Amazing Things

You heard.  You heard the words of truth.  You know because truth rings clear, then a quiet reverberating of perfect clarity.   You see the signs that others slough off but no things are done that are of me without a perfect plan.  My finger touched your heart, did it not when you heard the words of my one?   Powerful words and actions of a great leader are also of the power of love.  The greater leader is also the greater master and the greater master is the most humble.

To what acts do you aspire?  To learn truth and act on the words you devour is to enter the race.  To run knowing all obstacles you will crash through without even the loss of one stride’s length, to leap over mountains, to lead, to call, to thrill to the miraculous signs and all amazing things and powerful acts that surround and follow your course.

I have anchored my legions of celestial warriors, who gallop upon angelic steads, pacing your course to achieve the prize, the high calling to which you are destined.  But remember, no matter the prize, each is of a different place in the body, and all is accomplished upon your freedom of will, to go this way or that, to run or to walk, to rise or to rest, to believe or to refute those things you have heard.   I seek those who seek me.

If you are reading these words of inspired verse, I know if you are stirred.  I know if you pant for the reason of truth, yearning with desire for the golden pieces scattered along the way that lead to my book for instruction and honest deeds.

To what do you aspire, a writer, a poet, a painter?  Or perhaps your life’s desire is to teach, to heal, to research of sciences?  I have many places of great need.  The halls of commerce for a nation of natural wonders, galleries of medicine for healing, the streets of youth yearning for a leader to take them to the wells of truth.   There are vast fields in the battered nations.  Are you able to cast fear aside and enter the fray of the dens of beasts to save even one, for one will save a village.

I have opened the airways with the touch of my finger, stirring minds to great achievement, that my chosen would fill the air with wonder, the serums of truth, the gifts of healing.  Speak out!  Call into the wild places, you who believe.  Call upon my angel armies, they are there for your ministering, healing, battles, and all array of the tournament of your day.  For you battle not against flesh and blood but against the rulers of the darkness, the principalities of the air.  Yet I have not left you unprepared.

Don the armor I give, for you must be prepared.  Giving of yourselves to meditations, prayers and praise, speaking and singing in the spirit, knowing you never walk or battle alone.

Come to the table of prosperity, of treasures and glory, for the battles are already won.  Imbibe of my fruit, that of treasures that know no end, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.


God verified what they said through miraculous signs, amazing things, other powerful acts, and with other gifts from the Holy Spirit as he wanted. Hebrews 2:4 GWT

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