“I said let there be light.”   There is light.

This is the basis of understanding the body’s abilities as a receptacle for spiritual vibrations.  There is magnetism in particles that are electrified.   Vibrations cause particles to react.  Do you attract what is good and right and repel what does not line up with positive attraction?  Or do you repel what is good and what you desire and instead attract occurrences that play to shortcomings and fears?  What life are you causing by your words?  This is a very important aspect of your body being created for my pleasure.

Now, what would you like to know about this, my pleasure?  I am the God of the entire universe where there is no end of time or space and so time and space must continually expand.  Would I have created your bodies to be but a flower then dust with no continuation of my creation?  No.  I created your bodies that you might evolve into greater knowledge, that you would willingly seek me and seek what are my desires for you.  I spoke each word in my book for life recorded by great men who wrote what they heard, for they heard the words though they saw not all meanings.   I have many hidden treasures in my words.  My words are the way in which we commune one with another.  My images and thoughts I share with you, as you do with me.   Why do you think I not hear?  I am listening always, whether or not your words are spoken or imagined.

Now that you are listening, let me say, I long for your desire to build till I am your greatest desire.   I yearn for children who will allow me to talk, to show you magnificent wonders and miracles, children who will hear, for I speak always yet so few stop to listen.  Many people speak in pleading words and repeating prayers and wonder that I do not hear them.  But I cannot break my own laws of will.  I will not force you to understand how I speak to you.  And yet, the laws of the universe are proven.  Waves of energy have created many sounds and images and yet still, few hear me.   It is through your acceptance of what I offer that I may give.  The same laws that led to offering of life gave way to the angel of death.   Offer your life to me and I will give you life eternal.  I will show you depths of understanding through vibrations of spirit, my holy and powerful spirit that will surmount all obstacles including death.

Do you feel a quickening in your body, a surge of electric, simmering energy beneath your skin?   Does your heart beat a moment faster when you hear words of power?   The speaker may be a teacher, a poet, a politician and you feel the vibration of words.  You know the tenor that causes a reaction down in your core.   Now imagine your God talking to you, speaking of those things that are wondrous, opening your spiritual eyes to deep understandings and hidden treasures.  Would not your heart quicken as I whisper to you alone?  You are my tabernacle and I am within you, speaking, calling, singing with your joy, crying at your failings.  Always I will stir with deep love for you.   Will you allow me to correct you where you have missed the mark?  Few will open themselves to this splaying of the heart.   Most will cower for fear of pain.  But what is pain but the path to righteous pleasure.

Open your heart and your life to me and I will show you such joy, as you cannot bear to hold it.  Study to show yourself a workman of my word and I will open the vaults of knowledge.   Ask in anticipation of receiving and I will give you the treasures of my wisdom.   Seek the rightful fruits of pleasure and I will show you pleasure beyond your seeking.   Keep your bodies pure, that I might find pleasure in your company.  Keep your minds alert that I teach you of spiritual matters not written for the common understanding yet available to all who will to know.

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