Greater Things You Will Do

It is because he told you so.  It is because he spoke and lived my words.  You will do those things he did because you know him and he knows me, so you too know me and hear me.  He is the bond between that there be none between but we are in accord, acting as one, moving as one, receiving as one.

He is the one from the beginning and to the end, for this time will end to give to the time that will not end, time acting as the sieve, shaking the chaff from the wheat.  The gates will open for those who hold the key.  What is the key but the manifestation of faith, the face of the one who knew and came and will come again.  It is the word of life upon your face, it is of the words you hold, and those you confess in the manifestation of your faith.

There are those things I would have you to do, for he did them and he spoke what I offered, of the holy spirit that now is within, that you would mount up in your faith, to take on the full understanding of the power of your words, to speak and that which you say is, to know of those things that are to come that I tell, that you hear and know and speak forth when it is right, not to the counting of cards, but to the mounting of the saints to perfection, righteousness, soundness in spirit, and to the casting of mountains to the seas.   You, who are of the faith, take on the fullness of your faith, believing in full, your own words of glory.   Take those pronouncements to your steps and charge forward to reward, to battle, to action, to healings, to a voice that is filled with the power of my might, doing those things he did and even greater things, for he is with me, and you are in the field of the world and though we are with you, it is of your lips that the blind will see.

It is of the voice of the spirit, those words of majesty, of might, of the tongue of angels and of other worlds and of the spirit of the galaxies and of the places not seen at the edge of eternal space, that is a greater thing.   You who speak with the unfettered graces of love, speak with power, your words building to castles in the air, to tear down the strongholds that rear in defense, yet you topple their resolve to dust, to be blown away by the breath of the spirit.  You hold the breath of the spirit, for I give you the baptism through my one, the spirit of holiness and power.  Speak what I give, never wavering, that my full will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This too is a greater thing.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12 NIV

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