Rise My Warriors, Rise

With what eyes do you see the earth?  There is vision of what is worldly for one who looks to their selfish cause and holds goodness and healing at bay, for then their complaints are justified.  Others see the darkness of death as an end to life.  Their eyes don’t have the sight for the light that leads to eternal vision.  Then there is the veiled promise of hope but this is to see with one eye closed.

My cherished ones, my one has given you sight, has healed the spiritual blindness that covered the earth, that truths hidden in the hems of ropes and in the folds of the earth, and in the hearts of those who heard and saw and knew there was a greater cause, are revealed to all who ask for spiritual understanding.

With your spiritual understanding, you will see visions and know of the call to the fields.  You will hear the voices of my heavenly hosts in perfect resonance that reverberates through the whole of the universe.   The tenor of my words will shake the foundations of the earth and you will know I am the only god of all time, space and all that is created.  And your voices, my true ones, spoken on words of power, will fill the great voids of the earth and those sounds of truth harmonize with the song of my angels.  Hear them rejoice; oh hear the songs of glory, the voices of the glorious hosts of my heaven.  Sing with the hosts and angels whose voices soar over the skies and the seas.   Do you hear the spirit calling?

My holy hearts of my heart, my spirit has filled you to overflowing, that my glory be seen on earth as it is expressed in the heaven.  You fill my earth with my glory, knowing it not of yourselves but I who breathes the fire of true power.   Rise to that place to which you have been called.  Rise my warriors, rise.


They were calling out to each other,

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Heaven’s Armies!

The whole earth is filled with his glory!” Isaiah 6:3 NLT

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