Resist The Words Of Retaliation

Works of conviction will come in due time.  The sins of lies are great making a mockery of my words and the establishment of the magnitude of words.  To lie is to undermine justice, to steal, to willingly forfeit the power of truth.  To say you will do this and instead do that dilutes the power of your own breath.   To speak of an offering from your hand knowing in your heart your own selfish intentions, sets your own fields afire, for there is no life in dried utterances.   Towers of lies will topple, crumbling about as dried clay.  The weight of the sinful tongue fills a mouth with bitterness.   Such drag their sins behind them adding much to their own burden.

I have my ways, that my own who seek and endeavor to speak truth, need not carry the scars of another’s lies.  Resist the words of retaliation that may seem sweet for the moment, for they would only turn against you.  Give no place to the one who seeks to undermine your grace, maintaining to prayers and praise in your spiritual thoughts even when facing your mocker.

Your peaceful countenance, the power of your speech, the energized motion of your inner prayers, will avail much, whether to the fright filled sinner’s flight that your stance has convicted them in the heart, or their willful attack that turns their weapon to their own demise.


What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them

with ropes made of lies,

who drag wickedness behind them like a cart! Isaiah 5:18 NLT

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