Until The Day Breaks

Be clear in mind, heart, and body.  Know you have done all when each day is done.  A day, a journey, each a gift and a step closer to the one you cherish.  My words stream over the spaces of the day, the day’s journey, the journey to eternal breezes, that you would sip of the waters of life, to be redeemed, refreshed, and to know life’s worth.

What is the worth of a day if your bread was not of life?  Life in its fullest account is of what you have endeavored to know and to share, life, breath, words of wisdom and fruit of the spirit, glorious each.  Live in glory with each breath and every step, resisting the resistance and the tongues of evil.  Resist false words no matter how sweet, whether to hear and taste or to offer in social graces, however, you will find the words of kindness and truth to say even to your enemies who will be pricked in their hearts.

Your endeavors to the truth of life are as the wings of the eagle, spread wide on the spiral winds of the sky.   Fly on the spiritual wings of power, words, thoughts and actions, pure of guilt and full of holy reason.  Drink with gracious thanksgiving of the words of life of the words I spill forth.  A breeze, a life, a moment, all pass from one side to the other and no one knows from when it starts to when it ends, for all continue in perpetuity.

To what do you reason in dark moments, but to lift yourselves from the thoughts of derision, for all evil came out of the fear of loss and death and from the greed of unearned reward.   There is no other god, yet the world chooses its’ own.  To seed of perdition will many follow, and for the gilded bowl that holds no water.

Rebuke the adversary and he will flee, draw close to me and he will burn with his own envy.  Watch as the wicked fall by the wayside, for your path is mighty and your words of conviction are truths that sting the wicked seekers, the haters, the plotters, the thieves, not just of what is yours, but of what they should have offered.

But you, my children, need not take the offerings of solace, for putrid are the gains from the guilty.   Take what is offered in honest report when you have earned the rewards of prosperity, even if from the world.   Continue with full assurance of your place, until the day breaks and the shadows are blown away.

Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away, I will go up to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense. Song Of Solomon 4:6 KJB

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