Enter… That My Peace Quiets Your Heavy Heart

At times the battle is harder to stay in the sanctuary of peace and restorative powers.  Come… enter my holy of holies, putting aside all worldly concerns, for what have my children to do with the anxieties of every day arenas.  Seek me early and hold onto the words as you read from my book for life.  Pray and offer your thankfulness for the very moment you utter such pleasing words, healing begins.

This moment that is wholly pure and given to me, is the key to the safe hold of my house, and with this grip to hold to peace, you find it.   Your giving of that one moment, just a second in the time of eternal moments, opens the gate.  Enter…I’m beckoning, that my peace quiets your heavy heart, come in my love, that my love swallows you to a heavenly place.  My child of peace, rest with eyes closed, breathe easy, be now renewed as my loving energy ebbs and flows through you and fills you, easing your troubled mind.  Give your scurried thoughts and troubling images to me, open your hands and let them go…released…..and I am able to take all, that you rest easy, be restored, be again whole in the spirit.

Peace be with you in all fairways, may peace follow you and precede you this day, this moment.  My angels of peace and harmony will follow and precede and be along side, making the way tidy, soft, reassuring.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

13 It is thou that must deliver us from peril; vain is the help of man. 14 Only through God can we fight victoriously; only he can trample our oppressors in the dust. Psalm107:13-14 Knox

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Enslaved By The Voice Of The Beast

Uprisings are stirred not to cease in this span of time and space.  Evil doers rise, one group fights another, puppets all on the strings of Leviathan, the beast that breathes to destroy, that lifts its hoary back and tilts the balance of the waters.  My people of the generations have lost their ground hold.   They have subverted the ways of the fathers and kings and of the prophets in lost knowledge and non recognition of the way.   The weakened state of spiritual knowledge has caused the uprooting of families, of nations, and has given authority to the beast.

I cry for my lost ones, the lost sheep of Israel, a people mired in continuous conflicts, not just of borders, but of spiritual unrest, stunned into the world’s desires.  They have turned from the truth and staked their liberal beliefs.  They have turned from the one who calls to lead them to true freedom.

The crooked ideals of all human kind releases the power of the deep, a spiritual sea of corruption, for this is where the beast lies, not of the seas of abundance, but of the unseen places of the deep, as minions of evil rule about the air waves.  The battles not seen are perceived by but a few, knowing with their spiritual eyes of what evil abounds and the battles my forces surmount.

I am the great and mighty creator of all.  I have given even my angels the choice of obedience to righteousness and for those who have fallen away through the quest of their own pride, the end awaits.  I call now to my children who seek to hear and follow the way that has been offered through the life of my son, my king of all kings, that they stand against the evil breath, speaking in words of power.

Reach for those in the sea of mire, those who have been enslaved by the voice of the beast.  Some will hold on and others will fall away.  And wars and unrest will ensue, till that mighty day of battle.   This passage has ended yet more will be revealed, my children, my holy ones, anointed for your choice to be my obedient ones, I give to you rewards of wisdom and golden vials that hold the secrets to my ways, some for you to know and others to revealed by days and events to come.  Keep faith no matter the winds standing against evil, for I have given you power to be my spirit warriors.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Evil Lives Truth And Lies

Of what is your fellowship knitted?  Have you mixed the fibers of truth with those of wickedness and lies?   The fruit of your life is abundant when you have adhered to what is right, especially when you have attained knowledge of my books.  But to attain knowledge and be bound, even by the thread of incontinence, to what is not of purity, is to be sanctified by lies rather than truth.  Returning to the life that lies is then to find yourself in a worse state than before.  It is the perfect escalation of evil’s intent.  Then the lies pour forth with no restraint.

It is better for you that evil comes in its form of purity, that you know its face in an instant, but evil lives in lies and presents itself in the most disarming ways.  The one who melds truth and lies and lives truth and lies, is most sinuous, leading astray the pure by the words of justice that turn toxic.  Have I not shown you from the beginning how well the unfaithful one knows my words.  He changes form as he changes the shades in meanings, and the shades become more vibrant and blatant as the lies take the form of truth, disguises, they are…in form and words, thoughts and emotions.

There will be those who fall away, deceived, fearful, and who let go of their self will to be given over to the evil pursuer.  There will be those who have fallen, but will know the ring of truth in their hearts and turn again that they would honor one god, the only god who is the creator.

Adhere to what you learn in living the full body of truth.   Listen closely to the voices that call and use the power of the spirit that you discern those that are of the evil spirits.  Take your meat from the depths of my words for life, searching, striving, diligently sharing with one another those things that are revealed, not holding back for the nay sayers.  And I will pour out my spirit that you would speak forth with power and wisdom, that you will speak with the voice of the prophets, revealing the hidden truths of my words of words, and foretelling of those things that have not yet been seen.

There are many voices, my children, in this world that has escalated in noise and jagged vibrations.  It is urgent that now you stay in the peace of my sanctuary, that you know the words you hear are mine, that you push away the altered state of those things you need not take into your hearts and minds.    Strive to stay pure and I will have my hand upon your hearts and your minds, multiplying your ways, your fruit, and the abundance of your labors, for you show me your faith when you seek and hold sure but one word of truth.   God’s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet

10 and his wickedness will deceive the souls that are doomed, to punish them for refusing that fellowship in the truth which would have saved them. That is why God is letting loose among them a deceiving influence, so that they give credit to falsehood; 11 he will single out for judgement all those who refused credence to the truth, and took their pleasure in wrong-doing. IIThes2:10-11Knox

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Truth Be Told To The Corners Of The Earth

The world watches and waits for the winds of war.  The moments of peace simmer with the prospects of fire and chaos.  Chaos is of fear and the processes of clashing ideals, one body of a people who shout to another, who steal their wealth and spill their blood.  No matter the tide of hatred, it stirs, to strife and borders to be breached.   Old clashes are rehashed, forgiveness might be a cure, yet there is retaliation that exceeds the original offense and the cycles of retaliations increase.   These are the habits of cultures where man has interceded with ego and false courage, for when faced with his own mortality, he covers his fears in shouts yet his legs quiver.

The enemy is within, a heart, a nation, where men seek to be as gods, being judges and deliverers of their own ideas of justice.  There are places in the world that will never see a full peace, for even in the quiet moments, the ground groans with the histories of idolatry, spilled bloods, the obeisance to wicked gods.  The land reveals the sins of the generations.

But for those whose hearts desire the kernels of truth, revealed for the seeker, I provide peace though upheavals abound.   Parched throats crave the voice of redemptive histories.  Tell of your own histories, of how your god, the creator of the heavens and the earth, turned your sorrows to joy, calmed the crashing of your thoughts through the screen that separates truths from lies.   To bear the record of my power to save will save others.  What are the wonderful acts that I have shown for all the world to hear and know that there is but one god of the heavens and the earth and the false entities that claim dominion on this earth are but dust, blown away by the voice and breath of truth.

I have provided many means of truth to be carried and my words of glory are published for the world to see and hear.  As I spoke in the days of my generations, in the days of histories when my chosen sought their rightful lands, all should hear and truth be told to the corners of the earth.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Sing to the Lord, and bless his name; never cease to bear record of his power to save. Publish his glory among the heathen; his wonderful acts for all the world to hear. Psalm95:2-3 Knox

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Come Friends Rejoice We In the Lord’s Honor

Do I stir your hearts till your words pour forth in profusions of rejoicing noise?  Do you feel a leaping of the spirit?  I hear your joy and praise, and my heart too fills till it overflows with grace, blessings and love.  Yet it grieves for the lost ones, my wandering sheep in the desert places, in the lonely halls, and I cry out as father and a mother would call for a lost child.

But there are seasons for joy yet there be shivering souls.  Pray for my lost ones, that they be found, that they hear the voice of the father, then let your hearts be glad.  Enjoy the fellowship of your loved ones, redeeming the time always.  Pray for the hearts that see your life, live that they know there is a light, a strength, and that your words are salted with truth.  Speak of those glories they see, that they might open their eyes to the ones they don’t see.

Listen…. my angels cry with you and rejoice with you.  They sing in waves and rolling winds of harmonies, their spiritual language holds depths of anguish but soar on wings in pleasure.   Hear them!  They are crashing through the strongholds, they are calling out songs of victories, they love and conquer where I send their force, stampeding the waste lands that my loved ones might march through, swords held high and mighty.

Hear the words of my one.  He is mine and you are his, my begotten, my son of light.  Be as he, manifesting the attributes of pure light; love that is of creation and power, words that are as worthy as a righteous promise.  Creation is of promise, for I spoke with the power of my eternal love and there was light.  God’s Prophecy The Daily Prophet

Come, friends, rejoice we in the Lord’s honour; cry we out merrily to God, our strength and deliverer; with praises court his presence, singing a joyful psalm!  psalm94:1-2 Knox

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Voice Of The Waters

I carve the soils, the rocks and all the foundation of the earth.  From river bed to sea shore, I change the scope, the curves, the hills, and water plains.   My earth is in motion.  As the waves breathe, and pull up to crash down, as the streams slip over stone, creating turnings and revealing striations of history, so does my earth breathe, great plates heave and mountains reach up as a wave.  Other formations are revealed by the winds, core colors and rocks of ages.

The winds and the waters cease not, nor the changes of those rocks and sands that stand before them, shifting always, changing always, a landscape of dunes becomes one of rock, rock becomes the sand, land falls away to the seas revealing new life, new forms.  Bedrock rises and the colors of the landscape migrate again and again.

The waters are for abundance, for nourishment, for the music of movement that vibrates in the body and the soul.   Waters that gently roll pebbles at the shore, ribbons of waters that sing through fields and forests, waves that pound to deep resonation, all are for renewal and change and are for you to know the mighty hand of the creator for I have put all in a perfect symphony.

As winds change, so do the skies and I will show my might in the storms.  Stand at the shores, yet to build your house on shifting sands is folly, is a turning away from truth, not just of my words for life, but truth is in all the earth tells you.  I made the earth to show of its life, the richness of soils, the birth of life in splendid gardens.  I gave to you earth, that you would see the life of a planted seed, that the earth would give you all its riches if you would give back with a fallow field in the seventh year, that you would take of its waters knowing for replenishment you must not take all.  The earth shows what it needs, in its cycles and eons of life, many plains were formed that supported life, yet man is greedy and strips the earth to dust.

I knew the greed of man would excel, in time and places.  The pockets of few are lined with the rewards that were for all.  Yet there are resources man has not yet found or conceived of, deep in the recesses of the earth that formed under my hand, beneath the turning shifting, slow moving floors of the seas, to be revealed in times ahead.  Move from the shores when dark clouds roil.  Seek to know the voice of the waters, the breath of the earth, that you replenish the earth, and know when storms arise.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Loud the rivers echo, Lord, loud the rivers echo, crashing down in flood. Magnificent the roar of eddying waters; magnificent the sea’s rage; magnificent above these, the Lord reigns in heaven. psalm92:3-4 knox

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I Will Pour Out My Spirit

I will speak to you and tell you of many things, of what was written by my chosen before your time on earth and the inner understanding exposed.  Continue in study for words will fly and holy secrets be revealed to you.  And in this day and those to come I will speak to my servants and handmaidens, for they hear and know of the spirit that stirs, they hear my words and deliver them that others would know of those things that are and those things that are not yet.

Listen, for I am speaking that all may know of the dangers that lurk, that stir to perdition, sedition, anarchy, faulty sacrifices, burning cities, heathens that harbor the sorcerers magic, potions that poison, images that heave soundness to rage.

Stand peaceful, my ones, my treasured.  I have foreseen of these days and times to come and sent my messenger to herald the coming of the one who would lead the way that I and mine be reunited through the sanctity of my holy spirit, that you would call upon the name of the one who knew of his way that you too would find that way.  All who call his name shall be saved, yet the time is not come that he will appear in the clouds for much is to be done but the time is near.

Hear me my prophets, fear not to speak those words and songs and images that I give you.  I have set the way, first for my son who knew who he was, that you too know what I have given for you to accomplish.  Much is to be done and I have set the vibrations of the air, that voices be seen and heard over all the world, that those who will hear will know.   The time is near yet not yet, for lies must be turned again to truth and the devil hears, and fears as mighty men rise and call to truth and span the earth with the power of truth.

This, my ones, is  a time of power, that you know what I have given through the arm of agony borne by my son, a sacrifice of blood so that you would stand in this time and herald that of power.

Call out the wicked one who cowers in the robes of the brazen, the blinded, the inflicted, he and his fear your presence when they know of the power you wield, that which they sought when they fell from grace.  But you are my children and fall not from the path of righteousness when you hold fast to what you have come to know.

Allow not the inspired deeds to go unpublished, unspoken, undone, for he who slithers will seek ways to demolish your resolve.  When you have cleansed your heart, your soul, your homes of those who straddle the clear divide of black and white, resist the reentry for the spirits gang together in greater unions to take back that which they have lost.  Fill your heart, your soul, your homes with the power of my light, my love.  Manifest that power, your hand at the hilt for you know the power of mighty words sheer to the divide of black and white, good and evil.

Stand with the power of a warrior, stand with the power of knowing, stand with the power of peace in your hearts, for I am your God, I am your heavenly father, and you stand with the one I appointed king of kings and you, my children are a nation of many rising to those stations that I have appointed, leaders, teachers, pastors, preachers, singers, speakers, voices in the wild places, faces that show power in the fields of visions and flickering images, living epistles known and read by all men.   God’s Prophecy

18 and I will pour out my spirit in those days upon my servants and hand-maids, so that they will prophesy. 19 I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs on the earth beneath, blood and fire and whirling smoke; 20 the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the day of the Lord comes, great and glorious. 21 And then everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.[d] Acts2:18-21 Knox

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Imagine, I Have Given You Eternity

Imagine great moments and marvelous wonders, that your life is filled with joy, all concerns you have is cast upon me that you sleep soundly and you live victoriously.  How far can your thoughts conceive of all that I have created.  I will reveal much to you if you turn your ear to hear, if you but digest those words that I spoke through my people who knew my voice.

I speak always yet few hear, or believe.  I speak and some hear to be inspired but allow the noise of the world to wear down their resolve.  I speak and few hear and act and pace forward to know more, to do those things that I called.  To few I reveal much that others would know the secrets of my universe and the treasures of my words.

Imagine the vast armies of my angels, they stand and shout their voices before the siege, mounted upon winged stallions, or the many who fill the skies singing in praise and worship, lifting you just above the way, perfect sounds that reverberate and cause alignments of the body and healing to the soul and fluttering to the heart, and those you call to ministering or to guard the portals of your home, already there for I knew your voice yet spoken and gave the command.

I give all you need for this life, to be warriors and claim victory in any battle.  I give you protection that your foot never falters on a rock strewn way, for on all your journeys my wonderful and obedient angels watch over you, they hold you above the way, they open the doors before you that always your days are full.  They stand guard that your nights are secure, safe from any intrusion.

What are my ways to cause my children to sing in glory, their voices to rise with the voice of the angels, voices in pure harmony and unconditional love?  My ways are without number, as life in my kingdom is infinite.  Do you know the depths of my love for you?  Imagine, there is no measuring the depth or breadth or length.   My blessings can never be counted.  Imagine, for one has shown you the way.

Imagine life in power.  Imagine holding the power to love and healing.  Imagine the enemy fleeing at your presence.  Imagine the vast legions of angels who know my charge and they are for you.  Imagine a king of kings with whom you are fellow heirs to the kingdom.  Imagine, I have given you eternity.  God’s Prophecy

11 He has given charge to his angels concerning thee, to watch over thee wheresoever thou goest; 12 they will hold thee up with their hands lest thou shouldst chance to trip on a stone. 13 Thou shalt tread safely on asp and adder, crush lion and serpent under thy feet. psalm90:11-13Knox

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Blaze The Words Of Power

Listen to me.  I speak in words of power and truth.  My begotten held truth to his bosom, he upheld truth in his desire to walk as I directed, committing freely to my mission that my people might have life and life in its glorious abundance, that is life exclusively to the walk of holiness and a walk into the eternal city.  My kingdom he claimed that my will be done on earth as it is heaven, for my many angels honor my words and my son sits at my right hand for I have given him the keys and my signet ring to the kingdom of kingdoms.

A great siege is at the doorsteps, it is of dishonor, misuse, disguised intentions that will bring several nations to their fears, that of darkness, for they see not the stars of night, and inertia sets in to great swaths of a population that should be polarizing for good, yet a seizing of productivity will manifest and even the land will produce such meager forms. And in these nations are people, who must hold to truth, and blaze the words of power from their, lips and from every venue, that the war against prosperity of will and striving and godly honor be rerooted, that those stolen souls who will wander in aimless lanes, turn and hear and feed on the roots and seeds of honorable words, that the images of their minds be reformed to see light.

Pray and speak in words of powerful images, those that are of creation, of majestic voices, of attaining what you say, for your words are powerful instruments, spiritual and sharp, when you have accepted the mantle, that you are for me, as my son, who walked with wisdom, who spoke with speed or restraint, knowing when for I, his father, told him.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

16 They do not belong to the world, as I, too, do not belong to the world; 17 keep them holy, then, through the truth; it is thy word that is truth. 18 Thou hast sent me into the world on thy errand, and I have sent them into the world on my errand; John17:16-18Knox

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The Golden Cusp Of Wisdom

Even the wolves cry out in the wilderness, longing for a voice to answer, the owls call in the night to hear another answer.  What runs in circles never finds its tail.  What falls from the skies  but flickering lights, drops of rain or snow.  Man looks down and sees puddles, a child catches the drops and flakes on a willing tongue.

Hearts pant for safe havens from the fields of a desolate world.  Who answers when a lonely one turns and calls in an empty house?  My heart aches for the sheep that stumble in the dark.  I am calling yet they hear not.  I shower the skies with shining stars yet men do not look up.  Look to the child who lies in a field in awe, knowing they will see the star that leaps across the velvet of the night, or the one who knows when my bow will appear and waits for me to draw my finger across the clearing sky.

Be as the children for you are my children, my golden hearts, my love and joy.  Leap for the snow and the rain and wonder at the glittering lights of the night, those that I have placed so carefully, one by one, that they draw pictures in the sky.   Follow the colors of the rainbow, rejoice in the rain and the sun, for I show you my wondrous moments that your hearts leap with joy.

Lift your heads my precious, and see the wonders that I created for you.  Allow my strength to be inspiring, that you speak and write and paint a splendid work with the dew touched tip of your tongues, your fingers.  Seek and you will find the golden cusp of wisdom, the cup of a the new covenant, the righteous rain of truth, the snowy blanket of peace.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

18 What else but thy glory inspires their strength? What else but thy favour bids us lift our heads? 19 From the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, that royal protection comes which is our shield. psalms88:18-19 Knox

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Pray In Words Of Power

Written, and spoken are my many words, some on a soft whisper others in swirls of wind.  Those words that I spoke from the days of chaos to the mornings of calm created the earth, the seas, the shifting sands and the solid rocks.  Yet all is not what will be in the new age for my new city, my glorious new Jerusalem will come down from above.  My kingdom comes in your words to claim the glory that I have given for you heard the words of my chosen, you heard the words of my kings and my king of all, and you took those words to hold in your belly, to taste, to search, to change your worldly image to that of one of my own.

My words once spoken are a covenant, a promise that cannot be broken for how could the bands of the whole of the universe and the spans beyond that never end and forever expand be broken, I am the power of all creation.  My words rule the heavens, the earth, the winds, the tides, the seeds that grow and the trees that blaze.   I called to the seed that bares its own kind, flowers, fruit, animals and even to the coming together of two as one who procreate in their image, yet it is of me that the hearts beat from the womb, the first breath is of my own.  Soul life continues because I created it.

