Till You See Him Come

Arise early, my daughter, my son.  Arise as the first light glints on the waters, the desert, the treetops.  Arise and seek the one whom you desire, who gives you the fruit of the morning and the day.  For what is it your soul desires?  Yearn, my loved ones, for the stirring of the spirit causes you to seek.  To seek, whether day or night, is to desire knowledge, then greater knowledge, to taste the honeycomb of truth.

Desire that grows draws you to find me, to seek my one who was manifested in the perfect image, upon whom I gave my holiness, my spirit, the power of my creation and love for I did all through him.   Your desire grows to know him, to be as he walked, to find the ways in which he will return for his bride, you, who are the body of seekers, believers, and lovers.

How will you show your ways?  In the utterance of truth, to speak of those things as you have learned.   The key has been shown, to open the many gifts of truths, to see through the glass as the specters clear, for there is no obstacle, no not even death, till you see him come.

Greater things, oh greater things you will do, before the day of rising, for you have tasted of the fruit of truth, you have desired the heart of love, you have craved the golden breath of wisdom, his, mine, now yours.

Go into the world’s kingdoms, for you have been holding the keys, to cast away the seas of doubt and darkness.  Voices rise in spiritual notes, till the foundations of the earth shall shake.  Call forth, my loves, call forth those words of majesty.  My kingdom shall be on earth and all that I have longed for, shall come to be.  God’s words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy.

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. Song Of Solomon 3:2 KJB

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