Step Onto The Chariot

Hear his voice for he seeks to walk beside you, to ride with you upon the chariot of fire and glory that you know your place in the heavens, in grace, in glory.

So this is a day that begins with your prayers, your taking hold of the reigns of power, to surge through fears that they whither away, to speak with power for you are filled with the power of the holy spirit and I might guide your voice and your voice spoken will cut through the air of grief, sorrow, and all hindrances.

Step here.  Step onto the chariot.  Have no fear but delight in the thrill to know you are of the spiritual warriors and have all power granted to you to do all things in Christ for he is your head, your leader, who calls you to the power for I gave all unto him that he might lead a nation to glory.

Take a deep breath and sound the horn to the formation of your life.  Claim the ground you walk upon in the name of the King.  Claim those halls of commerce, the fields of corn, the streets of trade.  Claim all to be yours that you will fill your storehouses till they be overflowing for this is my promise, that you would have an abundant life in favor and reward and grace.

When you go out to the streets this day, greet your brethren with the kiss of the spirit.  Bless those along your way, whether or not the blessing is returned.  Sprinkle that love power to each person you come in contact with.  You are changing.  You are manifesting the love power I have given you.  You are gaining in strength as a young David who cared for the flocks and learned the aim of his sling and learned of the ways of war before he became king.   You too must learn the ways of wielding not the rock of a sling, but the arc of the flashing sword.  Love those along the way and you are changing the course of the stream of your life.

I will show you what changes will now occur as you step into the stream of life, not of yours but of what is the worlds, for you are not of the world but are in the world in this present day.  But hold tight, for the ride is just begun!


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