In my words I gave man thoughts, ideas, a questioning mind that a people might be born and cover all the earth and be for me.   But also I gave will, free for man to choose right and wrong, to love and honor the creator or the creature.  My words of free will cannot be broken for they were spoken once and set in the foundations of the world.

I have given my word, that all who come to truth, to the way of righteous life will have favor, gifts, health, prosperity, power of the holy spirit, eternal life.   Study and seek my words of life, for they are health, power and rightful thinking, that you turn from the creature, the fallen one, who tempts, and calls to glitter.  Who turns himself into an angel of light though he be ravenous, a critter of the dust, a one who turns the use of man to evil, to death.    His words are scourging, soothing, melding true words with those that are false, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, chilling and scathing.  He waters down the milk of my words, he contaminates my words with gentle prodding, or forceful lashes, changing his voice and image to entice those who refute knowledge, whose egos are their king, or the simple of heart who cower from their fears.

My children, my loves, to each I give my heart, the words of my heart of truth, that you have spiritual eyes to know and the weapons to heal and to divide evil from good, to cast away those who harbor the god of the world in their dark places, to heal those who have been injured from the scourge of the evil one, saving those who know not they must be grasped from the jaws of a fiery furnace.   Pray diligently and hold those secure who have escaped, talking in words of power and fierceness.  Pray in words of power toward those in the throes of pain and fear and wonder at the spiral of their life, not seeing with the eyes of the holy spirit, of those who undermined their life, yet proclaim in soft words they are a brother.   Claim victory, that your words be of power, because you speak for my power, to honor your god and I am your father in heaven and have made these promises that you would go forth and know I have prepared the way.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

35 never will I be guilty of unfaithfulness, never will I violate my covenant, or alter the decree once spoken. psalm88:35 Knox

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Shores Of The Living Waters

What is the search of hearts, the gains of notoriety, the inventions of the mind?  Seeded in all is the desire for eternal life, the reproduction of ones self, leaving a legacy whether of sons, words or towers.   It is this that stirs men to roam beyond borders and shores seeking unknown places, a desire for more than the lusts of life or the necessities of life.  And my nights glitter still with the news of what was and is to come, offering keys to what lays ahead and beyond.   As men and women gathered and joined and broke apart into differing tongues, I spoke.  I spoke to those who deigned to hear, who turned from pondering their own images and desires to seeking what was greater, how mankind came to be and what would be beyond the grave.

There were many other forms of life, before that day and before I set in place those who held the key.  Yet, sin entered and was welcomed, establishing itself in the world, a seed of perdition that would manifest over and over.   What became is written in my book of life, of strife and war, the cycles of sin, of striving to find a god who loves and forgives.

And now I offer more than my garden and a step further than my courts, for I have opened the door to my house.  He beckons, my one, my begotten.  He calls your name and  and shows the way, “Come.”

And for all the blood that poured, and for the glorious body with which he returned to show himself, sin still beckons louder to those who believe in themselves, in their own greatness and image.  The seeds of sin continue to cover the whole of the world, a devourer seeking relentlessly of whom to claim to the eternal grave.

Come, for my house is golden and my kingdom is of light.  Come and be rooted by shores of living waters, fruitful in all seasons whether of drought or storm.  Come and be united with my one, for you are a fellow heir, a son and daughter of the most high god.   Take in breath filled with the essence of life, pure earth, sparkling mist, spiritual nourishment, that you thrill with eternal joy.  I am the living God.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

For the courts of the Lord’s house, my soul faints with longing. The living God! at his name my heart, my whole being thrills with joy.psalm 83:3 knox

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The Full Breath Of Life

Do you  know how quickly your breath restores the nucleous of your cells as it rushes through the passageways of the blood?  Do you know the moments that thoughts are formed, connected, received, processed; time that could barely be counted?   Just as the race of  these minute occurrences course through a body and a mind, so does my justice, my healing, the energy of my power, the swiftness of my annihilation of charging enemies, and even faster that the time and space might not be quantified.

Your mind absorbs much in images, words, vibrations, worldly manifestations and noise, whether of sound or razored notes.   The warbling of noise, the thoughts that others impose upon you are intended to break down the synapses to mimic the form of jagged tones.   The body responds in cocktails that cause the heart to beat in irregular ways, breathing is interrupted into patterns that no longer flow with energy, the cells gasp for oxygen, fatigue and anxieties rush in as the dirty waters of a flood.  What then does the mind do but seek release, for the body fights for life.  How does a body afflicted repose in peace when vultures seek a corpse?  How do armies rest when enemies have circled?

There is an antidote to the tribulations that irk and bestir.   There are answers to the quest for answers.  But those who rest in the shallow words of man, or in the medicines of science that mimic those of sorcery, open the gate for the enemy to traipse in.  The false altering of consciousness is the gate that puts the unknowing in a state of trance, suspension of self, and of trust in me, a father in heaven who created all the wonders of the earth for my children.

Turn from this pathway of destructive forces, and as swift as a raging river, full of the life of spring, will I give you the abundance of my living waters, a power of healing and strength that only I who formed you may offer.  Through thought patterns to change your perception, your free choice to relinquish your trust in the world and put your full trust in me, through the renewing of your mind to the knowledge of my begotten, to the faith in his resurrection, you will be resurrected to health in mind and spirit in this age that you walk in the world and in the eternal age to come.

Redemption is yours, my chosen, my precious ones.  Life is yours in all of the health, joy and love that I give you.  Hold out your hands, your arms, your many baskets, and you will not hold all of my blessings.  Ask and you shall receive.  Ask in the might of the name of the one with whom you stand, the testimony of your full faith, that you have always in abundance of your needs.  Decisions, decisive moments, always are in those thoughts that  traipse as lurkers and perverters or those that are full of light and power of my spirit and love and the choice of eternal life.    Do you take the full breath of life, knowing it is I who gives you life?   God’s Prophecy

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Faith Love And Power

A life lived well holds faith, love and power.   Your faith is in those things you do not see, yet you believe; in my begotten and thus in eternal life, you believe in the one true god and creator of all the earth, the skies, and the great expanse of eternal space and time.

You know what love is that rises in the field of grace, for you have been given grace and I give you the love that expounds to your neighbor, to the spiritual prayers uttered for many and especially to those of the household of faith.

And in your walk of faith and love, I give you power to live mightily,  to stand against all the powers of darkness that your light glares in the eyes of the haughty ones, silencing the idle chatter and giddy sounds of the foolish.

Live fully in these ways of life, for I have given you much and much I expect and as you rise to fulfill those things I have whispered to you, more shall be given you and more shall be expected.   I will give you a voice that holds great power, with spoken and written words, that will give notice to the world, of things to come and definition of things that were written before.

I give you words of wisdom that others might turn to hear and wonder for whom you speak and from where you have come, answering questions in their hearts that had not been uttered aloud, softening the hardened, piercing the ice of unbelieving.

Fear induces greater fears and illness, fear stems from the unknown and not holding to the truth of faithful understanding, for where is fear when you know eternity has already been granted, fulfilled in the blood and the new body of my begotten.  Where is fear when you know that you know a moment from this life to the next is but in the twinkling of sleeping eyes.  There is no time or space for you in that moment, whether you breathe now or will have taken one breath of the old to a breath of the new.   How glorious and what marvelous bodies you will have, how pure and sure will your place beside my son be, how precious you are today and always to me.

Purge those last remnants of fear that you are able to speak most boldly, calling out the demons that prance and lurk.  Stand in the light of grace that you shine with boldness, that you speak with conviction, that I give you spiritual aura and presence that is holy, and glorious whether read as righteousness or as charisma, it will pierce all forms of media and curtains, it will shake the ground upon which you march and run the race set before you.  I am calling those who will hear, to rise up as my stars, my leaders, my voice, to speak to a brother, a nation, the world, to save many before the dark waters circle, that they know they are saved and safe no matter the winds that blow because you called many to the mountain top of believing and living a life of faith, love and power.   God’s Prophecy

15 To silence, by honest living, the ignorant chatter of fools; that is what God expects of you. IPeter2:15 knox

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Exhibits Of Seduction

There is a dark cloud over many who have offered the hostage state of their homes, giving place to those whose god is of the black arts.  There are truths that have been intertwined with faltering forms of practice, a shift in the applications of power, believing they operate for me, yet their works are not for me.

The dark cloud finds its place, where there is lack of faith, shivering questions, fear of death.  The unknown comes in on the breeze of the simple minded who believe in the power of the self, who exhibit righteousness, yet it veils the power of their greed.  The air quivers with their breath and words, that those who have discernment of spirit that I give, see the shallowness, the false tongues that utter endearments, enchanting their hostages.  Such exhibits of seduction has captured many, that soon they will follow their capture’s ways, worshipping false gods, following false steps, studying their books and bowing to their shrines.  It is the false light you see, yet the darkness flickers in their eyes, a haughtiness lingers beneath the veneer of goodness and care, a means to an ends that is wholly selfish.

These spirits work in many arenas, to sway the blind to their vices, to build their own camp of willing disciples, to create diversions that divide in order to conquer, and aiding those spirits of adultery and sorcery (the tool of drug addictions, sex addictions and perversions, false gaiety).

The results are divisions, especially to lure their prey away from those who stand for truth and follow in the way of my begotten.  They work feverishly yet with painstaking patience to accomplish this before they lose their grip that the prayers of the righteous pries off.

Greater still are the hooks of addictions, the path of which has tempted many to the taste,   all that is needed for full submersion, a baptism to the ways of darkness disguised as pleasure.   Intervention might be in a casting away of the afflicted, that the inner soul that seeks release might be stirred to a longing for safety.   Yet their lives continue in constant reminder of the seed of perdition that waits for opportunity to strike.

A constant battle rages for those who seek redemption, yet they are surrounded by others who harbor the cycle of the inflictors.   Who is redeemed?  Those who come to the knowledge of the power of my spirit; healing that is through the faith of the rise of my son, that I called to his eternal life, that all might have the opportunity to the same restoration and be captured away from darkness to the true light and the way of truth.

Pray for all who fall under the many spells of the gods of the world, that a ray of truth sparks recognition, and recognition that there is light might shatter the scales that have obscured truth.  The power of my spirit is to heal.  Watch with patience for the right moments to utter the perfect words, not of your own desires, but when I give the words to speak, for I know what lingers in the hearts and minds of men and what they will hear and what they need to know.    And always allow peace to reign in your hearts, no matter the wind or waves.    God’s Prophecy

10 Then let no strange worship find a home with thee; never let thy knees be bowed to an alien God; psalm80:10 knox

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Run The Magnificent Race

Write these things that my own should know that I would move heaven and earth for my precious ones.  I would call upon my galaxy of angels to be your ministers, your warriors, your choir of hymns and beautiful psalms, voices so pure the earth resonates from its core.

I would move the mountains to the sea and pull the riches of the depths to your shores.  I move the stars and the many universes that the envelope of heaven be sure and hold this earth aloft, spinning, moving, the sun and the moon and all of the stars shining for the  many days and nights.

It is a time to know of my mighty hand, and I will show this to the land of plenty for those who have turned away, who have buried there noses in their darkness and pity.  I will show staggering moments that will cause even the ones who love sin to look and ponder the ways  that I have created the earth and its movements and the winds that circle and swirl.   Many more will fall to meager portions, followed by a movement of crying out to the one who made faulty promises.  Others will be rewarded by the god of the world with great fame and glory with which they will gloat on their riches, not knowing their time is already counted.

But my children, what have I promised…. that I want you to prosper and be in health.  Have you honored those who brought you into the world in the context of their free will to come together as one?  Then haven’t I also promised many days to be added to your count.  If only my own cries as a heavenly father be heard by those whose hearts are pure yet they have not come to a full knowledge of all I long to give.   It is my pure desire to offer of my holiest, my spiritual power, that you know the power of my words brought the earth and the galaxies to be, that time and space always was and always will be and never ends and forever expands.  To you I give all that you stand with the one who was the manifestation of my word and lived the words he knew and spoke and to whom I have given authority to all that you might claim the same power upon the sounding of his name.

I am calling, I am crying out, I am casting the words and dreams and thoughts and inspirations that you should hear and know… the time is now that you must take on the full armor and wield the sword and be instant in season and out.  That your sleep be sound yet you be ready to rise swiftly.  That your meat be joyful yet you be alert and prepared to resound the voice of battles for there are and will be many that fill the skies as the fallen ones shudder and cling to their chosen domains, for these are not their places but for my chosen, my warrior children, my heart’s love and joy.   The command has gone out and you must choose to join or sit aside, an idle on looker breathing the dust and whose sustenance is the fallen crumbs.

Which side do you choose?  The one of power and might and to run the magnificent race where my son leads and my angels follow?  Or do you choose to be hidden and fragile?  I choose that you be beacons to the unruly world.  I choose that you speak forth truth with confidence.  I choose that you know that you know you speak for the one true god, that your words build the fortress of your life, the road upon which you run, and brings honor and prosperity to your toil that others will see and know the honor is for me for they will hear your words of thanksgiving and power.

These are the days to pray for your leader, for his words are full of promises he cannot fulfill, for his means are of a charity extended to those whose hands are idle yet they rise to take.  His inner quantum is of imbalance though he promises balance.  He sees from a stilted frame, an inner frustration fuels his thoughts, but he knows not the mechanics of true change, of great prosperity and strength.  His desire will water down the essence of invention and striving as he struggles to take from those who work diligently.  It is my desire that all work diligently and those who are feeble be cared for.  Many still seek to come the land of plenty, but more are those seeking the rewards of welfare than the rewards of commerce. These are grave decisions that you must pray diligently against.

Pray for the leaders who walk the halls of government, that they see the deep faults in the ways that lead to mediocrity, then stagnation.   Pray that credit not be sought for no man and no nation should give of their profit that all of their labor turns to slavery.  Reign in the flow of spending when it is not in your hands, such as the choices in the markets should be the choices of a nation.  You cannot spend to appease the appetites of so many when their choices are to futility for that will be your course.  Pray and pray and call the words that might change the course of this rushing river, for the battle is called from above, the battles that cannot be seen except for the results of good and bad directions.

Yet through any of the storms that will arise, you, my children, reside in my sanctuary and many of you call my kingdom to earth.  And I hear the faith filled prayers and words of those who see in the spiritual realm, who hear and see and know of the battles of good and evil and read the spirits of men and know who is for me and who is for the god of the world.   Know I am and I am for you.  Know that I have prepared you for this time, for many things must be diverted and many evil ones must be cast into everlasting chains and many truths must be revealed and there will be uprisings whether of men or of wind and through it all you will stand sure.   God’s Prophecy


69 And there he built his sanctuary, immovable as heaven or earth, his own unchanging handiwork. psalm77:69 knox


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A Mere Vapor Blown Away

 Lurking powers of evil never rest, never cease to seek the weak, the open doorways, the invitations that even my children have offered.  It is in these ways the power of evil is fueled.  Bitter words are his delight, envy and strife stirred tickles his desires to strike.  Anxiety and fear follow, disrupting the body’s defenses, breaking down the structure of prosperity.  And yet the monster chooses whom to bless with worldly reward, for they have given themselves to his desires in greed, nasty works, lust, and secret ways.

He glorifies those he has baptized with sin; some to narcissism, others to wave wands of magical thinking and mesmerize the simple, the innocent, the unsuspecting.  They appear as menacing wolves, unshaven, putrid waste hanging about their puffed bellies, others are sculpted, lean, their bodies a sepulcher for broken covenants, and there are the soft and lamb like hiding the wolf inside.   The disguises of the incontinent one are mellifluous and without number, except for his days, working his ways in those whose house is his willing host.

Open your eyes, my dear ones, for I give you sight that cannot be known except that you hold the spirit of the one true god.  I stir the senses when danger is looming, lurking, waiting for the chance to strike again, needing desperately the taste of good turned bad,  a cocktail of strife and division.  But you stand against the sways of evil, for your prayers in the spirit have prepared you and released the many armies of my warrior angels who strike at the moment the hilt has lifted from the scabbard.

Your voice spoken with strength will strike the enemies soulless heart.  Your steps forward will push his backward.  Your command is your presence for your stance is held in my allure, and the enemies hold is vanquished, a mere vapor blown away.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

12 Mine is a King who reigned before time was; here on earth he was the means to bring deliverance. 13 What power but thine could sunder the shifting sea, crush the power of the monster beneath its waters; 14 shatter Leviathan’s power, and give him up as prey to the sea-beasts? psalm 73:12-14 knox

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Words You Utter

A cloud of perdition’s cause is but to veil truth; smoke and mirrors that change what is and what is meant to be.  I give discernment of spirit to know, to see more clearly who is for me and what situations arise that are not of me, that you are stirred to claim victory no matter what arises.

Cast all anxiety and fears away, that they not be the crooked steps that cause you to trip, or to be blinded and led down the darkening ways.  The one who roams the earth, knows and seeks the weakness.  His minions are well versed even in the words of my book for life that they might shift and steal power for the power they wield is only in what is offered.

You will rise in the words you utter, words of truth, voices of power.  Know the power of your words, your thoughts, and all that you hold in your heart.   Be firm in knowledge and led by my spirit knowing I grant victory and my children rise always from even the ashes, your inheritance already in your possession for you seek to serve me and a home has been set for all lovers of the name of my one.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

36 God will grant deliverance to Sion; the cities of Juda will rise from their ruins, inhabited now and held firmly in possession, 37 an inheritance for the race that serves him, a home for all true lovers of his name. psalm68:36-37 knox

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My Waters Great And Flowing

Speak for me in words that I have gilded in gold.  The harbor is for those who have found the way to peaceful hearts yet the storms brew and blow.  Even in the face of tragic events that many face, I will provide a safe haven.  In times of poverty in the land, or when leaders have waved their wands of greed or power, I provide abundance for those who are for me for I am for my children.

Claiming my kingdom on earth in the name of my glorious son, you have shed the ruins of change and diverted war, you rise a people within a nation as one, you hold the torch of truth yet the clouds form about you.  Your voices spoken clear and true will be heard that the indelicate leaders must yield to the resounding words that pierce.  Yield not to the tilting scales, for it is for my children that I hold the truth steady and sure for you believe and hold faith secure.

Wars will rise in many lands, blood spills and the earth cries out.   The balance of powers shift and rise in ways you have not known.  Pray for your leaders even those whose faces you turn from for their soiled words.  You know not what has been revealed to them, what little hours they sleep.  But know this, that your prayers of power can hold their hands to the fire, that they grip the brow of courage to stand against evil.   The words of power you claim will keep the shift in the favor of your lands, for they are for my own yet others rule.

There are lands of plenty and there are lands of dearth.  The landscapes change with time  and energy that is held in the belly of the earth.   There are shifting fields of peoples from one end of the earth till it meets again at the other.  Shifting sands change the sea shores, this will not change.  Houses will not stand on shifting sands and in the face of oceans, yet in the threat of destruction, these places have been altered, battered by the tools of trade.

My waters, great and flowing, are for abundance and for thirst.  My land is for riches in fruit and fields.  My skies are for the rain, the sun, the lights of the night.  All is for my precious ones, who hold my words in the harbor of their hearts, who part their lips that truth flows free as the waters, who know the powers of the waters are not as great as the power of the tongue, who manifest the power of my spirit that flows as a fountain of living waters.   God’s Prophecy

31 Tame the wild beasts of the marshes, fierce bulls that lord it over the peaceful herd of nations; down fall they, bringing silver pieces for their ransom. Scatter the nations that delight in war, psalm 67:31 knox

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You Have A King

I cause the waters and the soils to offer of their abundance, for those who put forth a hand to toil, yet the rains fall on all, whether or not they slumber or steal.   I look and I see those who plant seeds of life and I know every soul that seeks to cast those of tares.  I know when the burdens are levied that the undeserving might yield what they have not earned.   Put your trust in knowing I see what lies ahead, for I have stores of plenty for my children.  Cast off concern, be prepared, be strong, be vigilant in prayer.

