To Be Brave

Bravery is facing adversity head on, knowing you could lift it from its feeble foundation and toss it into the abyss.   Bravery is your heart pounding and fear coursing through your veins, yet you forge forward, pushing aside strongholds and casting away demons.   I say often in my book for life to fear not.   Most will join the call in tragedy, adrenalin flowing and being caught up in the mass rising, fists held high in righteous demands and cries for justice.   But what of the one who stands alone, who nurses a dying friend, who enters the strongholds of desperation if to save just one.

I tell you to fear not, for fear is a reaction to preservation.  It is not to know what lies beyond your last earthly breath.  It is pending loss or rejection that stirs when you don’t hold faith secure that I will heal, restore and protect you.  My son, who knew from the scriptures that his tormentors would leave him unrecognizable as man, did not allow fear to enter his life.  Knowing I would restore and resurrect him, he faced his destiny.

You must cast out fear from your life to accomplish what you desire.  Fight to push through the veil of fear that usurps your energy and sight.  Use its rush of adrenalin if you must for flight or fight.   But I have given you a greater power and I show you a greater way.   Pray and know that you walk protected no matter the battle or storm.  If you have cast your cares upon me, fear is no longer necessary to your safety, for I have my guardian angels to protect you, my warring angels to fight for you, my ministering angels to minister to you.    Fear is an errant vibration.  I don’t say not to use your sense of trouble, for if you are stirred in the spirit, it is a call to prayer, to cast out the troublesome demons that try to slip in unaware.  It is the sound of a falling of heart, the call of a soul that teeters on righteousness or misbehavior and the consequences of their actions.

As you mature in the spirit and in the use of the power I give you, you will know the difference from fear and discernment.   Spiritual discernment is a moving that alerts you to spiritual and natural battles.   The air quivers with the points that have been agitated by pending storms.  Even the birds and animals read the signs to seek safe ground.  In the spiritual realm, you feel disturbances.  A cycle of anger, disappointment, the opening of the gate to the stranger that seeks to steal, destroy and kill.   The dark angel will seek for the weakness, will see your endeavors and find a way to usurp your inspiration for his own rejuvenation.  He cannot get it any other way.   He will use others; not to their being aware they host his actions, to tear at your fiber of faith and to take the energy you gathered from the power of the light and use it for his evil ways.   You must stand strong against this wind of demise.  You must pray fervently in the spirit to push it and finally to cast it away and to allow my power to flourish, to heal, to cast away the evil intent.    Pray in faith knowing I will show you the way, the truth and the light, as my son showed and was the way, the truth and the light in manifestation.

You too may manifest the way, and show others the truth and way to the power of love.  Forgiveness casts out fear.   Letting go of what wrongs you harbor casts out fear.   Knowing I have given you a power greater than anything else, casts out fear.   In the name of my son, you call to the wilderness, to the points of power that manifest to walls of safety and redemption.  To the same you call to prick beyond the scarred, the broken, the matted hearts that cry to retaliate rather than to forgiveness.

an excerpt of I AM by JD James

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