The Power Of Prayer And Conviction

Even a moment you must claim, when the world’s distractions seize your thoughts. Disturbances you feel in the spirit are not to be covered with distractions of your own, but to open your eyes to the truths of evil turnings, surmising, the fluttering of unholy lips, all that seeks to undermine your resolve and calm.   To these signals raise the greater weapons of advance and not defensive justification, for never do you need to justify your holy position.

When the moments of unease are with you, pray in the spirit.  The power of the unfettered spirit you stir with the motion of faith, walking on the words of the spirit, running with force and holding firm the sword of truth, keeping your countenance calm and sure, your stance firm in your knowledge of the power of my holiness, will turn away the cursing.  For what is a wayward spirit that has found refuge in its host?  It is to find union with others, liars, cheaters, cunning craftsmen with words, yet you see their ways as foolish.

Even the thought of your presence stirs unrest, resistance, hate, for those spirits’ shackles are raised to defend their court.  But they must be banished before you.  They must flee in your sight, the battle is to the host, perhaps unaware, who is bereft of their lost worldly power yet groping for more.   Continue in your firm resistance, casting out the demons in the name of the one, who did not leave you unprepared for you have the power of prayer and conviction.

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