Your Words Stand As An Army

Justice will always be served.   The wicked slash about in murky living.  They see their worldly rewards as just but are blind to their own demise.  Power is a drug.  It falsely illuminates one’s grandeur.  It builds upon a foundation that can’t hold its own weight, bearing down unaware till the crooked rocks falter.   There are some who are born to their ways, a seed that has germinated over the many generations, spreading as disease across the lands and seas.   Others come to their thrones, not by means of birth, but choice to allow the dictates of evil to grant them a quick tongue, to hold court and count their conquests and prey.

But evil cannot live in the light of truth, which is glaring and revealing to their ways.  They shiver in the heat of truth, stirring accusations to the innocent.  Be not alarmed by their delivery of lies, for in it they show their true selves.  These are charmers and even delightful in the company of those who love them or seek the grace of their rewards, a gift for accolades, one kiss for many.

And yet within, a times, is a lost and fearful heart.  Fear mounts to build its own fortress.  It rejects truth and asks for lies.  Fear of losing their kingdom cause them to unfaithful behavior, believing their own words in the moment, then casting them aside as waste, they move through the day unaware of the litter they leave trailing behind, mounting to teetering strongholds that will pull them down when the worthless words finally topple.

My faithful ones, be not dismayed at the anvils of the wicked, for my power supersedes all.  None can stand against me.  None can stand against you for you stand with me.  I will call to the angels that battle, who stand as my many heavenly armies to arm you with power and might as your words stand as an army, for each is straight and true and infused with the power of my might, spoken in the name of my one.

Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10 NIV


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