Hear the voice you leaders of men, those who know they have the appointment of an office, for my nation of children must stand together and your words and the tenor of your speaking will build the fortress of unity.   Speak that my words be yours.  Teach that which I show you from my book for life, that lessons be dynamic, living, powerful.  You will know if you see the fruit, the force of life, the surging power that causes many signs miracles and wonders.   Be not closed in your gifts, but out in the fields for that is where the lingering hearts await someone to point the way.

You, my chosen, my children of my heart, are my nation.  I have set this time that you rise as one, many of many nations, but one body.  For you I give the abundance of life, take that which is rightfully yours.  Claim the soil upon which you labor, that your choices be of prosperity and might.   Walk through your villages knowing you are sons and daughters of the most high god, not with hostility and false pride, but with the power of holy spirit, that demons flee from your presence, that your stride attracts those who ask for what is your strength.

You have a king, the king of kings, warrior of warriors.  You chose him as your leader when you cast your faith on his eternal life.  That is with whom you stand, with my begotten you are victorious because he is.    God’s Prophecy

12 Thy bounty it is that crowns the year; where thy feet have passed, the stream of plenty flows; 13 flows through the desert pastures, till all the hill-sides are gaily clad, 14 herds throng the fields, and the valleys stand deep in corn; the shout of joy everywhere, everywhere the hymn of praise. psalm64:12-14knox

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Claim This Day

Yes, I hear the great voices of rejoicing, for my ones know that I have but pointed my finger to stir the waters and the wind.  Great are those acts that stir the slumbering souls who wander in the desert of their lives, never looking up but always looking down from eyes too weary.  These are the lost in life’s storms, being tossed to and fro, quietly they bear their burdens.   Momentous acts awaken their senses, their hearts quicken to pray in their anxieties and fear.   I am calling those who are awakening to come to the sanctuary of my care, to cast the burdens aside and uphold the sail of faith.   Great knowledge is meaningless if you have not faith, yet if you have but two words, “I believe”, you have great faith.

Voices are rising and rejoicing for great is he who came before and set in order those things that opened the gates that my children be granted greater power than that which has roamed the earth.  Rise this day from your lazy chairs, rise and pray and claim that my peace and love and power be restored to your life, your villages and your nation.  I am calling my nation of those who reside within the nation of waters.  Rise and be strong no matter the storms.   Pray that your rightful places be restored, that men and women lead the faltering nation from the edges that crumble.

Claim this day a day of causing the spirals of divisions and debt to cease.   Claim this day for the light of the righteous causes.  Claim this day in the name of my begotten, that what comes to pass is a strengthening of resolve, that my children allow their choice be known, not in slicing numbers but in great strides of surety.  Go and be counted to claim that rightful road of a nation that has faltered,  for I have shown my mighty hand.

Cast away all doubt that you seal off the pathways of destruction and always I will keep you safe no matter the storm.   God’s Prophecy

all their conspiring plays them false. Scornfully the onlookers shake their heads, 10 awe-stricken every one; who but will acclaim God’s power, who but will ponder his great acts? 11 Honest men will rejoice and put their trust in the Lord; upright hearts will not boast in vain. psalm63:9-11Knox

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Titanic Winds Of Change

I hear the roar, a great wave arching, reaching to the shores of my ears, each drop a word of praise and prayer and the giving of thanks that the vast and prosperous nation that lies between two shores, be saved.   Many seek to harness its wildness, yet it is what I created.  Many seek to harness the inventive and creative minds in burdens to great too bear.   Such enormous greed has countered the balances, hands that reach for undeserved reward, whether of rich or poor.

I have been calling, rousing inspiration in men and women whose lives are built on the corner stone, whose words are built on truth, to rise and take those citadels of commerce, government, science, medicine, teaching, media and creative ways.

HEAR.  I am blowing in great waves of words, and showing titanic winds of change, and many more will come as my chosen heed the call.  It is time for massive shifts.  Time for for leaders, who manifest great wisdom knowing wisdom and knowledge, a times, come at the moments needed, to rise, to command, to brail the ship in this destructive storm.   Not all answers are set, for through faith they are found in taking great and momentous strides and the way will manifest.

Hurl the sails to faith knowing it is I who holds the keel, that your mighty nation not falter in the hands of evil, for I have called a nation within of those who have held to faith and continue to hold fast, and I have set in order those things that will hold you safe and secure yet the storms stir forth and waters swell and swirl.

Continue steadfast, continue strong, words of power at your lips, for they are written in your hearts.  Lean in to the winds for your stance has the power yet unknown, that your faith has opened, and you will gain leaps of ground and conquer great mountains and claim vast territories in the name of my begotten for you are calling my splendid and magnificent kingdom to earth, claiming that which is already in heaven.

Rise. Rise.  Speak forth in fountains of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy, for I have given you this gift, not of yourselves but of that great seed of eternity that you accepted in the vow of your faith that my son died and rose and again.    You, my glorious ones, shine in fantastic floods of light and love and power.  I am pouring out my blessings to those who have taken the high way of truth and righteousness.

Claim that which must come to pass, that tides are in your hands, that mountains be toppled to the seas, that evil ones flee to their own end at your presence, for you stand for and with my king of kings, and your life’s breath is for me.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

my heart filled, as with some rich feast, my mouth, in joyful accents, singing thy praise. My thoughts shall go out to thee at dawn, as I lie awake remembering thee, and the protection thou hast given me. Gladly I take shelter under thy wings, cling close to thee, borne up by thy protecting hand. psalm62:6-9Knox

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When To Draw The Arrows Of Truth

There are many challenges in this world, my children, my glorious ones, whose faces show that spirit, the new life in the inner man and the eternal life that is to come.  Winds will blow again and the rains will pound on the rooftops and at your doors.  The ravenous wolves continue to sniff the ground seeking the scent of fear, innocence, ignorance, blindness, instability, and places to hide.   Be mindful always, for this is the great challenge; that you not be caught off guard.  Yet knowing you have holy spirit, that will stir within even when you are joyful and enjoying the fruits of a day’s labor, you will be warned.  My spirit will stir, pricking your thoughts, the souls of your feet, the palms of your hands.   I will give you dreams, I will give you words and you will know when to act and what to say and when to draw the arrows of truth.

Be prepared by your devoted prayer and study.  Be grounded in the words of my book, the foundation by which your lives become the living words, not to be stagnant in study, but to be glorious, powerful, speaking as you are motivated by my spirit, directing all powerful light into darkness, whether in a storm or in a heart.    Your stance must be sure, as  warriors on the front lines of battle, charging as stallions, girded with righteousness, and wielding the two edged sword, for you will cut down those principalities that have ruled the air.

The battle cry is your claim in the name of my glorious one.   Be anxious for nothing, for in your faith filled actions, I call my vast battalions of angels to go before you and to be after you and to flank you, an eternal order of spiritual warriors, and spiritual stallions and spiritual chariots and my fire follows that will destroy all that is evil.

I am calling, my spirit is yours, that you shed all of the old man nature and claim your righteous place, that many join together in power, that you too call out to change the course of rushing rivers of destruction, that you reach out to grab those who might be saved, that you cause those of evil intent to be cast out of your places, for no raucous spirits may stay in the presence of my mighty and all powerful spirit, for I am the only creator and you are my precious and might filled children and fellow heirs to my kingdom and you stand straight, strong, faithful, fearless, with my son.  God’s Prophecy

The Spirit we have been speaking of is the Lord; and where the Lord’s Spirit is, there is freedom. 18 It is given to us, all alike, to catch the glory of the Lord as in a mirror, with faces unveiled; and so we become transfigured into the same likeness, borrowing glory from that glory, as the Spirit of the Lord enables us. IICor3:17-18 knox

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Mine Is Yours Forever

I hear the calls of victory from those who bow to the indulgent god who lures with prizes of worldly gain and filth laden nourishment.  But I turn my ear, my eyes from such a display of anointment, for these have gained glory that falls to dust on the low places where they will drag upon their bellies.

From such have no companionship, my children, my faith fed, for you are the heirs of the most high god, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and all the galaxies move in synchronization for you with the music of the many angels whose voices are for my glory.  Even the multitudes of spinning orbs hold back the abundant waters within which I stretched the expanse of heaven for you.

Your calls of victory are not for your own craving of self serving, but you call to me your thankfulness and your praise, music for my heart, for you are deserving children and I will cause your enemies to falter, for that is the way of my universe, that those who harbor resentment, envy and strife will fall victim to their own devices.

Hold back the words that seek to stir the spirits waiting for permission to enter and destroy your peaceful arena, but use words as your strength, to keep the wall of protection in perfect peace, and wholly secure, using words that I offer whether from my book or from the spirit of holy peace and power that stirs within you.

You have authority through the voice of my begotten, to whom I have given power over the earth and the stars, that you too may cast away the evil doers, that even in your presence they quiver and flee.   Hold fast to the words of my book for life, for they were written for you.   In them you will find those words that foretell of what has come to be and what will be, and you are in those words that speak of future generations and in those words spoken by my son.  It is to you he spoke, knowing that you would follow and knowing that you would be fellow heirs who would find strength in his life, and find the full manifestation of the power that came when his life crossed from death into eternal life, that all who follow, too, have eternal life.

Ask in his name and it is already yours, for I arranged even the sands upon the shores, knowing their number, that you would know abundance in life is what I decreed for my children.  Ask in numbers what you desire, for it is already counted.  Ask for the wisdom of many and you will have many answers.  Ask and believe, for you have taken the oath of faith when you rejoiced in the ascension of my only begotten.  Mine is yours forever.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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None Can Stand Against You


 Of what do I speak, but wisdom always.  Wisdom is knowing when to stand still, to hold your words from those who speak with tainted words and when to speak forth with words of healing, power and love.

Some might cringe at your words, but they are missals that cannot be set off course, healing or casting away those spirits of envy, strife and division.

Your diligent study of my words of life give you the firm stance from which you might part your lips to speak, knowing my spirit fills you with words that have the voice of truth, the words of power, the song of heavenly love.

Be sure in the faith you have claimed, as my one who walked upon the water, you step forth in the secure embrace of who I am, the creator, and knowing you are my child,  you are children of the most high God.  None can stand against you, for you stand with my begotten, your lord and savior.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophecy

For wherever there is jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry and selfish ambition), there will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil and vile practices.

17 But the wisdom from above is first of all pure (undefiled); then it is peace-loving, courteous (considerate, gentle). [It is willing to] yield to reason, full of compassion and good fruits; it is wholehearted andstraightforward, impartial and unfeigned (free from doubts, wavering, and insincerity)  James3:16-17Amp

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Always I Find You

I always provide a way, that is for my children who seek a way.  I always stand against the enemy for my children who accept me know that I give the strength, the words, and the tools to defend truth.   The flight from truth has quickened for the unbelieving who believe in their own versions of truth, manipulated in their minds to fit snug to their aim, a gratification of self desires that are most often not aligned with righteousness.   The numbers of those who propose their own purposes have grown, for selfish desires are held in great regard, even if for the reward of boasting, a puffing out of the chest.

I always give you spiritual eyes, that you might know who speaks lies and who lives truth.  You will know them by the contention and division and disharmony they stir, though they speak as whispering lambs, they are ravening wolves, seeking their own rewards.  They glare with envy when you have captured their victims’ hearts, their time, their energy, if even for a moment in time, for those who are not for me, will seek to steal away those of confused and innocent hearts, molding their thoughts to match their own, to be proud of selfish behaviors disguised as accomplishments and brotherly love, that they might pat each other on the back with smiles and false reward.

So little do they consider how the earth and all the universe was created, though they seek for truth.  But they are only interested in truth that suits their greedy needs and their their needy greed.  They heap empty words, disguised as care and concern.  Their fondest reward is to gaze upon their own image, never seeing what I do inside.  Emptiness.  A place they seek to fill with exaggerated and false gaiety, and gatherings of other false uttering souls.  A vast dark emptiness will be their virtual reward, the fruit of reckless hearts.

But always I find you who seek for truth and who search for me.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

There is no God above us, is the fond thought of reckless hearts. Warped natures everywhere and hateful lives, there is not an innocent man among them. God looks down from heaven at the race of men, to find one soul that reflects, and goes in search of him; psalm52:1-3Knox

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Walking On The Waters Of Faith

In this age, I no longer accept those sacrifices of the worldly offerings, rams and bullocks and other creatures that I created and gave to my chosen for prosperity and meat, that their tithes were of my abundance.

Now I give of my spirit, that which was given away and then redeemed in the full harvest, the time of my begotten, born of one who knew no man before she conceived when I sent my holy spirit upon her, for she had no doubt and knew of what my messenger offered, and he, who was born pure, also knew of his heavenly father, and accepted the face of sacrifice, shedding his blood for the redemption of all who would follow in his ways.

Now I offer abundance of my earth, for your meat and for your prosperity, and I give, freely, of my spirit, to those who believe, that you might offer your perfect sacrifice, that of your praise in the spirit, uttering those magnificent things that surpass your understanding, yet you step out, walking on the waters of faith, opening your mouths and speaking the wonderful works that I have wrought and those things your redeemer accomplished.  For great and majestic are my heavens and earth that I called to be in the waters and in the light, fields of abundance, and too, I have given eternal life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

He honours me truly, who offers me a sacrifice of praise; live aright, and you shall see the saving power of God. psalm 49:23 Knox Bible

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Where My Children Dwell


Where my children dwell, there is my city, my kingdom, for those who believe will rejoice in this day and the eternal time to come.  Those who claim my kingdom on earth, are those who follow in the words and steps of my son, he who claimed that which he knew in the prophecies of his walk in the histories from generations before.

None shall own you but he whom you choose as Lord.  Have you chosen the righteous one, have you walked in the glorious way of life and the promise of eternity, yes, for it is already yours to hold.

A day is coming that will alter the sights and all lives will be examined.  The harvest of the wheat is near and those who profess their acts to be right, but hide their sins as acts of charity and goodness, will be revealed.

I am the God of all and I have appointed my one, my only begotten, to stand over the whole of the earth for the earth is mine, and I have blessed all that is there for those who chose the way, in the soil, the mountains, the seas, the skies.

I give of what is my essence, the power of spirit, that you might manifest its power for me, to be my hands, my feet, my lips, to call to the spirits that harbor incest and perversions and cast them to eternal chains.  I give of my power that you heal the broken nations, and mend many fences.  I give of my power that the righteous rise to lead for there are many who have fallen under the spells of evil.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Here, in this city of the Lord of hosts, the city of our own God, we have proved the tale long since told us, that God upholds her for all eternity; 10 sheltered in thy temple, we give thanks for our deliverance.  psalm47:9-10 Knox Bible

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You May Call To The Winds

Never frightened are those who trust in me, though winds may blow beyond the bend of a tree.  Your voices rest on the breath that you received when I gave you life.  You found trust when you found my strength, the power of my spirit that you might do those things accomplished by that of my begotten.  You may call to the winds of destruction that they be turned from your house.  You may call to the seas that they give you of their abundance and not of their destruction.   Your voices claim all in the name of my son.

But those who do not trust in me, believe nothing if they believe in the power of their own might.  If they believe in the power of darkness that is where they seek their strength, giving their lives to sorcery and clamorous voices.

My children do not serve the god of the world.  They find safety and refuge in the strength of my strength, the power of my power, the love of my love.  You have found eternal life in the path set by my son.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

2Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

3though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. psalm46:1-3niv


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Who Are My Righteous Warriors?

Who are mine?  Those to whom I desire to give my blessings.  For what is beauty beyond the flesh?  The countenance of one who reflects what I offer.  Who are those whose speech is of victory, whose prayers are words of power, whose praise is as song?  Those who speak with the courtesy of a King of kings, whose words resound with the thunder of many voices, seasoned, swift, sure.   Who are my righteous warriors?  Those who gird themselves with the breast plate of righteousness, who wield the sword and ride on the wings of eagles.  Who will soar that their march never fail?  Those appointed for they walk in the path of truth.

Though enemies abound and seek where to attack, your words are powerful for your utterance is of the book for life.  The spirit you have taken in word and deliverance, it monitors your words, inspiring those that lift, build, and counter any foe.  It opens your spiritual eyes to know the demons that lurk, seeking the rewards of envy and strife and stealing time and energy and resources.   From such rebuke their ways, dividing even your own thoughts from those who harbor thoughts of illicit gains, standing certain that I will reward your strength.

There is none more beautiful than those who answer when I call, whose lips hold those gracious and powerful words I give, that your life will follow what you call, that storms will heed what you command, that enemies flee at your presence for you stand for me and you walk in the way of my son.  Who can be against you when my son and I for you, for none can stand up to the ways of the righteous.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Thine is more than mortal beauty, thy lips overflow with gracious utterance; the blessings God has granted thee can never fail. Gird on thy sword at thy side, great warrior, gird thyself with all thy majesty and all thy beauty; ride on triumphant, in the name of faithfulness and justice. Dread counsel thy own might shall give thee;  psalm44:3-5 Knox

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The Fires Of Power

There are fires of offerings that are detestable to me, those whose god is of the world’s, who linger in ash and the crevices of cinder.  There are those who speak to the winds and the rain and believe in their souls that they direct it all for their power, to destroy, to kill.

There are those who speak enchantments, who call to the spires of darkness, that their words plant the seeds of division and illness and misfortune.  They believe in the fall of the cards and the lying voices that speak of the stars.  They profess knowledge of the air, its cycles and turnings, that they might mount upon a storm to be transported to other lives.  Their members wrap about those who know not that their words are enchantments, to lull the whisper of the spirit that warns, that ears not hear and eyes not see the true spirit of darkness they hold dear.  They twirl in giddiness and joy, taking pleasure in their ways, spinning always their words and affections.  They question and probe for secrets, seeking those things they slip into their purses to use for another day.

Great prayer and vigilance to call out the spirits might save the lonely, the lost, the ones who have been glued to the trap, that they might tear free of the grip of the soul casters.  Wash your hands of the wicked ones.  Speak not their names for there are whisperers in the air who carry your words as wood for their fires.   Stand strong against claims of insanity and lost moments, stand strong against the sudden change of weather and tides, for they believe in their power to cause the winds to destroy, and that their words call to the sun to shine, so too do they use their affections, stirring anger and indignities, then calming their own souls to soothing and honeyed chatter, entrapping and turning the tides.

Pray and speak my words of power aloud, that the whisperers know who is your God, for they fear, and they fear the true words of power.   Claim your power in the name of my son, for no other sacrifice was pure.  Know that the voices of my chosen are the true songs of reason, that your voices turn the winds and the tides for you call peace and not destruction.  Stir the fires of the power you hold dear, for it is of me, the one true God, for my words created the moon and the stars and the earth and all of the heavens.  Cast away all that no thing that is unclean remain in your hands.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



“You must burn their idols in fire, and you must not covet the silver or gold that covers them. You must not take it or it will become a trap to you, for it is detestable to the LORD your God. Deut7:21nlt


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The Victory Is Already Won

Victory is found in the gift of faith, your faith of your will, the gift to me when my children, my nation rise with the knowledge that my son rose and cast off the cloak of death and you too have inherited eternal life.

Clear your thoughts to righteousness and I will clear the fields of battle that you will gain that land that I blessed for my own, knowing always that it is not of yourselves, knowing that healing and voices in the spirit too are not of your own.

