Where Dark Spirits Roam

I am not seen yet you know me.  You know the works of my hand and the words of my breath.  You see my ways across the sky; the touch of my finger has brought the trail of stars.  I offer the rain filled clouds and the light of the sun.  All about you I have placed those offerings of loveliness and awe.  To follow the son is to know his words were really spoken; yet you have not seen him in the body.  To have faith is to breath the spirit of my faith, given to you for all that pertains to life, as my word was manifested so is my power, for I would not have you lacking.

The mantle of faith will cover from the rules of ungodly doctrines, though you live in the world of unrest and sin.   More unrest is to come in the days and years ahead, for this is the way of the world, not as I set those things in order, but in the willful fall of man from the protection of my kingdom.  The loosed spirits have spread, taking part in the wayward, flourishing in cells of misdeeds, seeking always the weakness, those places where too many live unaware, until the time has passed to close the gates.

I see sunrise coming over the plains and sands and seas of discord, and secret armies that infiltrate, slithering, dark, groping for strongholds in the lands of democracy and freedom.  The trail leads through those places of blackened gold, and deposits that call to the greedy leaders, seeking the means to pocket profit for the proliferation of their religious ways.   Battles upon battles must be met with force and the foundation of spiritual certainty that only is from above.

Watch for those who seek a seat of power, watch their words and study their histories, are they for the people or are they working, even if unaware in their ignorance, for the mechanisms of sorcery, the lighted in worldly glory yet lacking in the spiritual understanding as pertaining to the one truth, for all else is counterfeit and lies.

You, my cherished and lifted, have looked to me with faith filled eyes, knowing my one will come again, knowing you have a place in the kingdom of light and freedom and fullness of life everlasting.  You, who seek my heart, ask for knowledge and wisdom, that you wonder not in those desert places of illness where dark spirits roam, without the protection of my heavens armies.

Pray fervently in the spirit, for this avails much in the calling of my kingdom that you walk in the garden of my delights that storms do not sway your freedom for joy and rightful living, and upholding the torch of love and truth.   God’s wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy.

For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV

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