The Greater Power Of Love

I am speaking to you through my faithful servants.  I speak to you my faithful.  You know you are faithful through your days of study and prayer.  You know to feed the poor in spirit, the fruit of the truth of my words for instruction in godliness and righteousness.    Now, I show you.   Look to my book of revelations, for my son is speaking to this generation, to this time, to know and to teach others of the time to come and those things that must come to pass.

To be honed in the victory of truth is to be prepared.  It exemplifies your faith but many have resisted the instructions and preparations of the last.  But I will, through my spirit that rests within you, open your eyes to those truths spoken by my one and shown to my servant who obeyed and wrote the words given to him.

You are a chosen and special people, chosen for this time, such as those of the generations were chosen among the many in the world for the time they wandered, were enslaved, where freed and were shown many miracles.   Now all of you who have professed your faith, you may show the power of the holy spirit.   You will do those things he did and even greater.   You must know these words and etch them on your heart of hearts and speak them to the gatherers.

The fields are of the entire earth.  The voice of the spirit calls to all who will to hear.  My forces have gathered and have pierced the wall of perdition and stand ready to heed the sounding of the horns.  The fray is the spiritual battle to now claim my kingdom on earth.  Your prayers are mounting.  Your voices are rejoicing in the call, for you, my loved ones know the time is near.

Stand, I say, stand and rejoice by the actions of your words, those given you by the king of kings for you have authority now, over the wicked nations.   There is not one thing that can stand up to the power of my might and you have accepted the cause, to stand for truth and the greater power of love.


To all who are victorious, who obey me to the very end, to them I will give authority over all the nations.  Revelations 2:26  NLT

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