The victory is already won.   The darkness is reserved for the ones who have chosen darkness.  Violence is reserved for those who choose violence, yet not for defenders to whom I give power of my sword. Words of evil intent are turned to those who use them.   Those who lie cannot hold truth and will strangle of their own words.

Those whose lives are bound in prayer will live, those who hold fast to truth will soar, those who choose light have life in the light, those whose words are sure, hold the two edged sword that rings with the power of my holy spirit and the victory is in their hands.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

It was not by their sword that they won the land,

nor did their arm bring them victory;

it was your right hand, your arm,

and the light of your face, for you loved them. psalm44:3niv

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Your Singing Voices Will Rise

Hear the angels, their voices fill the sky, the sea.  They sing the chorals of my words, for my voice is in the thunder, in the great waves and motion of galaxies that fly through the heavens.  My vision is beyond the edge of eternal space, and there too my voice fills the void and I create wonderous formations and places and the choir of my sea of galaxies sing and glorify all creation.

Hear the spirit calling.  It is I who whispers in your ear, who touches you when you slumber, who blows and the breath of life inspires you, for you heard my voice when I said rise.  You raise your voice in prayer because you hear the spirit, the breath of my spirit, the rise of my spirit, and you manifest in praise of the spirit with a song.

Even through the many colors of air and the water buckets of the sky, your singing voices will rise, as your new bodies will rise on that great day that you meet my lamb in the sky and join with my angels to sing of the great and glorious ways I have opened the portals of heaven and even today your hearts ring with praise, for you know I stand with you and guide you and have created all for you.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God. psalm40:3


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Health Is In The Power Of The Spirit

Health is in the power of the spirit.  Time for prayer, reflection, thankfulness, study of those words that give life, all is motivation of the spirit.  Yes I would have you to strive, but with inspiration, the stirring of the spirit, that you do good things that give you the bounty of your tables.  But if your toil is not punctuated with the sharing of a meal, conversation, laughing, what is the fruit of your work day?  If you end not the day with friendship, whether of family, a spouse, those who also manifest the the power of the holy spirit, what has the day been for but vanity.

A long and fruit filled life is a blessing and manifestation of holy spirit.  Healing is a manifestation of spirit, and there is physical healing and there is spiritual healing.  The joy of gatherings, not for the vanity of display, but for the enjoyment of celebrating the day, sharing a meal, sharing of thankfulness, sharing of laughter, is as sipping the finest nectar or wine.   The full sharing of such gatherings heals in many small ways that you don’t even know, yet you know you continue to crave the stimulation of gatherings.

I and my begotten share those many moments with you, for where ever you gather, we make our abode, for where you share your meals, you show the covenant of the spirit.  Live joyfully and healthy seeking the company of those whose hearts are pure and who seek to offer the gifts of joy in true friendship, not the appearance of a brother who seeks only his own reward, but in the gathering of those who share, of the body, of their table.

Bow not to the improper, the sinful, the greedy, the needy who can but don’t.  Bow not to the those who pamper you with false words and have their hands in your purse.  Bow not to any man, for none is greater than another and doing so you offer your life’s force,  Instead, look to the one who laid down his body for you.  Accept the transformation of death into life.  Know of the spirit that raised him from death unto eternal life, that you too hold that spirit.

Know that it is the power of the holy spirit that brings gifts to the soul and health to your bones.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro:

He bustles about, but only in vain;

he heaps up wealth, not knowing who will get it. psalm39:6


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The Value Of Righteous Power

How far reaching are my armies, my angels of glory who stand ready for battle.  They are the spirits of my own being, my guards, my ministers, my warriors who engage in the battles not seen, yet you, my children, my nation, reap the benefits.  Do you know of what I speak when I tell you of those whose voices ring in purity?    Did you know that my begotten has authority to call upon those spirits as he has the authority to cast away those who are fallen.

Seek the words of my son who spoke every word with surety, knowing who he was from the prophecies written afore time.   Know who you are for you too are in the book of instructions and histories and prophecies, you who know you have have been separated, you who live in the world but know you are not of the world, yet the earth and all its abundance I created for you.

The spirit you have been baptized with works in all who believe, yet each has a place and purpose for my means.  And in each of you sits the power that my son magnified, and told you that you too would do those things and much more.  But each of you have the choice to motivate or stagnate.  Your prayers, your praise are wonderful, your manifestation of that spirit that is of me, is glorious.   What are the words you must stir and pronounce that great things, huge and minute and all in between be accomplished, for you are my eyes, my hands, my feet and my voice.

Speak that which is right, cast away those that harbor ill fated thoughts for they have allowed their bodies to be vessels of evil, for to some such manifestations accomplish pleasure, power and recourse.  But for you who hold goodness dear, and know the value of righteous power, I will send my warrior angels who will clear the road, the sky, that you rise above all who be thrown down.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


See how the evildoers lie fallen—

thrown down, not able to rise! psalm36:12niv


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Take Thought Of The Laws Of The Universe

There are few who have taken my words and made them real.  Yet I breathed a word and the earth was formed, another parted the waters and a great expanse was revealed, a place for my stars and many galaxies.  And yet even those who read and know these words of creation and histories, they do not see the power of words, that words build to wars or words build to peace.

Take those words that were breathed and spoken by my begotten for now is the time for those who do believe, who confess their believing but have not taken those assertive steps, to call to greater acts to encompass their strides.

Watch those words that issue from your mouths, speaking guile has no place in a men and women of strength and righteous hearts.  Take this day to breath life into your endeavors, that your harvest be plenty, commanding the fruit of your labor to exceed.  Take thought of the laws of the universe, motion, momentum, gravity, projection.  Your words and your actions follow these same laws.

Speak of the justice in a great nation, pray for your leaders, uphold truth with a soft answer that others may not have a force to resist but be drawn to my favor and my way.  Other moments call for candor, a fierce approach, a quick strike at the lies that they be separated from the truth.   Be instant in season and out of season by your searching the words that I have given, by studying those who walked before you, by leaning to the bosom of my begotten who is showing you the way to truth, power and life.

Stir the spirit within with diligent prayer, words uttered of the spirit that go beyond your understanding in those ways that are not yet revealed, but you know in the evidence of the signs, miracles and wonders that follow.  Seek to stir joy filled days even in your labor and striving, fill your tables that other know the fulness of your faith.  Lead others with strength and encouragement.  And always you will know the way.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Whoever Of You Loves Life

I hear the voices of sin, words that build false towers of precepts and ignorant knowledge.     So many have gone the way of deception, creating false impressions that the effects of evil become the foundations of truth.  Truth turns to falsehoods and falsehoods become the history of a nation.   A nation that builds their wealth on the history of falsehoods cannot be prepared when mighty armies swarm the shores.   A nation of ignorant history cannot withstand the winds and floods or the shifting plates of sands.  The voices of sin and evil are abhorrent to my ears and I must turn away as should those who seek me in peace and goodness.

Whoever of you loves life, turn from those whose will is of their own desires, whose egos mount on the flimsy words of deceit, who find the image of their facade more appealing than to seek the face of the one who created all.   For those of a radiant countenance, seek the road of peace, pursue truth, uphold what is right.

Hold your own tongues from repeating the wrongful ideas for that is perpetuating evil, your words are powerful instruments that turn to weapons.   Reserve your sharp edged words for the casting away of *dandelion spirits that seek to root into the gardens of households and the plains of a country, deceiving in their intentions.   Know your words spoken from the seat of your spiritual life are seeds of goodness whose strengths are greater than any other.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

*A weed.  Original Middle English : from French dent-de-lion, translation ofmedieval Latin dens leonis ‘lion’s tooth’ (because of the jagged shape of the leaves).



Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, 13keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. 14Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. psalm34:12-14niv


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The Radiance Of Your Presence

I am here.  I am always seeking a way to the inner heart where I see all, even those thoughts and arenas of emotion that you see not in yourselves.   So much is harbored, shut off from the light that brings healing, for most fear their fears.  What you allow to be opened to me is not seen by men, but they will see the countenance of joy, the radiance of one whose heart is in my keeping.

Look to me always, in the morning, in the day, and when you rest at the night, and I calm the seas of anguish, I heal the wounds of separations, I breath a balm of peace that your days be not interrupted and your sleep is deep.   Look to me in all of your ways, whether to choose a friend, to help one in need, to lay a hand in healing, and I will guide and protect that a foe does not appear sweet, that a hand reaching out is not stealing, that your hands hold my power of healings.

Go into the world with the face of calm, certainty and peace.   Be restored at any moment you seek my face, before a storm, before entering the halls of commerce or medicine or any other place your day takes you, claiming everyplace you enter in the name of my holy begotten.

You will walk with the stride of conquerer because you know even death has already be conquered, you will speak with the authority of a king, because you have been given the spirit of the signet ring,  your words will build spires of truths that cannot be denied, and the radiance of your presence will cause all spirits not for me to flee.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Those who look to him are radiant;

their faces are never covered with shame psalm 34:5niv


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What Will Heal A Nation?

What is the nation of song?  It is one where I fill the storehouses, where I reside at every doorstep, where I see the fruit of choice in righteous lives, striving hands, and my children sharing the bounty of their tables.   What will heal a nation whose directions have been thwarted, hampered by sins and greed for power?  Healing begins in the desire to purge the disease and claim the victory.  But there are means and ways before victory is in your hands though I say, ‘victory is yours’.

You must hold your words together, you must raise your voices to be heard, you must stand against the crooked tides of media and call to the casting out of liars and rabble-rousers who have ganged the screech of their voices together.   Pray and claim a victory that leaders of quality continue to stand for truth.  Pray that such are filled with righteous power, that all of a nation that seeks to be one nation under God, are filled with power to rise together.

I will bless that nation who seeks for me to be their God. I will bless that nation where my chosen read and live my words for life.  I will bless those leaders who read and live my words for life, for I created the land upon which you build and this is what I ask.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,

the people he chose for his inheritance. psalm33:12niv

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A Rightful Leader

Simple idols, even those of flesh and blood, who have been raised above the name of the Lord in the hopes and dreams of a flailing nation, will of the weight of hope falter for how could man be as a god?  Has a leader taken the rewards of worship as a rightful attainment, seeing himself as greater than those who serve him his meat?

A rightful leader will shun the mantle of an idol.  A true leader is servant of all.  A great leader lives in the path of truth.   To whom do you cast your support?  One whose words are vacant as the vacant stance in the eyes, or one whose words ring of truth in your heart?  Do you worship the one who clings to the glory of power or the one who honors the edict of serving many?

There are those who serve the beast, stoking the fires of perdition, who claim false glory in the halls of media and alter notices, shift words, play on images that glorify the lie and diminish the truth.  This is the filter of the world, the conditioning of many till truth is held as lie and lies are upheld as glorious truths.   But I see the intents, of those who have been anointed by the god of world, who show their idolization in their eyes and countenance, that others, simple minded would so emulate.  Turn from such notions and show others the true way, to turn to the light, to the truth, to help those who seek to serve in a great way with support in prayer and I will see and hear the desire for truth in leadership and honor those requests.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


You have hated those who observe empty worship, and I have hoped in you, Lord Jehovah psalm31:6aramaic


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Claim Victory To Fruitfulness Not Ruin

I hear the calls and prayers that great changes are claimed for the glory of righteousness, for the upstanding in heart are rising, leaders hear and believe that I will work in them that they speak aloud.  That they show the way because they believe and learned and witnessed and have the experience of one who has ruled well, who has strived and succeeded, who has led others into lives of righteous understanding and manifestation of the fruit of my spirit.  Such ones I stand with, such men and women I hold to great standards that their lives be blameless, that their strides and their words be sure for many will hear and follow.

I anoint those with power to lead who hear and believe and followed in the way of my king of kings, who walked without sin or guile yet showed strength and righteous anger that the bogglers be shamed, that the criers who call to false injustice be silenced, that others with power to rise do in great justice and truth, that armies of believing men, women and children rise to the calling of the king, who asks that you follow in his way for he showed the way to righteousness and power and eternal life.  Follow that light and your path will always be straight and true.

Hear and devour the words for life for they are life and power and know the power of your own, in thoughts, words and actions and especially for those prayers you speak and the thanks you offer.  This is a great and marvelous day, one to hold dear and to manifest the power of your prayers, claiming victory in what is right, calling to straightening of the crooked ways, that the path of many leads to fruitfulness and not ruin.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet   


Who, then, is the man that fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.  13He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land.  14The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them  psalm 25:12-14niv


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Signs, Miracles And Wonders Will Follow

Go to the story of life, that you see what are the pitfalls of choosing paths that are not in the right direction.  Many are the mishaps and diversions when my own do not put their trust in me but are persuaded by misrepresentation of those whose trust in idols, and gold, and secrets.   But always I am there to set you forward, even in an about face, that you find your way back to the straight and narrow way, a straight road that takes you farther, a straight road that gets you to the place you ought to be.

Always you are one step and one word from what is the right way to go.  Ask and I will show you.   Offer a word of thanksgiving and I have already given what you desire, give me your heart and I surround you with favor and blessings and protect you in every step  you take and guide you in every word you say.   Claim my victory and it is for you, for I have cleared the way and the banks, and even unto the endless fields, that you never even hold a thought to stray.

Push away concern and allow me to tell you all you need for each days striving and love and knowing you enjoy many fruit of the work of your hands and in the manifestation of spirit, a fulfilled life with abundance of signs, miracles and wonders that will follow, for you have believed, you have taken the hand of my begotten and walked upon the waters and have accepted the fruit of life and of the spirit and of eternal life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




Many are the woes of the wicked,

but the Lord’s unfailing love

surrounds the man who trusts in him. psalm32:10niv


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I Know Where Every Thought Is Blameless

Whether any man knows your life, that you have lived blameless, they can see the fruit of your life.  Do you walk with confidence, do you fill the halls with joy?  But the voice of joy to some is as the crying of the anvil, piercing to the place that resonates only with morose notes.  They do not see your life and are blind to light.  But love without condition needs not be seen or heard.  If there is even one atom of truth that hides in a heart of blame, unconditional love that is of me, the power that is in one true word of prayer, will aim to that place.

You see the hardened hearts, the darkened eyes that turn away.  With spiritual eyes you know the place inside that hides.  Better to know a man who hides his goodness and appears to be lion, than to know a man who feigns to be a lamb, hiding the heart of a ravenous wolf.   With spiritual eyes you see the truth of what lurks behind the eyes, what cannot hide.

I have given you spiritual eyes that you would see and know whether to pray in the spirit or to divide and conquer, for you claim every place in the name of the son.   You have placed your conquests in my hands, knowing the lurking one must flee, as my begotten called to the fallen ones to be cast to the sea.

What have you to fear?  There is nothing I don’t see, whether of fault or mishap.  I look at intentions and every stroke of the heart.  I know faith unwavering,  I know where every thought is blameless.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Vindicate me, O Lord,

for I have led a blameless life;

I have trusted in the Lord

without wavering. psalm26:1niv


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Have You Asked?

Have you asked?  I am here to know your requests.  If you don’t make them known to your own mind, how will you know of the way?  I have the best laid plans, for those who desire to know their path.  I honor those requests in the endeavors of life, for you gain your needs in the work of your hands, in the goings about your village, your city, your nation.

Each man and woman chooses a path, a means of life for I have given you freedom of will.  Will you plant, build, teach, minister to others in many forms of service?  You may endeavor to create, write words, a song.   Commit your works to me that I might show you a better path.   Have you asked when your path seems dim?  I will show the way to build your life that your heart soars, that you will share the bounty of your table with with others.

Have you asked for life?  I give you such rich blessings, not of the world but of the earth and of the sea and of the spirit, that you might have life and eternity.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


You welcomed him with rich blessings

and placed a crown of pure gold on his head.

4He asked you for life, and you gave it to him—

length of days, for ever and ever. psalm21:3-4

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Rejoice, Rejoice, Again I Say Rejoice!

I know the anguish of surprise attack.  Reprisal is but worldly.  But rejoice my loved ones, for I fill you with an everlasting love, that even those whose hearts turn cold you might love, for you know the truth that pain lurks and hardens over those bruised and fearful places.   Pray for those who growl, but have hearts of lambs and you will see the softening, the pricking that allows love to seep in.

Keep your eyes on the expected end, even to daily events, knowing that I see all intentions, whether of peace or of evil, and I will deliver you always from the evil ones because you have put your thoughts and trust in me.

I am a god of peace, but I too have an enemy, the one who took a part of my angels, luring them with the promise of being gods.  They must do the beckoning of the deported one, he who pointed a finger, who changed my words, who changed even the coming together as one, not understanding what he stoled from my first chosen ones and in his choices, there is an expected end.

To you, the loves of my heart, my chosen, my children.  I long for your faithfulness, for I have given you the gift of choice in the desire that you would choose me, choose life and take the path of the one who redeemed you.  I long for the voice of your prayers and praise that my heart sings and I rejoice, and my trusted angels rejoice, and with spiritual eyes and ears, you see and hear and with your spiritual heart you know that you walk in my kingdom and amongst my many voices.   Rejoice in the spirit, rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

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You Proclaim His Righteousness

I have spoken through the many generations, that my words be remembered, that you would seen the vein of events, the foretelling of my begotten who learned these words that even in his most strident hour, his voice spoke the words of time and truth, that till the moment of life’s transformation he believed.

You, my precious ones too, are spoken of in the book of many words, those yet to be too are written there, that many generations read aloud and hear and know of all that was and is to come in life and the force of life and life everlasting.

You proclaim his righteousness in the fashion of your faith.  You stand on the cornerstone of truth and proclaim his faith, taking that which he showed into your heart, knowing you are of my book for life and your name inscribed in the book of life, that you might walk through the gates of the holy of holies.

You proclaim his righteousness in the words that speak of faith and power, in wielding the sword of truth that cuts to the dividing asunder of bone and marrow, of light and shadows, of wicked places in the heart that others might be convicted by the walk of your life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


They will proclaim his righteousness

to a people yet unborn—

for he has done it. psalm 22:31niv


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The Desire Of Your Heart

What are the goals you have set out to achieve?  Have you faltered before the fulfillment for fear?  It is my plan to give you the desire of your heart, that your hard earned plans reach their full manifestation.  What a loss if a flower were not to bloom.  How much more do I desire that those plans, carefully laid and built on the foundations of truth as I laid the foundations of the world, succeed in the full blossoming, the seeds of further fertility cast that you might see the exponential release of life in your work.

Breathe life into your plans, your work, those interests that cause your heart to soar.  The vibrations of your energy put to action will draw all you need for success, because you have committed your work, your desires to me and I have directed the growth, the abundance of fruit, the sharing of labor that others too enjoy to be a hand and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

However grand or simple your worldly successes, the greatest achievement always is in your walk of faith.  If you but plant seed that you might eat, knowing fruit will manifest in its time, you have faith that I will cause the roots to find moisture and nutrients, that the a tender shoot will push through to the light of sun and you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.

May the Lord grant all your requests.  psalm20:4-5niv


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Great Blessings Of Life And Eternal Favor

What is it that offers the greatest joy but to see my precious ones look to the skies and know just the the tip of my finger created the stars and placed them in order.  They speak volumes of many things seen and not, those that have passed and other events yet to be, yet always, even you might change the course of rushing days that lead either to glory or destruction.

My stars are more numerous than the sands you can never number of only what you hold in the cup of two palms, yet I know the number of all.  My skies tell you of the abundance that I have created for my chosen ones, such as the seas hold much fruit and the soil many seeds.

