This Place Called Earth

Most have lost or never found the words of the prophets.   They do not know that I control the skies.   The days are now when the lost will be found, if they hear, and till that day I appoint when all that is will be changed.  Many flee but there is no place I cannot find.   Turn now to the words of truth and power, redeeming the moments of your days.  I reward those whose hearts are for the end to see to the new beginning, to know their moments are no longer counted as mere days, but as the seed to an eternal day.

I have spoken through the generations.  I have shown my will in the painting of the night.  I have instilled my secrets in the earth and those things of the earth, in soil and seed, in clouds and rain.  I direct the animals and the insects and all that is great and all that is small.  Have I not the reigns to pull the earth from its place in the sky?

Yet for all the power in the tip of my finger, I hold the earth in its place, orbiting about the sun, sun of heat and energy.  I call to the galaxies and the expanse of the universe and all moves under my hand, that this place called earth is held in the expanse and movement of the eternally expanding heavens.  I called to your breath from birth till death, not eternal death but slumber.  I hold your spirits close, that you rest till the day of my choosing, when the dead shall rise and those alive shall see too, the rising of a new day.

Have you chosen to participate in the new, to have the cloak of a new body?  To rise to the clouds to meet your lord in the air, he who came and went before to prepare a place for you?  Have you love and holy spirit?  Have you known from a child or learned in your days of harvest?  Come, come to the fountain of living waters, come that you might have life.


For I will shake the heavens.

The earth will move from its place

when the LORD of Heaven’s Armies displays his wrath

in the day of his fierce anger.” Isaiah 13:13 NLT

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