Your Place Is In The Heavens

Those who self appoint their worth, whose words are to protect their position, whose actions are to shine the dross of their own crown, will be pulled down by the same words that built their personal shrine.    Their eyes are not focused on what is right by my sight, but by the factions they have devised and by the influence of the whisperers who have mesmerized their thinking to join in the self-congratulatory circles.    Multiplied many times over, these self absorbed, who train in spiritual ranks they see not, rise even to command the steps of many.  The many feet of followers continues to fuel the fire of their injustices, seeing justice only in their own terms.   Know this, they will be brought down from their high posts.  Their places will be made to dust.

You will know them by their minions, some brought into the stealth fold unaware of their untoward actions.  Pray for such whose lives whirl in the glitter of dishonest praises.   And know that your place is in the heavens, for it is from where your thoughts and actions are seeded.

See yourselves on the mountaintops, my chosen. Would you not be the better leader than those who lead the blind into captivity?  This is the time for you to rise to those places, knowing you are sons and daughters of the most high god, knowing you are fellow heirs of the one.

“Yes, I will drive you out of office,” says the LORD. “I will pull you down from your high position. Isaiah 22:19 NLT

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