The vast array of my creatures and critters, those that crawl and others that fly, is but a glimpse of the spiritual array of bounty in my eternal universe, full and brimming with fruit of the spirit that I want it to spill over in a great rush of blessings, never ending, always replenishing, that the grain of spirit, which is as bountiful as every seed,  be fruitful over and over.  You see, even one seed has eternal life.  It blossoms to another seed, and blossoms again and again.  The trees you see have the life that began when I parted the waters from the waters and called to the great expanse to hold the many stars and galaxies, then did I part the waters on the earth that there be dry land to hold the many seeds I planted.

You too have life and life, from this earthly life to a spiritual body that always is and always will be, for you are my chosen, my precious seeds.   You have taken the seed of life, that of my being, holy spirit, a great and force filled power; you have taken the oath of faith, that of the faith of my begotten, and you have fulfilled my desire to have sons and daughters who look to me always, who hold their hearts open to truth and desire to walk the straight and narrow way to great blessings of life and eternal favor.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands. psalm19:1niv


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Call To Me, Come To Me, Give To Me

Release the stagnating issues that are brought to your step by unfruitful ones, those whose cores are dark.  They stir with anxiety and corrupt thinking.  They prey on innocent and silly ones who pant for their attention with giggling and squatting at invisible commands.   They have but a moment.

Your prayers and praise I hear and I release those angels who will guard and fight the unseen battles.  I set means and ways to change the path of unrighteous ones who come as lambs yet within they have sharpened fangs.   They will have their reward for injustice, for the harbor of lying spirits, for the abuse of their wicked wills disguised as care and concern.

Be at attention that your words, if spoken, are sure and true.  Be as a dove but ready as a warrior, in so being your softness beckons, a harbor for the lost and needy yet your sword is ready your stance in perfect balance.

Keep your thoughts in line with my words, knowing there are battles to come yet I have already cleared the way, for you have called upon my strength and I have shown you my hand.  I have put victory in your hand, that dark spirits cannot hide, that they flee at your glance, your word, your command, for you have come to me for your strength, you have hidden my words in your heart as great treasure, you have asked for wisdom and knowledge, you have followed the way of my one, a warrior of warriors, king of all.

Call to me all who know there is truth and I will show you even greater truths.  Come to me all for my son beckons across the waters, that you will step out on the waters of your faith and know he has taken your hand.  Come to me all who need comfort, healing, strength, and mighty power, that you might claim the inheritance of power and life with he who stepped just before you.   Give to me your prayers, offer me your praise and I have already saved you from your enemies.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,

and I am saved from my enemies. psalm18:3niv


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To Enter A Room With Power

Care not for those who claim their own glory, for they have their reward.  Care not for those who speak loudly of their accomplishments, who work to cause anxiety that others are drawn to their calamities of their own making.  They have the rewards of all their actions.   Those who rise to publicize the giving out of their wealth, who seek the applause of men, they have already received their reward.

I see the intent of the heart, where actions are motivated.  I know when the hand extends with a secret gift, I know when only love is attached to a gift whether seen or not.  I give to you freely, whether in secret or in they eyes of others.  I would that all see the blessings of a joyful spirit, of one of my glorious ones who shine, to the extent they crave the same fruit and an endless desire for the waters of life.

Offer freely what I have given you, for then you have opened the gates of blessings of such that many barns could not contain even a grain.  Open the flood gate of your hearts, that my love and the power of my love will fill you to overflowing, that others will wonder at the effect you have to walk in their way, to enter a room with power, to greet others with love that emanates to their members and even to the hardened places.

Power of love will change the course of many dark days, it saves the lost sheep, it draws many to the hope, it takes others out of the fray of evil stirrings, it heals hearts and bodies, it offers a better way, for you too sit at my right hand, holding the hand of my begotten who walked on water before you.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



O Lord, by your hand save me from such men,

from men of this world whose reward is in this life. psalm17:14niv


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Words Are As A Net Cast To The Sea

Breathe.  Pray.  Glory in the cast of love, the fulness of the one who has cast the net to draw near those who call upon the lord.   I am  a god of all, I have kept you from the deep and dark places, I have guided your steps that climb the path of life to be at my right hand as my begotten sits at my right hand.    I honor your words of truth for if I did not, what would be the value of truth, and I speak truth always and there is no other way.  What is the power and cast of your words?

Your words are as a net cast to the sea and gathered up again.   What fills your net?  Have you brought in a great bounty that many may sit at your table?  What are the rewards to breathe and pray and speak with holy words?  To cast a net of truth you will capture many hearts.  To cast a net of bitterness, your supper will be bitter, your sleep not sweet.

Crooked words, words of doubt, words of trouble, words that score another, all tear the fibers of your net.  What then will you gather?  What will be the abundance of your day?

Consider this; cast love unannounced,  fill the seas of life about you with words of might, praying for many with power in your breath, then will you have many wonderful moments each day, and moments make a day and make an eternity.

Speak wonderful words with every thought captive to truth and the way to life.   Give of the words of truth and light and you have given the power of my heart, the strength of my love that is not of yourselves but of what I pour out to those who have cast their nets as my begotten showed you the way, and I will fill you with joy and you will taste of my eternal pleasures.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. psalm16:11niv


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The Glory Of My Heart

The land is mine, I formed the land.  I am of spirit that in days and times to come, my saints will see and hear with spiritual eyes and ears and they will know of many things.  They will know the secrets of my universe, the life of life that will be forever for my saints are my delight, they are the glory of my heart.

Take the words of my book for life, take them as the manna in the desert, for they are life, and power.  They are the history of my heart, of my chosen, who lived that you might know of good and evil.  My chosen fell and rose again till the day of the resurrection, that those who chose the way would know of life ever after.

For those who go to other gods, they have severed the cord of the one true god, the cord of spiritual nourishment as no other, even that of babe in its mother’s womb.  They release the way of power that I give to those who seek me early, who call to claim my kingdom, who stand with my holy begotten who leads the way to life and life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

As for the saints who are in the land,

they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight.b

The sorrows of those will increase

who run after other gods. psalm16:3-4niv

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The Effects Of Evil

All must choose the road to take, to each man and woman I give the gift of life and breath to choose life or to choose death.  Would you point the way to evil for those you cherish when you know that is the way to destruction?   Why then walk in the ways and means of evil when it is in your power to change your course, your life.

I give you discernment of evil that you know what lurks in the hearts of men.   If your eye does not see, your heart tells you, if your heart does not tell you, their choice of byways tells you, the fruit of their life tells you.  Stand not in the way of evil for they seek to keep you from peace, their ways subtle, bribing in their actions, they pull you into their secret lives, they give you false honor, they nod with understanding and smile with excitement but for only their own means and care not for you as they portray.

To whom do you submit, he who stirs trouble, he who takes the highest seat without notice, he who keeps you in bondage to his wiles and ways?  If you seek a higher office, a greater reward for your work, knowledge of wonderful things, then follow after those who have gained great reward and honor, who have learned of righteous things and keep them in their heart, who continue to learn and strive and you see their rightful reward.

Walk with those who live lives abhorring even the shade of evil, whose lives are blameless, whose choices are righteous, whose tongues never lie.   Then will the counsel you desire and the rewards of friendship you seek be of strength.  Would a friend who is like a brother cause division?  A true friend will lay down his life for you.  A friend of an honest heart does not act in order to hold your gratitude as ransom.   Who is a true friend, a true brother?  Those whose hearts are for me, those who submit to the words of truth.

Sit not with those who seek to mock, for they take you in and soon your tongue too calls to imperfections of those who pass by.   Are you perfect?  Are those you choose to sit with perfect?  A mocking tongue causes bitterness, it fills your innards with vile contempt, mocking turns to hatred.    Find a place where there are those whose words are like honey, who live joyful lives, who seek to heal, who seek not their own rewards, who love without cause or cost and you will find peace and health.

The words of the wicked whether sweet or course, are seeds of illness and disquietude.   What has your life manifested?  Change your course, find the path of truth and I will keep you from the effects of evil thinking.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


All the works of Lord Jehovah are for those that submit to him, and the evil are kept for the day of evil. prov16:4Aramaic

Blessed is the man that walks not in the way of the evil and does not stand in the counsel of sinners and does not sit on the seat of mockers. psalm1:1Aramaic


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I Have A Plan

I have a plan that the righteous in heart will stand upon the hilltop.  I have a plan that I might save a nation from the battering ram and the seeping sewerage that has fouled the soul of its land.  I blessed many generations when I created the bounty of the earth, when I caused the seas to divide and the dry land to shift into those places I desired, for I knew the destructive forces man would allow into their gardens, that a place be saved for an opportunity of prosperity and peace.

The tides shift with the moon and the turn of the earth.  The clouds hold the rain yet there is no bottom or sides, even the bow of my sky holds many mists and drops of water, turning and alighting within glowing in the light of the sun.  I designed the movements of the earth that breaths and sighs with her mighty shifting plates that caused plains and valleys and mountains.  The wind and the seas have carved stone that you would know my hand.  And for all that I have created, so many stand and claim their own victory.

Victory is from my plan fulfilled when men and women stand for truth no matter what the tides of opinion and flittering visions might say.  Victory is from the mouth of those who speak with the power that created the earth and moon and all the universe for that is the power I give those whose hearts are righteous.

The silvered tongued who know not even their own delusions and lies will fall into the pits they have devised, impaled by the false words they offered, they fall because a house of lies cannot stand, because a house built on shifting sands will be swept away by the tides, even the tides of shifty words meant to misalign are subject to their own storm.

I choose those who will live in the sanctuary, those who have chosen to walk blameless, and who walk in power, and speak with truth always on their lips, for they know I have a plan.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Lord, who may dwell in your sanctuary?

Who may live on your holy hill?

He whose walk is blameless

and who does what is righteous,

who speaks the truth from his heart. psalm15:1-2niv



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Cravings Of The Heart

For what does your heart yearn?  Am I even a portion of your thoughts and ways, you who seek not even my name?  So many are turned to the cravings of their hearts, seeking to please every taste and itch.  They are party to others with greedy strivings, boosting their egos and building their riches on foundations that stand solely on the value of paper.

What are the cravings of your heart of hearts?  Do you long for the fullness of my words, those breathed spires of desire, strength and a deep love that stirs passion for your creator and for the one who walked upon the waters before you?   Have you nourished your soul and inner man with the fruit of my words?  What wonders will you see this day, for I have said, ‘signs, miracles and wonders will follow those who believe’.  For you have sought me first and not the simple desires of the world that often fall away as desirous as soon as they are attained.  These will fall away all.  They will be devoured by moth and rust.  But my words will never fall away and will always be, for truth stands the test of all time and place.

To know the cravings of my heart is to know me in prayer, faith and thankfulness.  Even in the most basic ways, to utter those words, ‘I thank you’, will fulfill my heart’s cause and open the flood gates to the promises of my abundant blessings.  Be fruitful, be health-filled, be prosperous, be joyful, be my special and anointed.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


He boasts of the cravings of his heart;

he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord.

In his pride the wicked does not seek him;

in all his thoughts there is no room for God. psalm9:3-4nlt

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The Work Of Their Hands

Speak to the nations, for the wicked are hiding justice from those it is rightful.   They build towers that award unguarded funds, they heed counselors who together turn hands seeking ways and means of more.  Hidden are the faults, the pitfalls they know, pressing the advantages they have gained through the like minded.   But all falls that has not been built on a proper foundation.  Hope is not an advantage if you have not, with great care, chosen what the cornerstone is of your enterprise.

You must build your home on the foundation of strength and truth that your house stands against all storms.  Your enterprise, your life’s work, your faith, rests on the cornerstone and is not strength of yourselves, but held sure by the unmovable, unshakeable stone.

All reap the rewards of the work of their hands whether in this time or the time to come. God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;

their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.

The Lord is known by his justice;

the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands. psalm8:15-16niv

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Rise Up My Chosen

How much I did offer from the time of the first who were the ones created with spirit, who were like me.  I gave freedom and dominion, yet my special ones chose sin.  I sought through the ages that the seed of my spirit be again united, that I might show you how wonderful all the universe is made for you.  And now I have the seed from the moment of my begotten saw all those things that pertained unto his life and resurrection, that death has been caste off, that life is eternal for those who have chose the path to righteousness.

Rise up my chosen, my special and precious ones, to know who you are in the light of the way of my son.  You too are my seed and inheritance, you have dominion over the fields and all that walks therein, you have dominion over all that grows upon the earth, that you might work and reap and replenish, as I have given authority to my son to whom I have anointed king of all.

Take that which is rightfully yours, for you are my children and all that I offer is yours.  Stand against the tide that threatens to cause sin to be right and right to be wrong.  Stand against those who miss the mark yet they run for great causes in the name of liberalities.

Great is the name of my one, for he rules all.  Great are my chosen and those who have chosen me, for I created all the earth for you.  Through my son I give the power to claim victory, standing together as a great army.  I give you the armies of my powerful angels who rise before, astride and behind you.  They await the horn of prayer.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:  psalm8:4-5KJB

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I Knew You Heard My Voice

I love you, my children my chosen, more than you can know.   My love for you expands beyond the ends of a universe that has no beginning and no end.  My love morphs to power that knows no end.  My words exceed even the stars and the every grain that built the earth, for I did this for you.  And yet even those who sit in darkness devoid of love, sit on the earth that I have formed, and the sun shines on all who rise from their beds to face the day.

What lies in wait for the day you know not, but I see all things, I know all things that can ever be known and will ever be known and I know the direction of a heart, the song of its beating, the pulse of the blood that courses through your veins.  What is the course of the day you ask in your morning devoted to prayer, study and praise?

I honor those who honor me, for honor is as giving.  Honor multiplies and I seek to expound the richness of your day in joy of the day, in accomplishment in your learning, in prosperity in your striving.   My love and the power of my love is the pulse of your day, that you step out into the world and touch even those you know not, for you know the power of spiritual prayer that exceeds your understanding yet you understand there is power.   Many need much prayer and will feel a shift in their soul.  As each drop of water forms the seas, so does each word uttered of prayer fill the void of darkness, in a heart, a pond, an ocean, and even to the vastness of stores beyond the heavens.

You see, we are synchronized in prayer and power and love and honor, through your faith and vision that you know I am with you, that you know the heart of my begotten, for he laid down his life for you and he sits on my right hand and shows you the way.  Know that there are words in my book for life that were uttered and written just for you, as my son knew those written for him.  Find those words and you will find your life’s glory.

English: Heart and Earth

English: Heart and Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find truth for your heart that you stay in step with me, for I am your heavenly father and I waited for eternity till your heart’s first beat and always I cherish that moment I gave you your first breath of life and I knew you heard my voice.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my requests before you

and wait in expectation. psalm5:3niv


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Because You Have Chosen Me

Your prayers are of great worth for they are the portal to my power and heart.  I hear your call when you stand in the gift of light for I shower you with the music of my voice, the strumming of my heart strings.  I offer great and mighty miracles because you have followed me and those signs will follow you.  You are my chosen, my precious ones because you have chosen me.

Call upon me day and night and I am already there, my heaven’s armies abound, for they are ready to do all that I command.  Your strength is in me and you know that so you accept my power and know that it is the seed of eternal strength and power and with it you call to the miracles of strength and healing.

Talk to me and know I answer.  Listen, for I am longing that you hear.  I have given you spiritual eyes and ears that you might perceive the voice that whispers in the spirit, for it is my voice that reaches out, that fills you, that guides and corrects and heals.  It is I who gives you the strength of your words that you claim all in the name of my begotten for it was unto him that I have given authority over the earth and the heavens.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.


But you, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.  I cried out to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy mountain psalm 3:3-4nlt


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A Call To The Battle Lines

This is a call to the battle lines for nations rise up against truth and leaders have come to believe in their own lies and sovereignty and have tossed aside the ways of godliness that they become gods of their own.  What power to they wield except to harvest fear amongst those they attempt to rule?  But have they captured the heart of the people the true symbol of a righteous leader?

The battles are many and the rewards are few, for liberation’s armies arouse, yet they know not that I only could clear the fields of their many battles and cut asunder their enemy.  Yet I look to the purity of their hearts and I am swayed to point my finger to their cause, that freedom might offer the way to eternal life, that my chosen might have the opportunity to offer words of power and love and a better way to the core of truth.

I would that all came to the power of the truth, that my begotten is the king of kings.  I would that all who desire the office of leader look to him and know that a leader is one who serves.  But there are those who will follow the glitter of the crown, the anointment of a worldly power and they know not what calamities they forge ahead.

A wind blows.  It carries the words of diversion, attempting to sway those who know truth to accept the ways of the fallen one.  They are ways of dividing the mind from the heart, they are means of gain but in secret alleys, they are the image of shadows that form to truth but alter and shade meanings till the shadow is the form of reality.

I am calling all who believe with their heart and mind.  The king of kings awaits, my heaven’s leagues await, for the gathering of my cherished ones to the fields, to stand, to wield truth as your sword, to claim the ground upon which you stand in the name of my chosen king.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.



The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together

against the LORD and against his anointed one. psalm2:2nlt


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My Words Are The Waters Of Life

Who are ‘they’ that delight in my words for life?  My chosen, my children who have found the fruit of my words, who hear the cause of true godliness and devour those sayings for their meat.  My words become their establishment, they fill their soul with them, they think upon the hidden and subtle meanings, they taste the many wonders of my thoughts.

You who have chosen the way to truth find many treasures along the path of life but watch with all diligence the wolves that trot and sniff for a faltering step.  Walk with eyes all about that you know when one has slipped in astride, mellifluous that it might even appear as gentle and wise that you follow an undesirable course.

Take my words as manna, nourishment for life, for the gratification of the spirit that hungers for truth, that you manifest fruit in all seasons as those trees whose roots run deep and drink from the river of living waters.  My words are the waters of life.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




But they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night.

They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. Psalm1:2-3nlt


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Time And Life

I wait for the others to come to the gate of my heart, yet they don’t hear me, they hear only the call of the sirens, the beckoning of unrighteous thinking, the noise of much talking about careless things.    There are moments in time when I tie all strings of events and time for a perfect cause, yet I need my chosen to stand ready and be my lips and my hands.  I need those who will rise to the words that I have called as my prophets have heard and have written in my book of time and life.

Time and life are to be understood in the light of the spiritual levels that eyes might not see but will perceive, for even this I give, that you have spiritual sight and hearing and feeling to know what those subtle differences are in right and wrong, and yet subtle they expound to greater, whether right or wrong.   This is a law of my universe, that all expands.

The grand gestures that appear glossy are that and no more.  Worldly, unholy, unhealthy even to the bones, for they covert the inner meanings of those words, that as a vapor of cloud holds great buckets of water, they are scarce yet hold throngs of truth.

What truth do you find in the drop of water?  What secrets are held there as it falls, its surface obliging the air, the leaf upon which it touches, the ground upon which it seeps?  To what do you attribute the strength of a drop of water, that many become such mighty and roaring seas and how do you know the strength of a word, where it falls, where it seeps?  To what other sounds does one word adhere that truths build and expand, taking their place in the air as water takes its place in the sand?    Don’t allow your words to become a vacuum that devours time and life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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The Journey Of Your Day

I am here this day as all the days, and I whisper in your ear.  I walk with you and command my ministering angels to clear the brush from your path.  My heart sings with your prayers and praise for you have turned and heard my voice.  I will guide you to the end of the day and the end of time of which there is no beginning and therefore the end is eternity and eternity is as far as the skies.   I hold back the mass of waters that you have the horizon, I bring the rain that your cattle feed on lush grasses, I increase your increase for you strive to be a worthy workman an industrious work woman.

When you pray for even those who oppose you, who seek to toss a fallen limb in the way of your steps, I have seen the intent of their hearts and I blind them to their folly that you not be harmed or even delayed for a day or a moment in your endeavors.  Pray for your enemies and I am able to divert those flaming accusations, lies that cannot make their mark for I protect you in all of your work and trials.

