The Seven Spirits Of God

Hear the spirit calling, it is of my destiny, for I am God of all the heavens and the earth.  I have painted the skies, the celestial bodies, and called the everlasting gathering of my heavenly hosts whose numbers are ten thousand times ten thousand untold times.

I paint in images in my words for instruction of life and life everlasting, that not all will see and know of my wondrous works.  Colors and numbers and creatures all, are of greater meanings that are to be revealed in passages of space, or time that is as space, ever expanding, ever filled with the glory of my son.  To him I have given the keys to the galaxies, the throne to my creation.  See him in your mind’s eye, the majesty of truth and power and the light of pure love emanates from but his glance.

I have set much in order to the kingdom.  It is of a sevenfold.  It is to all corners of the earth and to where all footsteps have fallen.   To hear, to see, to know, I give you voices that are the keys to open my many secrets, for my knowledge is unsearchable but I long to give you more, a taste of the evermore to come.

Oh prophets and teachers, I speak to your heart of hearts.  I am calling those in the fields of labor.  I am opening my book for these generations to see things that have not been revealed before, yet all is in my words already painted.   See me, hear me, know me; know who is the king of my kingdom and you, my holy priests, know you are of the kingdom and of the King.

The horns are of the worldly order to soon be dismantled.  You, my solders of truth, will rise to those places for you have the power of truth in your hands, the mantle of glory and victory on your faces.  Race to the towers and mountain tops, and to all seven quarters of the earth, and spread the good cheer, the news of the one, the voice of thunder.

Gather in the fields of commerce and science and medicine and culture and government and agriculture and finance, for these are to be my places and cultivated of the magnitude of my power, that all who will hear the call will be saved for the eternal time to come.

You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God,

and they will reign on the earth.” Revelations 5:10 NLT

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