have known.  My mysterious ways are not revealed in their fullness, forever you will have the desires to seek, to know, to gain knowledge and wisdom, for this is the quest.  Expansion of knowledge fits the expansion of the universe or else all becomes quiet and stillness turns to darkness.  The powers of expansion generate more energy, light, and the vibrations of truth and love.   Darkness can only fall in upon itself.  Darkness must steal, kill, and destroy to gain its energy and life.

Many words were spoken by my manifested life, my son of light, of the true and lasting light.  Many words passed his lips, the utterances of the spirit as he gained in knowledge and wisdom, a wealth of righteousness the world has never known.  Yet those words abide in the secret places of the earth and of the many worlds beyond the earth, some to extinction not of the power of the voice, but of the casting away of the spirits of giants, till those rogue waves fall to eternal extinction.

My ways will abide and rule, for there are rules of the universe you know not of, yet I show you in the many folds of truth and in the mountainous regions whether above the seas or below.  Growth, shift, and expanding energies flow from the core of my creation.  Does not the baby in its mother’s womb grow and expand, energy flowing to form a perfect finger, lips, beating heart?  Energy flows and regenerates on its own motivation.  Your energy too will flow with excitement and daring, not to the foolish antics of bravery, but to the abandonment of fear, the relinquishing of hesitations.

Go forth, my chosen, for you have been the seed of my heart from before the time I created the orb of life.  I knew you would come into the world, of the dust of the earth but not of the world.  I knew whose knee would bow to honor the one truth.  I knew whose lips would say, “I believe.”  Such simple words, yet the most sacred vow of the forever and the almighty power that I hold and that I am.  And to that believing comes the ever-expanding faith, on the ascension of my son to the manifestation of that which he came to reestablish.

Ask in his name, the glorious one, heal in his name, call out the spirits that hide and slither and lie and steal and do so in his name, for in that power will they quiver and flee.  Talk to me as he did.  Show others the way of life, for life is for those who believe and believing comes by hearing and hearing my words of life.

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