When you pray in the spirit you strengthen the power that I give, that is eternal, that has no end.  When you give your thanks in the spirit, you have shown your great faith for those words have wings and fly over many waters.   When your faith is sure and purity rules your heart, the flow of power builds and mounts and overflows that the power of my love even covers the dim hearted who would be against you but cannot and those who would rise up to cower you are taken away or diminished before you have even seen their head.

Stay with me on the journey of your day as you reach for wisdom and knowledge and the secrets of my universe, for I delight in giving you great stores of brilliant gems and refined vats of gold and all that pleases the eye and the heart, for those who ask for such as I have to give will be rewarded much.

Search the scriptures every day that I show you the veins of gold hidden in the leaves, the glittering facets that built the foundation of truth and the liquid ruby of blood that nourished the soil that all who know should have the richness of eternal life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


He created the horizon when he separated the waters; he set the boundary between day and night job26:10nlt


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Address Of Power

Oh man of power, he to whom I have given much,  you know that all you have has come from my grace because you have put me before all others, because you have served when I called, you rose to the station of a leader when distress called.  I saved you even before you were in your mother’s arms, for I saw ahead and knew you would commit to me in all your days.

Now, oh man who seeks a grander station, take the reigns of power for I offer them, yet the nay sayers, the swashbucklers seek to your demise.   Stand against the mud slingers who believe in their own ways for they have forsaken truth and power and serve only weakness.  Serve with strength that all rise with strength, to plow a field, to build a mighty road, to reach a hand that seeks a place to toil.

Know that I reach for you, my chosen ones, who seek to lead in service, who hold your hearts humble yet you have much in power, for your words spoken have others to say yes, to rush to handle many rounds and hours of toil and they do so with gratitude and desire, for many things must be done to raise a nation from the edge of many troubles.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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“A Pure Man Inspires Courage”

Whose heart is pure?  Have you searched for such a man, whose heart is a pure sacrifice to me, whose first words are sourced in my own words, whose early morning whispers are in praise for another glorious day no matter where his bed lies?

Do you seek to build another’s faith on the foundation of a rock?  Seek that you purify your own heart, searching your ways and sifting through your thoughts, separating those that be of the world’s influence and those of mine.   Seek to have courage, for if your heart is pure, your courage will build.  If you set your eyes on the courage of my begotten, you will know of the power you wield when your heart is pure and your words are pure.

If you wield the sword of pure words, what have you to fear?  You will be ready in all seasons and all moments.  You will have words of courage to the fearful, you will sanctify your own thoughts and steps that they be strong and sure.  You will lead others in your actions and they will see the strength of faith, they will want your courage for their own.

Do you seek to be a leader?  You must have lived a pure life.   You must have ruled your children well.  You must be steeped in the knowledge that I offer through my many generations, studying diligently those who scaled many mountains and lead many peoples before you.   Look at their strengths and be filled with courage, but also look at their failings, where they had gone astray that you not be fooled to follow wrong roads.

Seek me that I might fill your hearts with courage for I see all hearts and I know all thoughts.  Toss aside those thoughts that discourage and unseat your rest in truth.  Be as my begotten whose every thought and word were of courage and power and truth and compassion, yet he never weakened.

Know that you will rise in your faith and strength, to be a pure man to the encouragement of others and a mighty man who would lead even mighty nations.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


“For a pure man inspires courage, and a mighty man helps others.”Job 11:12 Peshitta

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Hope Must Be Breathed To Life

My power is in your prayers and praise, your actions, the very steps you take and hammer you wield, for you are my tabernacle, my voices in the wilderness.  I call upon all who hear with their hearts, who know the blind are leading the blind, and not head the voices of those who enjoy tattling tales and throwing railing accusations.   The air waves have become the sovereignty greater than the halls of government.  Yet freedom of speech is offered to all, the balance is swayed and many hold their hands over their lips.

The balance has been toppled by the songs of sorcery, the voices of perdition, the desires of freedom having become a toxic tonic rather than a platform for examining truth.   Truth has been set aside for entertainment, for fulfilling the addictions to strife and the stirring, brimming pots of debate.  The heads no longer talk but shriek, to capture the waning attention of the masses, lulled to believing nothing can change for the good except to change through the many avenues of news till finally they hold their hands over their ears.

A complacent field of a nation is most insidious if so many throw down the rag of defeat and hide hoping the end is not near, hoping for a grain to eat, hoping for just another day.

Hope must be breathed to life.  Hope must be the guide to change, to stirring the desires to striving, to building, to accomplishing.  Cut down the cords of taxation that hinders those of entrepreneurial spirit for even the work of so many papers cuts off the growth.  Even your municipalities seek the meager wages of new endeavors.  Would you harvest the fruit of a tree before it has grown?

Open the roads to expansive thinking, that the many great minds and ideas of a great nation exceed to prosperity.  The rules of inheritance are onerous, a form of taxing that weakens families.  The open handed policy of welfare must be stopped, for it only encourages idle hands.  He who is able must work.  Take care of those who cannot care for themselves, for this is right, but there are many tangled cords to undo.

Neglect not the armies, whether to defend or to build great highways of productivity.  Those who seek a place in your nation should contribute not take.  Offer work programs geared to rewards of citizenship and education not an open hatch that your hard built prosperity be eroded, then you will attract those who hunger for knowledge and a chance at those things good for the hands and the heart of men and women, the chance to labor and enjoy the fruit of labor and the sleep of hard work.

Protect your farm lands, for they are your great asset, your way of independence from the onerous yokes of other nations.  Protect your waters, that they never be given away but held always in public domain.  Protect your resources the same way, for these too are for the good of the nation.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



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A Message To A Leader

I hold accountable those who profess their skills but allow worldly concerns to topple their accomplishments.  You must stand against the tides of those who gather to shake your foundation, for if you allow the waves to enter and infect your core, you have not held up to the precepts I have offered.   To be a leader with the infinity of Christ, you must commit your works, your steps and words and daily devotions to me.   Do not allow the voices of hate to scatter your words and reactions, for those show in many ways upon your countenance.

You have taken only tentative steps and now must make grander gestures and speak with a voice of great depth, understanding and power.  Have you taken the moments to allow me to guide your breath?  You have abandoned the richness of your time in prayer, study and praise for the cycles of your brand and your need to scurry to the next podium.

Many will offer the power and moments of their prayer for a true leader, one who will put me first and not the voices of pundits, one who will hold the value of one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all as the creed to renewed justice.  Call upon the power that I have given, one that is not of yourselves for truth and power is of me, and I will answer you.  I will guide you.  I will send my mighty angels to prepare the way that one will rise to lead a great nation to health and prosperity.

Admit this to the nations, that my nation of freedom hungers for a voice to be raised for freedom.  That all who come to drink of the fountains of living waters might find a flowing river free from debris, that all who work what is right with their hands be rewarded with the fruit of their labor.  Those whose hands are idle, holding back their strength for illicit reward, with the same will I reward you, whether in this time or the time to come.

Now is the time for repentance of worldly sins and lustful desires, that men and women who have committed to the promises of life built on the foundations that I set with my begotten, the cornerstone, must stand together united as I brought you together, and show the strength of your unions that the children know the beauty and elegance of two who work and breath as one, for this is the forecast of the bride and groom of my church, that body of those who make up the great tabernacle.

A nation will rise within the toppling nations.  Leaders will rise who hold to truth, whose words and actions are torches that burn with truth and light the way to the way.  There are some who will rise even within the burning nations where violence and fear are the ways of those despots and who follow the ways of evil critters.

You nation of free will, you have turned from truth and yet you have the safety of the mighty waters as your walls, you have great abundance in the lands that I formed and yet you give away its bounty to the greedy hands of a few.  You are a nation of many nations and yet you have forgotten your own ancestors.   Do not close your doors but open your palms to those in great desire to come and plant seeds and see the fruit of freedom to work and receive the rewards of striving.

Change the course of the greedy rivers, whether of great heads of commerce that laws are constructed for their reward, or the laws of idleness that has created a vast ghetto of unlearned in the value of labor.  Take care of the elderly for their sweat is in the soil.  Teach and train and build armies from those who come, that they too might add to the soils of abundance and know they are a part of the process and not of the problems.

A great and fearless leader is needed to lead so many great peoples from so many lands that my name not be forgotten, that truth no longer be trampled and tarred, that the laws I spoke through my begotten be upheld, the you love me and love your neighbor upon which all else is held.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Wake up! Strengthen what little remains, for even what is left is almost dead. I find that your actions do not meet the requirements of my God. Rev3:2 niv


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Stand On Solid Earth

There are many forces that shift the earth, even the growth of tender blade of grass pushes the soil.  Heat and energy stir deep within, even connecting one shifting continent to another.  The foot falls of armies change the dynamics of the earth, whether of man or of the ants, the armies of which alter and move many lands.  All is moving and shifting, the thrust of mighty trees, the penetration of rock by softer roots, the wind that carries the flocks that carry the seeds.  Change and movement is a part of my earth.

I made you from the essence of the earth, your physical bodies that have become the tabernacle of my essence, that of power and love.  Imagine the power of love if you could but imagine even the slightest shift of a handful of soil, each grain against the other, rolling, shifting, allowing the sprouting of many seeds.

And I have given the bounty of all that my earth might produce, for food, refreshment, bounty, building, and for the delight of the eyes and the senses.  There is the music in the tumbling of the sands and pebbles along the shore, the wind through dry grasses, the song of many creatures tiny and mighty.

The earth moves and transforms and always heals from the many destructions and abuses and will offer much more if only my lands were cared for.  Take only and eventually my soils and waters will no longer give unless there is a great shift; stewardship of man or the great turning of massive plates to alter the scape from east to west.   Replenish is to give back to the soil, to allow rest in wearied fields that in all seasons you have plenty.  Your bodies too are made to work then to be restored, for they are of the earth, but days of rest have been turned to the constant drum of commerce, that hearts do not slow to restore their strength.    But I offer rest for your bodies, your hearts, the spirit that flows and rejuvenates in your bodies, my creations where I plant the seeds of my spirit to flourish within you.

Rejoice in the spirit and allow it to flourish as a seed that grows, a seed that perpetuates love and power and the birth of strength in another and another.   And I will see that increase is mighty, that replenishment is always, that growth is eternal, that change and shifting is of harmony and expansion and that always you stand on solid earth.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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The Reigns Of Power

Have you taken the reigns of power that the enemy be forged into dust?  I have given the implements of strength.  Take those things you have learned and press toward the mark of power for I have given you power that is of me.  Be not frightened of fragile words spoken by the ignorant, fend off words of incisions that you not be cut for you have the sword of strength.  Your words of prayer will avail much.  Your faith in me will keep you from the ignoble who seek to stir division even within those who share ties.

Stay firm in the battles that rage about you for you are in the midst of a calm, your faith restoring any ruffles, or surges that attempt to lash at your confidence knowing your confidence is in me.   Keep yourselves from the washes of social arrays, yet you step with the witches you hold yourselves from their endeavors for you are in the world but not of the world.   Mingle yet do not mix that you would find those open doors to pour truth into the tar of lies.

At times you turn that your true light be dimmed to those who refuse a pure light that they know not your endeavors for why cast a pearl before one who would trample such wisdom and knowledge, yet you might offer words cast in a worldly light yet it holds pure truth and some eyes will flutter for the words hit a place of yearning.

There are times and seasons, time to speak forth with bubbling enthusiasm and exciting bounties of knowledge.  There are times to hold back, trickling seeds that one might follow without knowing you have taken them to a greater place.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” Nehemiah4:14niv


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A Breath Of Prayer

There are times and seasons for those things that I set, for those things that I direct when you have come to me and offered your open palms.  There are hours of the day when the world sleeps that you might turn in your beds and open your hearts and know that I am calling.  Did you hear my voice, did you feel my breathing?  I stand beside you side, I await your first waking moments.

Give to me what I wait to offer to you, a breath of prayer in those quiet moments when no one else stirs, private moments that fill a longing, that calms the stirring of your soul.  Breathe my essence, it is life and it is the holy power I offer.  Didn’t I show you in the chronologies when I sent the fire of my breath to accept those sacrifices that were given with pure hearts, cleansed hearts when my chosen poured out their sins and asked for forgiveness, golden hearts that opened to accept my hand of love?   Yes, I accepted their love even in the fields of their sin as I accept yours even when you have slipped from the truth.

Now I offer this season, one of grace that you have accepted truth, yet the full truth is veiled by the mists of reason, questioning of faith, division even of hearts that stutter.  Take on the full anointment that you rise up, not scattered, not trodden, not poor, not sick, not ignorant, not weak for I abhor weakness when you have ability and strength in your loins, yet I hold you able.  And for those who rest on the strength of others yet you have strength, you have withheld your abilities from me and I can only give where there is giving, for that is the syntax of life.  And for those whose hands hold those in frailty, I give you honor and life’s abundance.

I bless as I am able though I long to bless in great stores.  Your life’s blessings rest in your palms; your work, your drive, your inquisitiveness of life’s qualities and secrets and knowledge.  I bless as you ask and receive.  I bless as you open your doors your windows to my heaven’s bounties.  I bless as you open the book of life’s words and make them the fruit and sweetness of your day.  I bless as you sing your prayers and praise in the spirit, as my chosen in the chamber first uttered the voices of praise in the many tongues.  Your breath in the spirit is life to me, is blessings to me, is the reason of my love to you for you have heard and believed.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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I Always Was And Always Will Be

I speak through many voices, that the true words emerge into manifestation, that my children, my holy chosen, know my vision, know my words that have manifested into true and pure light, know that the power I give is for you to manifest, that the words I have spoken are to show you that your words are to be spoken with power and might and that you know the manifestation of that which you say.    I am your great and heavenly father and formed you that you would be the great tabernacle of who and what I am, that you be my holy children to whom I offer the inheritance of all that I am, love and power and might, that you would know the great hidden truths and the knowledge,  the power of your words for you have my holy spirit that is eternal in time and place and power.

I am your great and holy and exalted father in heaven and I created all the heavens and the earth that even the stars each have been born that your nights hold the great abundance of what I am.  I created all the galaxies that you would know my great and infinite power and love for you, for you to be my holy and extinguished children, that you would know the words that I have formed in breath and in the presence of my power that I laid upon the heads of the prophets and those whose breath was for me that I might commune with those who had no hearing and had not sight would hear and believe if but for a moment of great and powerful miracles.  I laid heavy laws upon the heads of my chosen tribes, that they would come to the knowledge of the truth, that sin be forgotten yet they sinned.  I wove the blood of the great sacrifice into the words of my prophets, that in latter times, great knowledge would emerge of the unbroken thread of truth till that day my begotten knew who he was from the power of the scriptures and believed who he was and why he was begotten, and chose to lay down his earthly life in torture, not of the body, but of his groanings in the spirit, for he knew that he was my begotten and that he would would fulfill the law and the last sacrifice.  Through him, you now have sight, you now have hearing, you now have an open door to heaven that I might have a true relationship with you, that of a mighty father and you my lovely children.

You speak to me in prayer and requests and now you hear me for I speak always and I long that you offer your prayer and praise, knowing you have my essence within you, my seed, for you too have been begotten in the baptism and birth of the spirit, the spirit that has risen again and returned to its rightful place, in the tabernacle of your heart and love. And I have given this great and mighty gift to you that you might be as my one, and stand with him in glory and power and might.

I give you power to speak and your words will form into great spires of truth, I give you power that you be my hands and my feet and take truth and love to all the corners of the earth.  I have given you that power that creates all that is good that you might be beacons of love and light and offer the gifts of healing whether to health of a broken bone or to the healing of broken hearts and even unto the broken nations.   I call you out, my children, my holy chosen ones, who stand with honor with my son to whom I have given great authority and under whose feet is all the worlds, that you follow his way, that he knew I was his heavenly father and did those things that I directed that even his words were first breathed by me.   I give you strength to cast demons into the endless sea of darkness and to be chained for eternal damnation.  I give you power of your breath, that your blood pulse with the oxygen of life that is of my breath, that your words be manifested, that you prosper as proper children of the one great God and stand and be heard and be strength to the weak and be an example of one who believes and show your faith in the light by the way in which you live.

Call to those things that ought to be that they become.  Strive to perfection, to knowledge, to manifesting the great power and always honoring me in all you do and say, for I am the one and true God and there are no other gods, and I always was and always will be.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


“Be therefore, Godlike, as beloved children.” Eph5:1 Peshitta

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Standing With Him In Words And Power And Might

Words are the beginning.  With what words of stone have you built your house, the foundation of life?   I have given you much in instruction for righteousness and the rewards of living as I have set the foundations of the earth.  I have shown in those, my chosen of the chronologies, the rewards of honoring truth and the law.   And yet for all that I have done, so many hear the voices of perdition louder than the voices of truth.

What are the voices of truth and how do you discern what is righteous in my sight and what is the overlaying grayness that obscures truth, alters it to other meanings, causing slippery steps on a path that turns from the peak of the mountain top to the dung hills of many sins.

You must clear your vision with words that speak of creation.  Start with the beginning when I laid the foundation of a great truth, that of the power of words.  ”I said…” and the vibration of true words, words on the wings of my breath, caused the light where darkness had embraced.  What are the words you utter?  Are they words of power and love and truth?  Do they divide what is the refuse of raucous living to what is life filled with light?  What you think and say becomes the road you travel.   The vibrations of your thoughts manifested into words draw to you waves of the same strength and weight and fulfill themselves.   Have you spoken of hate or of love?  Have you built your house in the service of me, your God, who longs for your obedience to the law of love and power?

Your house is your life is my tabernacle, my holy of holies and where I long to make my abode that I might be your loving God and that you step in line to the inheritance of my begotten, standing with him in words and power and might, for I given the gift of my power that all may live abundant in the might of my power, giving honor and glory to me, that you shine as beacons in the cruel and dark world where evil lurks and seeks to be as gods, devouring the simple minded, perverting the innocent, killing the strong who have lost knowledge.

But know that you have the seed of eternity held within the tabernacle, that evil has already been conquered yet it flails its spiked tail and sends its disharmonious armies to disrupt.

Stand with the shield of your faith for you know who is your god and you know who is your warrior of warriors, the King of all, who has conquered all, to whom I have given the reigns of life and life.  To him give honor to me your words of prayer with praise and thankfulness in his name for he lived, and shed his blood and rose to my calling to be my words in manifestation.  Whom will you serve this day?   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


  • Choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the LORDJoshua(24:15).


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I Have Given You Much

What is the darkness of the heart, crying in the secret of the night?  For whom do the lost call out, when they have no thoughts of a heavenly god?  Who hears these anguished ones, lost in the trials of a worldly calm that offers no redemption, no reward of a holy spirit?

Your spiritual eyes are open that you might pray for those things you know not, of the lost, the wandering blind in the desert.   Your eyes are open and I give you much reward though you see and feel the jagged edges of a wounded heart.

Pray and pray again that the wounds heal, your voice a vibration that soothes, your words not to cut but to seal.  For I have given you much, and I offer more.  A full pouring out of my eternal love, an inextinguishable fire of power and you will cause great miracles of healing and health to the bones and souls, for I have given you much.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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My Words Sing

There are many words to breath, to expel, to build.  To cleanse your thoughts that they line up with truth.  Vibrations, harmonies, harmonics, that is the fruit of meditations, the spirit in.  I call to you that my words harmonize, they sing within your bones your blood, offering health and strength.  My words vibrate with my voice, that your heart beats with my breath, that you know it is I who made you.

Breath is the gift that I gave that you would have life, and I gave you choice of your will, that you follow your desires or that you follow your heart.  I am in your heart, if you hear me.  Desires are of the world’s fulfillment or they are of the fulfillment that I offer in my breath, my spirit.  The choice always is in your hands, your lips, and the fruit that is there of.

