Sharpness Of Your Spiritual Vision

The dominion of darkness operates at many levels.  There are hierarchies of the fallen one, who was an angel of light and fell, of his own-charted course, to a dark place, taking with him like-minded minions.  Watch with sharpness of your spiritual vision, for around you are the workings of the one who seeks to cast dark shadows, even unto death, about you.  The jabbering ones flit here and there, they mingle in along side as though a convert or even a citizen of your holy gatherings, places of commerce, villages and countries.

These have been scattered about the whole world, seeping into places of freedom for the eventual rise of the death of freedom, that the angel of light that fell to rule the dominion of darkness seeks to rule all.  Watch, I say, and stand guard.  Leaders of the gathered nations must stand against the sway of infiltrations.  The southern places that lie near to the northern places are most vulnerable to the settling of quiet factions till the rise of a northern explosion.

But I have called the saints to a great cause and brought you out from the dictates of darkness, that darkness has no hold or jurisdiction over you, and I have brought you to the kingdom of light, the place of my son who was the manifested man of light for he was of me.  Claim my kingdom to earth, in the name of my one.  Loose the shackled that will to be in the light of freedom.  Neglect not the gift, for what cause did my son suffer if you relinquish your rights, and your rights are to the power of holy spirit.  Pray fervently in the spirit and in your will and faith, great things will be done on earth as they are in heaven.  God’s Prophecy


For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Colossians 1:13 NIV

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