The Throne Of Grace

Your confidence is in the words you have taken, in the oath of your faith.  You have heard and believed.  You see the signs, miracles and wonders when you step forward and not behind.   You know the truth has set you into the breeze of freedom, yet you have given your choices of your free will, to follow and act on those words spoken, and set into motion by my son.

There is a forward step, not just of each believer, but also of all who link together in the brotherhood of faith, to march in the victory already won.   The heavens now are the battlefields of spiritual power and might, where my angel armies defeat the untoward spirits that know their end is determined.

To be fellow heirs, you have taken the mantle of a son and daughter of the most high.  There are my chosen of the generations who will be reunited, and you who have chosen your path to be of my first one.  Come to the mountain of glory; come to the throne of grace, look to the skies forever, for you are in the wings of my grace.

Ask what you desire in the name of my one who went before.  Claim those things on earth as they are in heaven, for you call my kingdom to earth and you, who believe, will change the course of life, to save the many whom I know will hear.  Show the power of my might, whether to those who believe but have not manifested their beliefs and to those who have not yet heard of the glory of my power.  You will do those things accomplished by my son, for he showed the way.  You will now heal the sick, you will discern and cast out devil spirits, you will speak with the spiritual tongue in your praise and prayers and for others and for your countries.  You will know the meanings of your utterances in the spirit when you stand amongst the others who will to believe.  You will speak in words of knowledge and wisdom.  You will speak of those things to come in my desire to allow foreknowledge of those things to come.  And you will raise those who time has not yet transformed.

You will dream dreams and see visions, you will hear the angels sing, and see the glint of their motions.  You hold the sword of truth and reason and have prepared, as the great warrior, for that day to come.   Stand sure in your place of freedom, strength and godly power that is of me and not of the world, for you will conquer all to my glory and the glory of my son who sits besides me and to whom I have given the key of the universe, for he was and is the key of the book of life.


Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16 NIV

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