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I Hear Before You Call

I am here, I hear you call.  I keep you close in times of disturbance, in war, in storms that I form that the enemy be swept away.   I hear your heart and know before it  quickens, and I … Continue reading

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The Threads Of Truth And Righteousness

Through generations the truth of my words have been altered, fitted to the desires of leaders, and teachers, and others who believe they do my will yet pray to gods made with the hands of men.  Others alter the message … Continue reading

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Be A Warrior To Your Own Life

Look for my hand today for I will reach out though you might stumble you will not fall.  Hold to what I have shown you in my book of life and not allow the cares of the world to burden … Continue reading

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stand strong against divisive evil.

Stand strong against the ruler of the world who seeks those brothers and sisters he might divide, for if but one is lost the body is compromised.  Divided my chosen ones are weakened for they have allowed the chain of … Continue reading

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Words of strength move mountains

The strength of the words you speak is based upon the value you yourselves give your words.  Are they idle?  Even when you do not swear and promise, what you say is a bond and is a promise implied.  If … Continue reading

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power in arms linked together

I will speak to you of the power of arms linked together in faith and believing, for each of you are building the walls of my citadel, a city that is but a shadow of the new Jerusalem to come. … Continue reading

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Stand and be strong in the power of God

Those men who hold their faith as precious, and though precious, they build their faith upon the corner stone of my only begotten, that their faith be rooted in love and that it stands sure as each of you becomes … Continue reading

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God’s love is the essence of life.

It is a new day to arise and greet the essence of life.  Breath, love, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, that you put one thought in front of the other as you allow me your glorious God to guide you.  It is … Continue reading

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Each day is a journey

Each day is a journey.  Savor your morning moments with me, your God of heavenly hosts, whom I employ to be your ministering agents.   Sing and offer your sweet utterances as you awaken with the spirit that stirs within … Continue reading

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Knowledge To Those Who Ask

Have you asked for wisdom and knowledge today?  My storehouses flow over with great abundance of these my treasures.   Knowledge and wisdom of me will serve you, will take you to halls of great buildings and your speech will … Continue reading

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The foretelling of your life.

I will that all hear the breath of my voice, the words upon my breath and the stirrings of the spirit as I call to you and you answer.  I would that all should know the words that I speak … Continue reading

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Ask for wisdom and knowledge

Listen for my voice for I long to speak with you.  I see the spaces in your heart that long for courage, fulfillment of desire, for a life that excites and expands.  You wonder at how to change the direction … Continue reading

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Blessings of Wisdom

I have given gifts so that those who will to hear will know of my truths.  Knowledge comes in many forms, whether of the good news that has been taught through those who are my teachers and apostles and pastors, … Continue reading

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