There Is Always Beauty

There are days of clouds and then the sun’s strength pushes the clouds aside.  There are moments of introspection, to see the causes of grief, but then there is the time to shed the grief as the sky sheds the clouds.

For what do you clothe your soul?  The colors of the rainbow will change the pattern of the heart, to thrill, to open your mouths in awe for the precious moments of beauty that fades as does the beauty of a fair one, yet for the beauty that emanates from power of loveliness, there is always beauty.

To walk in the garden clothed with flowing linen white as snow, light as the filament of a cloud, is to be refreshed with the flowers of truth.  Truth never fades and gives in perpetual enjoyment.  To what do your eyes seek?  The golden vessels of wisdom fill the vision with pleasure, knowledge knows its course and it is a delight to walk its path.

To where do you set your steps, the garden, the wilderness, the desert places?  To lean against the garden tree in moments of respite, is to find refreshment beneath its canopy, a calm of shade, fruit to wet the lips, to breathe the fragrant garden flowers; truth, wisdom, knowledge, the sweetness of my garden’s breath.

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; Song of Solomon 2:11 KJB

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