Patterns Of The Universe

There are patterns of all that exists, some to synchronicity some to chaotic masses.   The enumerable stars form great swaths of patterns.  Sound is pattern, waves undulating as silken threads, weaving together to form symphonies, such as the voices of my heavenly hosts, pure, electrified, and stunning, with songs formed from the pureness of their thoughts.  Vast blankets of music are woven throughout the universe that allow galaxies to form and swirl with magnificent freedom.  The angels’ voices are full of the colors and hues of the galaxies, each sound a universe of power and light.   Your words too form tapestries of strength, truth, wisdom, knowledge, and healings that hover over the path of your life, that allow you to see the colors of the rainbows even in a cloudless sky and hear the voices of the angels.  Sing with the power of my spirit and you sing with the angels.  Pray and they pray with you.  Speak words of strength and they add their voices with yours that what you say is formed in patterns that you might say to that mountain be moved to the sea and it will obey.  Such was the strength of my son’s words when he walked on the earth, for my angels were always with him and to you who have faith, the mountain will also obey.

So now imagine faulty thinking, negative thoughts that manifest into dark words spoken.   The vibrations of these words form blankets of darkness even to dark holes, if you will, of ingratitude and acceptance of inadequacies.   Hatred simmers beneath the structure of negative thinking, for it is of evil that seeks darkness.  Are your words of darkness or of light?  Would you want an evil thread to weave its way into your tapestry of life?   Negative words wear away the stone, the foundation of life.   Righteous words build upon the stone.

Always new patterns are formed, for my universe is dynamic.  You as my child are dynamic.  With words of the spirit you form new patterns in your thoughts and your heart.  Your words are spoken upon the foundation of truth and knowing you share the crown of glory.   Your thoughts are as the fountain of living waters, renewing your body and soul, healing those about you, healing even the air and the vibrations of the world that seeks to destroy.  You change that tapestry of life, your prayers in the spirit cause the healing of vibrations, stilling errant waves, raising the tenor till the music of voices, and earthly sounds form a more lovely melody.

Think on these things today.  Change the pattern of your thoughts, cutting off errant thoughts and thinking of all things that lovely.  Love and gratitude grows exponentially from the rich soil of righteous minds.   My words for the instruction of life will change the patterns of your thoughts.  Think on the words you find, for my book is filled with treasures, patterns and tapestries of beauty, strength, and endless love and power.  It is filled with knowledge and histories and will open your eyes to many mysteries of life.  Then will you speak even greater words, for each will carry strength.   You are my mystery of life, though I know all yet I am filled with joy as you seek and cherish knowledge and find those hidden meanings.

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