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A Healing Tongue

Broken hearted ones are most vulnerable to the devises of the world.  There are those who seek out such souls that they might offer balms and comforts and promises of future fortune and romance, for that is what most so … Continue reading

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Love Me First

Your commitments should first be to me, so should the desires of your heart.  If you look to me for your fulfillment, if you hear my voice and allow it to fill your heart, if you cling to the vine … Continue reading

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Leaders are also followers.

Leaders are also followers.  If you have the desire to be a leader, if you are one even to this day, be joyful of your place in the body and mindful that you too are a follower of the one … Continue reading

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stand strong against divisive evil.

Stand strong against the ruler of the world who seeks those brothers and sisters he might divide, for if but one is lost the body is compromised.  Divided my chosen ones are weakened for they have allowed the chain of … Continue reading

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power in arms linked together

I will speak to you of the power of arms linked together in faith and believing, for each of you are building the walls of my citadel, a city that is but a shadow of the new Jerusalem to come. … Continue reading

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God’s love is the essence of life.

It is a new day to arise and greet the essence of life.  Breath, love, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, that you put one thought in front of the other as you allow me your glorious God to guide you.  It is … Continue reading

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Knowledge To Those Who Ask

Have you asked for wisdom and knowledge today?  My storehouses flow over with great abundance of these my treasures.   Knowledge and wisdom of me will serve you, will take you to halls of great buildings and your speech will … Continue reading

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