Till The Gathering Together

There are many loves, the love of country, fellow citizens, and fellow heirs, for king, for truth, for strength; the ways of one to another in the union as set by me, to be together as one; to be of the body, the bride, longing for the return of the groom.  In days of the generations, the groom gathered his bride and their journey was to his father’s house where rooms were specially prepared.

I set much in order of the body, whether of man and woman, or of the body that is of my life, life that is of my children, for isn’t the life of a father given to his own in seed, blood and kisses.

There are kisses for the king, the ground before his feet, a hem, a scepter, an extended hand the greater honor.  Yet in this time, the priests, the kings, the prophets, are no longer the silver cord to heaven for my son came to be all those, to teach, to show the way, to wash the feet of those who served and followed.

You yearn for the kiss of his love, for it is of healing, truth, and strength.  His kiss is on the truth of his lips, in words and the records of those things he did, that you might know the way to the purity of your ways.  To strive, to love, to kiss others with the truth is to follow his steps.   To know the intimate power of the kiss is to breathe one another’s breath, as I kissed you with my breath, that you flowered to a life to be a reflection of my creation.

I created a man and I created a woman to be the reflection of the bride and the groom, which is my son in glory and the church of love, to show the perfection of a union one with another.

Be inspired by the manifestation of my will, by the kiss of a lover whether in life or the last kiss of the letting go till the gathering together.


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Song Of Solomon 1:2 KJB

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