The Rising Of The Saints

Of the generations I called a few, of the era I called but a few have heard the charge, to line up in formation toward that day of reckoning.  It comes; it comes swiftly when it does, with no time to step forth preparing for the great battle.  Prepare yourselves each day as though it were the day, as though you hear the horns held up to the skies, as though you see the one, crowned by the glory of the sun.

The moments are sheared to spare, but much work must be done.   The fields must be cleared and monuments of idol worship torn down and pressed to dust.  The wicked will be hunted, who before time were the tormentors.  What was done to others becomes their own demise.

Sharpen the swords of truth, for with these that glint in precisely sharpened edges, will fortresses be distressed and my power be raised to strength.  The waters will divide as truth from error, dark from light, and unrighteous work revealed as every knee is bowed.  Terror will strike many hearts whose glory were their own, melting to heaving ribs, and falling with the waste of their kingdoms.

That day is on the horizon, yet no man knows its moment.  I have set in motion all from the day I called to the light and yet before.  Wisdom followed the course and my word became the call of wisdom, knowledge and light and the light came to be.  I have set all in the motion of the infinite universe, that all should see.  And yet, not all see the light of truth.  They have followed blindly in the ways of the beasts that wandered in bewilderment at their own falling away.  And I chose that my ones have the freedom to follow in the way of righteous strength.

Rise, rise, the call is to the rising ones.  The songs are called in praise and power, hear the voices of my heavenly ones, those who stand in multitudes of union, who sear through the battles of the skies, who stand before and behind and flank my honored children.  Rise to the calling, for you have chosen from the start of your spoken faith, and all who have chosen to follow, follow him now with glory in your hearts.

To glory is the rise, of my loved ones, my cherished warriors who follow the march of the king of kings.  The battle is to save those who would hear.  The battle is for those who know to know, to know fully in the experience of their arms and legs and heart, the power of their voices and the fire of my spirit within.

Stir the mighty gift, praying and singing in power of the spirit.  Call to the lost and wandering in the driest deserts, for they are thankful for the drops of spiritual waters.   Call the idle worshippers, who hover in their cozy places.  Call out to the streets and byways, and palaces and to all who profess their faith.  Come to the rising of the saints.

Hear the noise on the mountains!

Listen, as the vast armies march!

It is the noise and shouting of many nations.

The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has called this army together. Isaiah 13:4 NLT

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