To Hear My Voice

You are a chosen vessel because you chose to hear me and to follow in what I have set in order.  My children, I could set all things in order, but you are my lamps, you hold the light to those that swarm about the darkness.  The darkness seeks to envelope the nations, but I have my nation, out of all, that is rising in these days.  To those who will follow my directions, I give all you need to accomplish those great things.  To hear my voice and know it is I speaking and calling and that you do what I ask, for this I have set great courses and deeds and workings.

The tasks for each are varied, for each of you hear and know in different ways, yet you are an integral part of the body, the army of believers who know their leader.  You are leaders who know the way, rising against the storms, the tides, the altering faces of evil.   I ask that you know and prepare always and every day, praying fervently in the spirit, which opens the floodgates to the glory of my power and might.  I will provide great things for those who will to accomplish great things, for greater will you do in this time for the accomplishments of the time to come.

The certainty of your tasks will be clear, if even to know of one step, for many steps follow and I will show the way as you come to me for direction in your day.  Every day is urgent to the cause, to accomplish all you can.  And on those days of rest, you will continue in your prayers in the spirit for these avail much.

To what deeds have no accomplishment you are to cauterize what takes and does not relinquish its own selfish reward, for evil seeks to steal time, energy, and resources.  Yet to those who will to hear, time, love and patience is the key.  To those things of pleasure but no reward, relinquish.  There will be many pleasures such you have not yet seen and known.  Days of reward are those days you hear the angels sing, for they mount up on wings and voice, and the spirit stallions with them in the frays and in the victories, for all battles will be victorious, for victory has already been accomplished.

Time is space and space is eternal as is time.  And all my son accomplished is for now, for your peace, not the worlds for the world knows not peace except its own concept of what it could be.  But you know peace is in your hearts, even to those who have chosen the front lines of life, to seek the inner knowledge, to ask for knowledge and wisdom, to speak in the tongues of the galaxies, to walk on the water of faith, to look into my face and know you hear my voice, to run to those directions I give knowing it is of a great cause.

I give you mighty blessings that you will see great signs, miracles, and wonders in your every day.  Your words will flow with power, even in those places you go without sight yet you will have spiritual sight.  You will see into hearts and minds that your inspired words will touch the inner hearts of the hardened, broken, egotistical, power hungry, poor, dark, murky and all who have ears to hear.

My chosen, my loves of my heart of hearts, I love you with great might for you have heard me.  You have seen your life in the book of instruction, in the generations that spoke of those times that have come.  You know your life was spoken in the words of the lamb.  You heard him call your name and you came.  Know that we make our place with you, in this world as you accomplish those things he did and even greater.  You are rising to the call, in your spiritual acknowledgement of the holy spirit of power that grows and expands as the universe expands, moving faster always for it must to balance the increasing galaxies, to pull and produce the ever generating power and energy, that the earth fulfills its orbits.  To understand the science is but a glimpse, as the earth is but a grain of sand.

This chosen vessel has heard my words, has neared the fulfillment of a season that I ordered, to write these daily words, to learn my voice, to know that other things were to be put in order, to show that I speak, for now I speak to others who read these words and know I appoint you to hear, to speak, to write, to share what I direct, that the accomplishments that must be set in order are so that the day of atonement and glory may be fulfilled.   Hear my voice and fear not to write those things that I direct.  There are many words to come in the days and seasons of which I set the tasks ahead.  But you are my eyes and tongue, my hands and feet.  I give to you swiftness and agility in the days and battles you face, knowing you have been appointed.  Rise, my loved ones, rise to that place you are called.

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