Breathe The Air Of Heaven

As you look to the heavens, you will see the new sun and the new moon, for all things will be prepared for that day.  As you look to the expanse of heavens, you will see my son, who prepares a place and eternity is already in the heavens.  And you will join him who believed and you will follow where he has gone for he is coming back.  The clouds hold the rains but the spirit bodies, glorious in their ascension, will be in the clouds with the king.  Follow his voice, for you know in the spirit when he calls your name, you will rise from your slumber, those who have gone to the grave, and those who are alive will wonder and leap for the joy that their name is in the book of life.

And you see whom you are in the words, manifested in body and spirit.  And you know, the way to the eternal place is through my son.   Know him and you know me.  Do those things he did and you will do even greater, for you now have the knowledge of spirit, to call to those things that are not and they will be.

Does not your heart lift when hear his name?  My heart soars when what you claim is in his name, for I have given reign over my kingdom, and you, my children, whether asleep or running, you are fellow heirs.  I have appointed you so because you chose the way and knew before I called the lights in heaven, you would walk and breathe the air of heaven.

 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.     John 14:3 NIV

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