Love Without Condition

Write these words for the people I love.  For those who search and hear and know, continue to seek as I open the fields of my word, revealing many more secrets and treasures, opening the vaults of knowledge and wisdom.   For you who stand against evil and willingly offer your thankfulness, I will hold back those forces that murmur.

Take this peace to sow good seeds, you in the land of plenty.  I have chosen you for this time and this nation yet there is strife and war in those places where seeds of dishonor were planted before the many generations.  I have set much in order to the shifting of the planets, to the changes of the waters.  It is of my touch, knowing man would not replenish the earth, but steal and forage all its wealth that I will one day allow chaos to rein for a time.

When the horns shall sound all will rise and know the truth.  Many will call out but I will not hear their cries, for they willingly turned their eyes when I showed them a greater way.  And of others, I see the intents of their hearts, though sin conducted the pace of their lives, they knew not of what they did.  Even my son forgave his accusers.

Forgive as he did, allowing those who point their fingers and raise their ire against you to retrieve their dignity.  Then will they see that the greater reward is to love without condition.


All you people of the world,

everyone who lives on the earth—

when I raise my battle flag on the mountain, look!

When I blow the ram’s horn, listen! Isaiah 18:3 NLT

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