You Can Be Sure Of This

I always hear the words of prayer, whether of one who has claimed their faith, or those who hold the walk of their faith in abeyance for more convenient times, and even of wicked doers who mark their path with blood and thievery yet fear grips their hearts.   I hear the cries of the imprisoned, which have taken lives.   I know the intent of every thought and word.

So, my loved ones, I love you whether you stand or fall. I love you for the path you have chosen in my son even when you have not found the firm footing of my hand that is there but you don’t yet see.   I feel the pain you suffer, for my affirmation is of healing.  If you but allow me to hold your heart, it will find comfort and joy despite loses and fear.

The great comfort you will find is in the surety of eternal life and your time in these bodies are but a flash in time’s magnitude of endurance, for time always was and always will be.  Your spirits are mine and always will be in my keeping, whether you are alive or for those who have gone before you.

Rest my restless and anxious ones.  Step upon step in the life you hold is still precious to me, for you are the light of the world standing brave against the dark hold.  You are redeemed by the blood and are set apart from the world though you walk in worldly places.  Know that what you suffer is soon turned to rejoicing when you see each other’s glorious faces reflecting the light of my one.

A word, a step, a prayer, each takes you closer to the gifts of healing, for this I promised and it is there.   A faith filled sigh is a spark that fires the engines of promise, the comfort of the holy spirit with which you are filled to overflowing.


You can be sure of this:

The LORD set apart the godly for himself.

The LORD will answer when I call to him. Psalm 4:3 NLT


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