What are the fruit of your words?   Are you building life, prosperity, love?  Do your words vibrate with truth?  Speak as I, as my begotten showed in truth in power.  Lead as you walk the path of your days, humble yet sure, knowing that your strength and power is  of me, my spirit.  Allow all you do to be from the core of the power that works in you.  It is I.  I will lead you to many waters.   Sing inside in prayer and praise. Sing outward in prayer and praise.  Set to motion the many voices of the spirit, vibrations of prayer and praise in the spirit, in motion, in glorification, in manifestation, in words that build and unite and separate, as the waters that rise and divide and unite again.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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The Fountain Of My Spirit

Speak that the words of my spirit pour forth, that others will see your force, the power of your faith.  Speak that others will see the many signs, miracles and wonders that follow your steps and your words, for you speak and walk in the light about you and by the beacon that shines from within you, that your fellowship is the living eucharist.

The fountain of my spirit is the place of eternal blessings, that I bless the seed of life within you, which is of eternal life.

Know this.  Your baptism of fire is your anointment so you may enter the holy of holies, my kingdom, that you claim in the name of my begotten.  Know the ways of him and you will know the way.

The fountain of my spirit is the fountain of eternal life, the pouring out of my endless love and passion for my children, that each of you rise up to be strong no matter your place, knowing you have a place in my heaven.

When you pass those who thirst, offer the waters of life, for you are my vessel of blessings, my chosen, my children.  Feed the poor in spirit with the bread of life.

Ask and I will show you how.   God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:Isa44:3KJB
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The King of Kings

Who has risen?   Only one true king of kings has been born, has sacrificed for all till death.  Who has risen again that he might lead.  Who is the King of kings?  King of all, for I grant what I will and to him I have granted authority over all.

For whom will you caste your nets?  And for whom will you pledge your allegiance?  Will you bow to the greedy ones, or rise, a nation within many, servants of the one true one, the King of all the heavens and the earth?

My appointed one is calling you, “Come, all who are burdened.”  He seeks those who hear his voice, who seek the comfort of his rest, who long for the blessing of his eyes.  He has given what I asked, for he turned to me always and believed all my words, being the manifestation of my word, not choosing only the easy ways, but all ways that led to his eternal anointment.

Whom will you appoint king of your nations?  There are many nations of the earth but only one nation that rises out of all.  There are many kings but only one who is king of the one nation.  With whom will you stand when the names are called?  To whom do you bow your knee today and what about the last day when every knee shall bow?

Call for a leader who will bow to the king of kings, for he is one of those who will hear my call, who will caste the burdens of his nation to the one, who will seek and ask for my wisdom and knowledge and I will raise up these to be glorious yet they will give the glory to me for they are humble yet wise, they are weak yet strong.  These leaders are of my vine, their names written in the book of eternal life.   Seek that these become the leaders of your nations and even to your holy nation, for you are in the world but not of world.

Pray for those whom I trust just as one who is given to guide and protect the sheep.    Pray for your leaders who seek me before the sun rises and under the sun rays, and by the lights of the night sky, and I will protect them and multiply their rest and the labor of their tasks, for they seek the voice of my one, the King of my heart.  Pray they know the many truths, and do as he, casting away the evil one, honoring me the one true God, honoring every word of truth, studying and preparing, healing the sick and raising the dead as when he does to call all those to the eternal city.  Leaders, follow in the way of the King.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Mat11:28nlt
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Expand The Power Of Your Spiritual Mind

I will show you, I will reveal myself to you, for in your searching I open the vaults of treasures.  You seek wisdom and you shall find the gold of its heart.  Seek wisdom and with it you will grow, seek knowledge and with your increased knowing you will expand the capabilities of your spiritual mind.  Try me, for I cannot speak words that are not promises and I cannot hold promises that are not true.

I love the joy of my own seeking to be as me for I am your father creator who seeks to fill your mind.  I thrill to the comfort you find in the voice of my begotten, the strength you seek in doing those things he did, for didn’t he say “even greater things”.   Believe my words of my book for life and living in the realm of spiritual grace and power, what many might hesitate to call supernatural for it is of faith in those things you see not but believe and I am not seen yet I am for those with a spiritual mind, eyes and ears.

I speak in many voices and I show you many dreams, for each sees and hears in their particular ways.  And always I am thrilled for those moments of connection, my spirit to my spirit within  you that stirs with anticipation for my fellowship and strength and peace.

Are you yearning for my great cloak of surety?  Do you long to soar as the eagles?  Have you an inkling of the spiritual warriors who ride on my gladiator horses through centuries and galaxies, holding their swords of power that might divide even the day from the night?  Have you imagined the speed of the stars in flight?  The burst of a new sun born?  I will show you the treasures of my universe, an endless sea of bounty and eternal life.

Expand the power of your spiritual mind as my mind expands, as my universe expands and increased wisdom and knowledge will fill your pockets with many fruits of gold and gems and all I have for you to live in a wondrous, power filled, abundant eternity.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Words For Power

Hear and know my words.  I inspire those who seek me.  Haven’t the words of my book for life been written and men were moved by the spirit, some upon and later within.  Now you have the spirit within, you have power at the tip of your tongue, power for life and power for words that destroy unto death.

What words for power have you prayed?  What words for power have you offered in praise and thanks that I pour out greater pleasures of the spirit in joy and peace?  If all words you think and say be of righteousness, your life will be abundant in power, in faith, and in the signs, miracles and wonders that will follow.

Think words of power as I would speak, be as me for I am your father in heaven.  Words of power are as my begotten speaks, filled with wonder of healing, filled with knowledge and wisdom because he trusted in me and knew his words held the power of life and death even to his own life and offering of his blood and knowing and speaking of his new body and the eternal gift.

The righteous words of power you hold and speak forth are inspired by your faith, your dedication to living the words of power.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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I Hear Before You Call

I am here, I hear you call.  I keep you close in times of disturbance, in war, in storms that I form that the enemy be swept away.   I hear your heart and know before it  quickens, and I am there before you even call.

What am I?  Do you feel me, do you know me, do you hold me?  You hold me in your prayers. You know me in your praise, you feel me in your heart of of hearts.  What am I?

I am the creator of the heavens and the earth.  I always was and will always be, but what I am to you?  I am and I have made you.  I am and  I offer my soul, that which is my spirit, holy, powerful, eternal, to you, to manifest in the stormy seas, the battles, the glories of life, the beginning and end of life eternal.

I know the rocky paths, the stormy seas, the mountains before you, and I know you will step forward and I have caught your feet, you have walked upon the waters and I have kept you above the storm, you looked to the mountain top and I have lifted you on the wings of eagles.

You know what power I have given you, that you claim all glory unto me, that all will know who and what I am.  If you but stir the power in your words, your steps, your vision and your thoughts; if you but hold the words of power and thrust them forth in the seas of war, that waters be divided, that the earth be sanctified, that even the marrow be separated from the bone, I will show you greater moments, many moments, eternal moments that string together as the stars, the galaxies, the universes, linked forever and ever.

I will that you come through the name of my begotten, the way of truth and light, the path of love and power of my might.   I hear before you call, I am your refuge because you trust in me.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The LORD is good,

a strong refuge when trouble comes.

He is close to those who trust in him.

8But he will sweep away his enemies

in an overwhelming flood.

He will pursue his foes

into the darkness of night. Nah1:7-8nlt


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“Come” For He Is Calling

Have you been moved by the spirit, have you stirred the power that I have given, that you do as my begotten for he showed you the way.   He has his hand held out, that you might walk on the waters though storms arise, and waves break, he will keep you sure.

Come.”  Doesn’t he call you now, to cross the stormy seas for there are many who flounder, gasping for breath that they hold your hand to safety.

Do you hear the crying hearts, lost, dazed, sinking into seas of false desire, bondage to addictions, bondage to bills that can’t be met as usury mounts and can’t be sustained?  What words of comfort have you offered, yet these are soft, they float away.  How much more strength will words of truth build believing.  Look at the words of my son, “wherefore didst thou doubt?”  Words to convict a heart with truth.  ”Come.” One word of command that even with little faith Peter still stepped off onto the unruly sea, the hand  to be held to safety reached out.

To whom have you reached out your hand, to whom have you offered one word that convicts and not hide behind many of comfort that last but a moment?

Look and be moved with compassion for those who suffer and are tossed about by every wind.  Seek and you will find those who will take your outstretched hand.  Be moved with compassion that you heal the sick and save the drowning.  Walk in the steps of my begotten for he is showing you the way to call to others.  ”Come.” for he is calling you.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. mat14:14


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Storms Are Rising

Storms are rising.  Clouds gather at quickening paces, mounting, stirring, drawing in many drops of water, many heaves of dust.  Darkness is hovering, filled with the drops of sin, small lies, grave killings, cursings that sway and cast bitter rain.   Many storms are rising from small and great lands, from poor and from prosperous places.   Storms are rising as the poor struggle to call to their kings of bitterness, that their curses be lifted and their yokes be broken.

Kings of the world are turning from the voices of anguish.  They call to their commanders to trample, with swiftness, those of the rising.  They hide behind brittle walls of security and false words of ambassadors’, but I see them quivering and yet they count their fortunes and map their way to a safe haven, in hopes the storm will pass.

The great storm that is rising, stirring at the horizon of my universe, will turn over every stone and reveal every sin, and none shall hide.  A great sound of trumpets will call that even the dead shall rise, that all will see the coming of the end of times and the edge of eternity, yet not all will be called to cross from one side to the other.

Where will you stand when the great storm rises, when the King of kings gathers those who are willing to cross to other side, who will relinquish the heaviness of their sins and know my forgiveness is as vast as the oceans?

Who will be those rising from bowed knee when they hear their name?  They who called upon the name of the son to whom all power of the storm was given.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



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Did You Hear His Voice?

Hear me now, for I am your God.  Heed not those voices of the sentries who guard the secrets of truth.  Hear me for I will keep you from the edge.  Hear the voice of my son who called that you might follow, who spoke that you would hear, who offered himself that he would lead to the way of eternal life, whose life and death and life tore open the veil that all who believe may enter the sanctuary.  Did you hear his voice?

He calls from the words of life, he speaks of life and the comforter.  His tears burn at the loss of just one.  The angels soar on his command.  The devils scatter at his stern eye.  Did you hear him claim victory? Did you see his words of promise and protect them as a sentry, that the power of your faith filled words conquers all.

Hear the spirit call, for it is me, offering you the power of my heart, that you love others though they be opposed to the words that cut to the quick of their heart.   Hear my whisper my shout, for I will direct you.  Hear the voice of the king, that you follow through the narrow way that leads to righteousness, for those who hear will have everlasting life.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


And I assure you that the time is coming, indeed it’s here now, when the dead will hear my voice–the voice of the Son of God. And those who listen will live. John5:25nlt


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Listen To The Words For Life

Listen.  Be still to hear my voice, yet I speak in the turmoil and noise of life.              Listen.  Whether the air be still or reverberating with chaos, I am calling to you.        Listen.   I will show you where to stand in the light.                                                           Listen to the voice that rings with truth and turn from the voices of the world that beckon with sweets and tempting treats.

Listen to the beat of your heart not the beating of drums to the idol gods.   Listen to the words you speak from your own lips, that you know whether you choose words of life or words of death.

Listen to the words for life that I have written in my book, that you might find the treasures of life and godliness.   Listen for the words of my chosen one, who heard all the words of my book for life.   Listen and believe that you manifest as he did, all the wonder and power of my blessings, in the mantle of eternity, in the power of the words of your lips, and that others might listen, hear, believe and be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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What Rewards From Heaven?

What are the rewards you seek for being in the world?  What seeds have you planted that you expect great fruit, yet you seek for others to hold the water pails, never relinquishing the sweat of your brow for the balance of offerings to those who are feeble?  You heap not coals on the heads of even those of the same blood, instead you seek to add to the weight of their tasks that your task be to hold of a pail of feathers.

What rewards have you sought from your father in heaven who sees the tails of your flight from doing what is right in my sight?  I know what you are able to offer, that the weight be not bending the back of others, yet you close your eyes, you close your purse, you claim fantom pains that you save your own selves.

I have hoarded rewards that my heavens can longer hold, for so few have found the key to my heart, that I long to offer all that I have, which is of eternal bounds, to my children who hear, and listen and speak truth.  I will pour out my eternal blessings for those who stand for liberty of love, who shirk not the responsibilities of a life for offering joy and peace to those who whose steps are shortened, whose hands shake.

If you have turned from those whom I cherish when you had the power to stand to the precepts I have set, you will be left to wonder why I have turned from you.  I have not turned from you but you have said ‘no, give me no reward’, when you said, ‘no’ to protect your own defense, when you said, ‘no’ to a lack that might be a sacrifice to fill, and when you walked with puffed up pride that you stood fast to say, ‘no’.  You have gained those rewards of your own.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Gifts Of The Spirit

Hear me.  Know the voice of the spirit.  It is I.  I call from the heavens and from the depth of the seas of life.  I call that my chosen rise.  I call that you stand before my begotten who has shown you the causeway to a city of light.   Stand to be counted and cower not at the calamities that cause division.  I have given you discernment of spirit that you know the lie from the truth, that you see the fruit born.  I have given you the gifts of healing that you call to those who waiver, who fall, who bleed from the ills of their cherished life.

Offer the bread of life, the healing words of the new covenant.  Share the voice I have given, words to be salted and of truth.  Speak only that which builds life or destroys strongholds of lies.  Speak boldly for reason of truth, yet you disguise your ways when negotiating the formats of commerce, and crooked byways, walking circumspectly, being wise yet gentle, humble yet holding great strength.

I have given you the power of miracles, that you might move with the freedom of rejoicing angels, soaring above the the mountain peaks as I lift you on the wings of eagles.

Hold fast, for I take you to places of great rejoicing, to the depths of hearts hurt, to the sanctum of my peace, to the expanses of my loving truth.   Be prepared in the spirit, ready as warriors of war and peace, for my son came not that there be peace but that there be an end to the war on life.   Through his shed sacrifice, you have been given all the power of spirit, to heal, to call to miracles, to speak forth in tongues and prophecies and knowledge and wisdom, building a shield of faith, wielding the sword of division of life and sorcery. God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. 8For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; 9To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; 10To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:11But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. 1cor12:7-11KJB

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Love Me And You Will Know Me

Did you hear me call today?  I saw your dreams and counted your breaths.  I watch for you to turn and know that I am listening, waiting for your voice to ascend.   I see your movements and know your desires.   Look to me this day, allow me to fill your senses that I be your everlasting god in heaven.  Allow the fruit of my words to nourish you that all you crave is my spirit, my love.

Love me and you will know me.   Know me and you will know my love is eternal, it opens, and expands that you cannot know its depths.  Be filled to overflowing that you love with a godly love, not of yourselves but of all that I offer, blessing with words and the silent prayers for those who hunger, thirst, and need healing.

Understand that my love draws many, as you pray in the spirit for the hearts and souls of others.  Allow your words to be motivated by love and truth, not seeking to satisfy worldly disturbances.  Sing with the spirit if even silent, a voice of thanksgiving that your joy be the joy of others, your fullness be the healing of wounded hearts and decimated lives.   Save a heart and you have saved many.

Scatter seeds of truth.  Some will flourish others are fallen away.  You will know.

I give you a voice that harmonizes and vibrates to the marrow of longing.   Those who desire your words are seeking and flutter at the sounds that ring of truth, words that stir, histories that reverberate, the gospel that sings loud, a love that opens the gates of knowledge and eternity.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Live The Words

Go to the words of life, the histories written by those whom I moved, who heard my voice.

Open my words and I will open the fortresses of your minds that you see what I have woven, hidden threads of knowledge and wisdom.

Hear my words and know I am.  Know you not that I have been always and I set in order the waters and the many stars.  I set the earth to orbit and spin.  I planted many seeds, some that have come to be and others that have not yet revealed their flourish.

Search my valleys and climb the peaks of mountains, and yet for all the glory you will find, and all the abundance that I have placed there, none compares to what you will find in the peaks and valleys of my words of life.   Hidden are the rhythms of life, of breath.  Waters of life flow free for these words hold the mysteries of eternal life.

Also I have painted the fall and redemption and all the many generations I brought out of anguish, desolation and the fruit of their sins.  I blessed many kings yet again and again they sought their own destruction when they turned from the knowledge kept sacred.  The fall and redemption is of many generations and is of the span of a day.

Hold to the knowledge I offer, adding to its power daily, for knowledge is a powerful brother.   Ask for wisdom and all the wisdom of the generations is at your call.   Acknowledge the one king who turned not from my directions, who spoke and acted for the good for mankind his greatest desire, knowing from the book of words who he was and how many would follow in his steps.

Know who you are, anointed ones, brothers and sisters of the king of kings.  Know that many will follow in your steps as you live the words and show the way to the king who shows the way to the eternal city.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Uzziah sought God during the days of Zechariah, who taught him to fear God.b And as long as the king sought guidance from the LORD, God gave him success. 2chron26:5


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The Force Of Resistance

Resistance is a force that the enemy uses to wear at the foundation of truth.  You see resistance in those close, who know your life and your ways and yet there is an urging that turns them aside, not wanting to show the gratification of all you have endeavored even when it has become your life.

They know the demon of resistance, yet they allow its ugly tail to undermine your words and your actions.  They are more satisfied at another’s stumbling than gain toward a godly life.   What is the seed of resistance but a thorn in the day?  Your battles are always spiritual and only where there is even just that small space in the armor of your faith, that is where the arrow will find its way, to annoy, to dismantle, to argue, to hold you to worldly commons.

But you are a chosen not of the world.  Yet you stand with the king of kings you are humble, yet you are humble, you are wise and you are the ones who hold the great power of truth.  Allow not gilded words to sway you or pointed words to be a missal against you because you have the shield of faith that quenches all the adversary attempts to use against you.

There are many shades of resistance, some who enter know the weak points and seek to take your place, planting honeyed words that are the disguise of fomenting seeds of derision.   Resistance to truth can be shown in feigned innocence.  Resistance works in those whose true value is only for their own accomplishments and raising themselves far above their place.  They use beguiling spirits to gather whom they desire in their court of self pleasures and self perpetuation, all for self.  Be not entranced by their bewitching ways.

You have the weapons of defense.  Hold always to the faith of those things you have learned, standing sure against the jagged waves meant to unseat, unsettle and steal away the unlearned.  Press forward with a solid wall of spiritual resistance with the force I give which unseats all other.  Then will the enemy flee.   God’s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet

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The Stirrings Of Inspiration

What is your inspiration?  Do you stir to create, paint, write, build, invent, make music?  Or have your desires been idle, languishing in the array of a life that drives you to relentless tasks and brought to the demands of others?

Life is filled with the complications and fears of those about you.  The vitality of your day is siphoned by the drumming aspects on your time and your energy.  Then what happens to the stirrings of inspiration when the end of day fatigue is greater than the ability to lift a hand to those things you so long to do.

Inspiration is but a moment, a seed to the full manifestation of your ideas.   You must seize the moment of inspiration that those fleeting thoughts not be lost in the whirlwind of your life.  You must also find peace in the storms and I show you the way.

Seize your day upon awakening, I am calling you from sleep.  There are precious moments of the morning, as the fleeting drops of inspiration, as the sweetness of dew, delicate and glittering in the web woven before the rising sun.    Do you hear your name as you float upon your dreamy mind?  I am calling you to rise, to hold those quiet moments dear, for they are precious and lovely then melt away.   I am calling you to hold up those moments to me, your first of the day, to pray and give thanks so that I could shower you with blessings and show you the way to see the fruit of your inspirations.

