The Reins Of The Chariot

A voice of reason changes the tides, perhaps a subtle shift at first.  It might gently sway the stream that runs such as a tree or rock that sits in its way.

Hear me, my one, my child.  Hear the whisper of my voice in the quiet of your secret place to pray and ponder the course of life.  You question the whys and ways.  You wonder at the directions life has taken you when others are singing along the way.  Are they happy for the spiritual knowledge they gained or for the rewards the world has offered them?

All the earth and its riches I created for those who are of the household, so what then is a mere pocket of coins that brings but a moment of glee to those who have no rock to stand upon.

I do not say you should have holes in your pockets that your honest labors are in vain.  You have the privilege of greater things.  I would that you know the course of life is held in the reins of a great chariot, one whose stallions might fly the course of the stars, leap to the peaks of the greatest mountains.  And you, my child, hold the reins for I have given you life not only in the moments of the flesh, but also in the moments of eternity.    What is your greatness?   It is in the power of the spirit, the gift that you must, as the earth holds its face to accept the warmth of the sun, hold up your face to receive my gifts.

You must step onto that chariot and grab hold of the reins, for this life is yours and you have accepted the seed of eternal life if you have accepted my son as the gift and know in your heart that he came to earth, the manifestation of my words, and accepted that breath of earthly life, and the pain of the sins of the world, and know he is the way of eternal life.

Hear his voice for he seeks to walk beside you, to ride with you upon the chariot of fire and glory that you know your place in the heavens, in grace, in glory.

So this is a day that begins with your prayers, your taking hold of the reigns of power, to surge through fears that they whither away, to speak with power for you are filled with the power of the holy spirit and I might guide your voice and your voice spoken will cut through the air of grief, sorrow, and all hindrances.

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