Your Golden Wrist And Honeyed Tongue

Oh, I am here.  For you have seen, with your faithful eyes, the glory of my son.  Walking in his way, you walk in mine.  My kingdom is of many, and your place is in mine.  Though you walk on the earth and the world swirls about, you still stand within the garden of my place.   Therein is the sanctuary against the beasts and monsters, those spiritual abominations who stride the earth as if their domain.  But you, my own, are in a quartered place, for even the earth is divided in realms not seen by many.  My prophets spoke of many events, some have come and others have yet to be.   Fear not uprisings of the users, for their place will come soon enough.

Focus now on the eternal life that is already, for my power is working within you.  Find those of equal footing, for your brothers and sisters are your fellow warriors who seek you as you do they.  A time is unfolding, this time to the next, for you stand within two places as no other, a place of grace from which life abounds for you abound with favor.  Take this noble event, the one of death to life, which made available the comforter, not of a petting of the head but of anointment to the noble riches of glory.

You must take this refuge, for you are my chosen for this time, take the royal mantle of fellow heirs to the kingdom of many, for the earth is yours because it is my son’s.  The heavens are yours because they are his, the galaxies are yours as is all the places of eternal life, for I have given all authority unto him, the one whose shadow you follow, whose steps you imply to your own.

My chosen, you have yet to know the implications of the power you have received.  First unto the seed of eternal life, then unto the emanation of power that draws to you all that is essential to life and godliness.  All that is essential to life, I say all.  My desire is for your physical strength in health, as it is to your spiritual strength and health, and I want my children prosperous.  It is good to prosper in all you do, so draw that to your life for this is what the naysayers see and will open many eyes, honest work, diligent striving, a light and pure heart and great prosperity.  What more can be an example of my good men and women, my children of light?    And to the discernment of good and evil, you have knowledge and wisdom, and as much as the power within is for good, it is also for those battles that are but a mere flick of your golden wrist and honeyed tongue.  The devils must flee in the presence of my spirit.  They cannot be in the same realm because where you go you go within my kingdom and you go in the name of my son.

If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 14:7 NIV

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