Write your thoughts in words.  Didn’t I have mine own words blazed into stone, written by many hands, that you could know my ways?   What are the ways that you will fulfill the destiny of your desires?  Find those and write your goals.  How will you hold the inspiration that seems to vanish too soon?  The forward momentum of your desire turns your ideas into motion, then form.   Look at your days.  How do you allocate the space of your day?  With a long day’s work to please others and be at their call?  If you hold frustration, the fruit of your energy is already decayed.  Work heartily as unto me for then the gate is open for me to bless all that you do each day.  My spirit working within you will be recharging you rather than draining you.

How do you spend your evening hours?  Cease the chattering of no avail.  Close the door to enmity that filters through the screens of entertainment.  A meal to celebrate the day is hearty for the soul, but be cautious of over indulging and save moments to take a step to your goal.   Steps add to steps and grow.  And I will bless your steps that your time and energy be multiplied.  Start with these steps and I will show you even greater things, I will multiply even your inspiration.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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Go. Offer Hope

Go to the cities, go to the valleys, go to all the corners of the earth where there are people who hear but do not understand.  I appoint some who find the wicked in behavior but have not a cruel heart.  Turn them back in the direction of light.  Others plant seeds where there was never any knowledge, stepping in unknown terrains even to the risk of fallout from officials who resist change and truth.  And I have chosen those who speak to the believers who have lived many lies believing them to be truth.

It is harder to change those who believe they have truth than it is to give the gifts of knowledge to one who has no conception of a creator and a savior, for those who are as babes from the womb are eager for the milk of my words.

Watch and be vigilant as you pass the bread of my works to those confused and unlearned.  A morsel may be all they could bear and if they carry that to their heart of hearts, it will be a seed, a shield, a moment of faith that will grow.  If you have planted that seed, remember, I am the one who will increase its flourishing.

Go to the lands of the forgotten, those who might seem settled in their dreams and their carriages and even their temples of glory where gold is the idol, worshipped in spending and greed.   They are they hardest of hearing for fear that truth means forfeiting their riches.   But what is the worth of worldly riches if you do not have also the riches that I offer. What fruit lays on the table of greed?

Go, all who know truth, all whose voices hold the breath of my words, whose hearts know the power of my spirit, who know the signs and miracles and wonders that follow, and be the vision of a godly life.   Be as my begotten that others will follow to hear, to know, to be led to the way of eternal life.  Offer your hand of reward, that of hope, and your reward will be the joy of life, the riches of which cannot be bought with gold.

Go.  Offer hope and allow me to reward your work.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded. 2chron15:7nlt


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Come To The Storehouse

Go into the store of redemption.  Redemption is free and you may take it.  Forgiveness is offered.  It is unencumbered for you because it has been bought with the precious blood.   Come in and ask for forgiveness for it is there, waiting to be taken and to be given away.  Be sure to give what you take.

Come, enter the storehouse of gifts.  They are for you, whole and mighty works accomplished, that you might partake of the fruit of the spirit.  They are plentiful, replenished with the partaking and multiplied with the giving.

Enter my abode, an holy place, and you will find deep peace, you will taste eternity.  You will long to sit at the feet of the one who shows you the way, to hear, to know, to drink the eternal love that melts you.  Give away all the love that you receive and you will find more and more.

Come to the steps of knowledge.  Words that built the mighty temple of my heart, they are for you.  Take my words and eat and drink.  Let them be enough yet you desire more.  Give them as coins, as gems, as an avalanche of golden nectar, that others desire more.

Reach for the mountain of wisdom, you need only ask to be lifted to the pinnacle of my many thoughts.  The pearls of wisdom are bought with your voice, your desire, that you ask you receive.   Offer that which you receive using wisdom to give wisdom.

You are my temple, holy and pure in redemption.  I come to you.  I and my begotten make our abode within with offerings of love and power and eternity that is rich and overflowing with forever.    We are in one accord, one love, one power now and forever.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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I Empower With Knowledge

Today is an important word of events.   Stores of discipline are granted to those who understand and whom I empower with knowledge and the secrets of my universe.  The worst of times the glorious times, all are etched into the histories of my book of words.  Words formed the foundation of all.  What are your words?  Watch and see, for those who need to profess to speak truth are tossing lying words.  Those who speak from the foundation of truth need not tell you it is truth.

Lies upon lies have weakened the office of those who lead a mighty nation.  The office has been defiled by weeds and chaff, choking the words upon which any great nation has risen and held onto prosperity and peace.  Are your armies prepared?   Some nations are striking, they practice their warfare, these despots of strident power.  Others withdraw in false thinking that preparedness is no longer a necessity that they might spend the nations gold on the search to satisfy the endlessly famished beast.

Cease from the mechanisms of greed glorifying the beast rather than the creator.  Demand only truth be spoken and refuse to support the ones of gilded tongues whose words fall on eager ears.  Hold fast to your right to bear your shields and swords else only the wicked will hold weapons that will quickly be held against you.   To be a nation of strength that is blessed by me, your creator and father of many warrior angels who await to assist in the battles and wars that are to be in the years of your children and children’s children,  you must stand up for truth, calling for a great change of direction of this vast clouded wave of self defeat and ultimate destruction.

The words of the destroyer are insidious, simple, pleasing, inviting, assuring, words that root into the fiber of believing stirring questioning, unfaithfulness, wrong believing that even those appointed to lead followers or learners, will embrace.  Empowerment of the individual to be glorified as gods is the road to soon disaster.  Yet I empower that you be mighty individuals who lead families and nations when you look to me with thankfulness and awe as I direct you.

I choose those who know the power they wield is of me, that I bless the sword of your battles.  I empower whom I have chosen to be the orators, the warriors, the leaders of the nation I call out of many and who commit to speak words refined in the fires of power and gilded in truth.  I empower those who sought my ways, who have entered battles head on and never wavered, following the steps of my begotten.  I empower those who strive to search my book for life, to know the power of my power.  I anoint those who follow the way of the warrior, for life on earth is in the fields of battles till the great and final one is accomplished.

I call to those who are seeking me.  I bless those who seek to bless others.  I heal those who know I hold them in my hands.  I grant a fruitful life to those who hold my precepts precious as my generations of orderly priests protected the ten commandments.

Battles arise on distant shores that will strain the armies of youth if they are sent to war without the armor of  faith.  Who will empower your armies?  Who will lead with prayer and praise?  Who will seek my answer though it might be hard to hear?  You who are the nation within, pray for those who trip and fall.  Pray for parity of truth.   God‘s Prophecy The Daily Prophet



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I Call To Your Hearts

I created great treasure from my heart of hearts, in and of the earth, that you would know the breadth of my offerings to you, my ones, my children.  Continually I know who has studied the bees, the beasts, the flourishing seeds and know it is of me.   I see who looks to the skies in awe and gratitude for the colors of the day, the end of day, the stretch of hues from horizon to horizon.  I know who says thank you when my bow curves perfectly, glittering and glorious, and fades gently, knowing it was the brushstroke of my love the sign of my covenant.

I show the abundance of who I am and what the eternal skies hold, for there are so many galaxies that eternity must broaden to hold and never cease.  I hear every breath of wonder that I have created a most marvelous universe and even to the richness of soil in the forests that reminds you of life and decay and new life from the richness of decay.

I call up the giants of the earth, that they grow for generations that you might gaze at the cathedral of my forests and be inspired to offer prayer and praise, and thankfulness fills your hearts.  I stir the seas to mighty waves that rise and curl and crash, the end of life sweeps back to form another wave.  A star rises and falls crashing in the heavens, silent yet blasting with end of life that sparks another to kindle, to burn, the vibration that stirs another to life.

I call to your hearts, timid, strong, fearful, fearless.  Do you hear me in its beat, in the blood that carries my breath of life?  My eyes know all hearts and the intents whether of greed which cannot regenerate or of love which sows seed of fruit and new life.   And for those who commit all to me, I will give you great strength, that your words be seeds of life, new life.  That the lost find life and life eternal.  That life be majestic whether you till the verdant soils or pan for lost souls.  All who commit their hearts to me will find peace, and eternal life, and greater strength and power for I will give all you ask and need.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.  2chron16:9a nlt


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Don’t Turn Away

Don’t turn from me, it is grievous.  I call to those who have faltered in their steps of believing.    But what is it you turn from?   Have you lost the zeal for repetition, for dangling prayers that have no answer?  If you held the refined truth in your hands, would you know of what it is?

You turn to the philosophies of man that have eliminated the creator.  Who placed the stars in the heavens?  What man lays their name to those events?  The philosophies of man stir the ideologies that steal not only from the creator but also from the hands of others in a quest for a socialized desert.  How can I work in such desolate havens?   How do I touch hearts and minds to be as me, to create, to invent, to love, to heal, when miracles are explained away?  How do you love even those who oppose you or their own bodies and souls when you have put my love, that of an eternal flame, behind you?

Don’t you know that there are many churlish ones who have put up defenses against truth, who lead the unwitting to false enterprises, even creating boxes of religion that profess powers in robes and idle figures?   The entrails of religion made with men’s hands are of disappointment, unsure footing and finally demise as the spirit within has been separated.

Other realms of spirituality are seeded in the quest for self realization, self elevation, self becoming god.  Don’t you know that was the fall of many angels, following he who became the great fallen one, who propounds lies as truth, who blinds with false doctrines that sound of truth but ultimately will also fall.  What will you do when the truths you seek from the world fall?  Will you then turn back to me?  Will you have forfeited the joys of the true spirit?  Will you have fallen to ruinous acts?  Will others wither at the loss of your heart?

Turn back to me the god who loves you even in your sin of nature, for you have been deceived and faltered for your waning faith.  Ask for forgiveness and it is yours, ask for the power of my might in the words of your calling and it is yours.  Don’t you know that I long for my lost ones to return, to be redeemed from the sins of the world, to call to me for I do hear and know your cries of despair.

Get up from your knees of self pity, for I know the truth of your hearts.  Gird up yourselves as my sons, warriors of the true god, pulling on the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, and above all the sword of truth, and stand with the one who never wavered in his faith, and stood against the liar.  Do this and I will turn back to you, because you called to me again in your lost moments.  Call to me and be restored for your faith, accepting the anointment of your position, sons and daughters of the one true god for eternity.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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Fire Came Down From Heaven

FIRE was a sign, ignited from the tip of my finger, from the breath of my heart.  My fire was before the world began in the flagship of the stars, in the birthing of many suns.  As my earth evolved, I gave fire, a gift that sparked from the flint of a stone.

In the evolving offerings of man, I gave the fire that consumed those that I knew were of heart filled thanks and melted with praise.

What have you to offer in a perfect sacrifice when the pure blood has already been shed?  It is in the gift I gave, it is of the fire of my spirit, that with which you have been salted.  It is your offerings in the spirit in thankfulness and praise, speaking words in the spirit, singing words of the spirit, for that is the sweetest savor of your great love showered in faith, that as my son walked upon the waters, you speak utterances of the spirit.

Your voice of love and faith is now the perfect offering.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.2chron7:1niv

They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.Acts2:3nlt
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Riches Of Gold

What riches and gold has my wisdom, that I might give such pleasures to the seeker of my heart.  My wisdom is greater than any weight of gold and amber.  The courses of my words of wisdom run as abundant fields of grasses and wheat unencumbered by the chaff of worldly thoughts.  My wisdom is greater than all of the abundance of the seas on earth and the seas beyond the earth, for it springs from my heart as every lasting living waters.

What riches do you seek?  Ask and I will offer the riches of my heart, overflowing with the gifts of great knowledge.  Open my book of life and I will open your eyes, that the great and hidden meanings be revealed, that you will know the heart beat of my wisdom. What is the payment for the riches of wisdom?  Your words of thankfulness, your words of desire to be led by the reigns of wisdom and I will fill your holy temple with the cloud of power, my holy spirit that is not just a sign but the choice of manifestation of the power I give.

Open your mouths and the words will flow as the fountains of living waters.  Speak forth in spirit and you speak for a nation, a holy land of those who believe.  Reach forth your hand for the staff of freedom and power, for you have been freed from the guilt of upholding the burden of the laws, all have passed with the rising of my begotten, the embodiment of my spirit, my wisdom and knowledge.

Now you be the embodiment, the vessel of spirit, of wisdom, and knowledge, boldly accepting the anointments of the riches of wisdom.  Be upright in strength, for you study and search for the golden river of truth and with it comes even greater wisdom.  Build up your temple of the riches of knowledge and always I am there.   He who is humble is wise.  He who bows to truth is placed beside the one who resides on the eternal throne.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

  Praise the LORD your God, who delights in you and has placed you on the throne as king to rule for him. Because God loves Israel and desires this kingdom to last forever, he has made you king over them so you can rule with justice and righteousness.”2chron9:8nlt
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I Am Seeking A Nation Within The Chaos

What was once honor is now dishonor, what was sin is now glorified.  What have the people of this prosperous nation done?  They are turning from me.  They are not teaching the children who have become a nation of unruly generations who sleep and waddle as though still in need of someone else to change their soiled clothes.  They cry that jobs are few, yet they turn from the shovel and the crop.  They steal from their own that they might blatantly feed a growing hunger for the pills and powders of sorcery.

What is honor of children who turn from their aging parents?  Who find homes of seclusion and desolation a comfort for themselves but have stolen joy from the hands that raised them and built a prospering nation.  Honor is turning to dishonor.

Who among you will stand and fight for truth?  You fight for oil and revenue yet bury truth that the followers of liberalities might congratulate themselves and pat their hearts.

You have stolen my name from the foundation of the land.  You bury my name in the rules of the halls of justice, yet you know not my justice.   Your leaders have allowed theft of the rewards in honest labor and striving.  You have stolen the fruit of the land to honor a few greedy men, holding their thrones in higher esteem than the creator who designed the riches of the land.

Truth is being sought by few and for few I will hold back the damns of justice.  I will make a way for those who will seek the way of truth, and who will live it, uphold it, carve it in their hearts and minds as those words I made upon tablets of stone.  I will honor those who will not make a mockery of truth with idle words from pulpits and the performances of soothing rituals that are to no avail.

Call to those who will hear, who will rise up in gathering strength, who will conquer those places of wickedness, who will speak truth yet others mock truth, for I am seeking a nation within the chaos.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.

“And the answer will be, ‘Because his people abandoned the LORD, the God of their ancestors, who brought them out of Egypt, and they worshiped other gods instead and bowed down to them. That is why he has brought all these disasters on them.’” 2chron7:22nlt

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Who Will Ask For Wisdom

Ask and I give, oh kings of the nations, but few have asked for wisdom.  You seek power for what ends?  Do you long for the sacrifice of the crown for gain only?  That is a costly gain, you and your children will forfeit much for you to choose such a seat.  For nations where father’s don’t raise up their children in the circle of such an office, few are prepared to take the reigns of guiding a people, for what service have they learned  if all they’ve done is but stand to throw useless words about that have been gathered by others.

Kings of nations in the rising, study those who have gone before you, seek knowledge of also the generals of great armies, for you will have many heavy decisions that you can’t know till the time appointed and you have grown to battle in these arenas.

Ask and I will give you wisdom and knowledge, but you must commit your every thought to me and not bow to the voices who speak of greed and fear, yet you have your circle of advisors.   Seek not the seer for you will weigh a heavy debt on your nation.   Be sure that you desire to relinquish your life, for you sacrifice much in the office of king.

But if you endeavor with a clear heart, I will be there in the night, I will guide you in the day.  I will offer the caste of my heavens armies that they surround you and protect you.  I will give the words that must be spoken and the force to implement those things that will bring flailing nations to strength.  But hamper free will, for that is a gift from my lips, and I will turn away, for I would that those who turn to me, do so of their hearts.   For those who choose the pathways of sin, and repent not, they will find their reward.

Seek to offer sustenance to those who have served rightly and no longer able to lift a hand  in labor, offer a bridge of bread to those willing to serve and stand up to the work offered.  But many forefathers have created a mass of writhing need in the nation of great blessings, in wasteful offerings to satisfy the hungry who sit on one hand and extend the other for their feed.   He who can must do.  He who refuses and can must not be given the fruit of those who labor.

This is the way to a prosperous nation, that all strive for prosperity.  Yet in many nations, generations have bred monsters of greed who have stolen the fruit of the land.  Those resources belong to me not to the hands that have grabbed for only themselves, building fortresses that cause laws for their own.  I have created many places rich in soil and gold, and great reserves hidden in deep places.   These are for all not for a few.  Who will stand up to the giants to take that which belongs to the nation’s prosperity?  Who is willing to be king, fearless to fight, whose arm is ready to strike?  Who will ask for wisdom?  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Proph


I will certainly give you the wisdom and knowledge you requested. But I will also give you wealth, riches, and fame such as no other king has had before you or will ever have in the future!”2chron 1:12nlt


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Discernment Of Spirit

Do you stir with caution?  A flicker of concern, the cringe of anxious questioning?  A ring of warning that only you hear?  For what has your mind been alerted?

Cautions arise when the air is full of stirrings, bitter words whispered as honey, seeds of perdition for the self serving ones who seek their own rewards planted in those of pure but foolish hearts.   What shifts the air about you, that you sense there are words amiss, misused, seeking an antagonizing end that causes division and battles of even families?

The voices of scattering demons work in harmony to build confusion, diverting energy that you be taken off course, that you be in a state of spiritual imbalance, yet you are discerning spirit of the fallen army.

At the first wave that cautions and prickles, stir the spirit within, that which is of me for your battles are not of flesh and blood but with the principalities of the prince of the air and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.  You have been granted authority to cast out the sorcerers of darkness, diverting flailing weapons of no effect, as you wield the shield of faith and the sword of division of good and evil.   Even the calm words you speak will shroud the doer and holder of weeded words that only take root in those full of confusion, ignorance or fear.

Speak forth in full knowledge of the mantle of my begotten and the power of my power, for you carry the full arsenal of my weapons, against which nothing can be formed.   Pray in the spirit for your faithful utterings avails all and seals all.   Stand sure in the power you have accepted as you accepted the risen one as your redeemer, knowing you know yet you see through dimmed glass, for faith is upon the unseen, yet you see with spiritual eyes and know fruit of the spirit, and are strengthening in the inner man to the discernment of spirit whether of my angels or of the rank and file of the fallen and evil ones.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.


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The Fields Of Battle

Study the scripture of the generations, for I have given these words, histories and chronologies, that you learn what has been in the fields of battle and the land of promise, that you know the spiritual fields of battle and the promise of the new Jerusalem and eternal life.

I have chosen you because you have sought me and found me.  I now anoint you to be my temple, holy and set apart.  Building a temple takes time and fortitude, so be strong in the power of my might knowing it is not of yourselves that you take over the lands of spiritual strongholds.  Know that it is not of yourselves that you battle those evil doers that seek to steal, destroy and kill and that it is with spiritual eyes you see the danger, the dangling anvils of the destroyer.

Study diligently, pray earnestly, give your thanks and praise that others will see the light that shines, the light that cuts the darkness, and pierces the dark hearts and thoughts riled in trepidation, for they will be convicted and cry for your truth or they will be cast aside and no longer stand in your way.

Stand on the voice of truth, speaking firmly in a voice like that of my begotten.  Strive to be very diligent to your words, for they are your weapon in battle, your shield and your beacon, speaking truth with reason in your voice, even if you cast not the pearl.  To be fishers of men, it is with sometimes with the delicacy to sense the passing glimmer of vibration along the line of truth and other times with a net tossed to the masses that many are brought to the fold.  Wisdom will give you the answer.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



So take this seriously. The LORD has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.”1chron28:10b


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