The First Glimpse of Light

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Time of Meditations

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To See With Spiritual Eyes

You travel through space and time and in a moment of the flickering eye; you are in a place you have never been.  Another blink and the earth is just as it was yet more of what it is, my earth, my gold touched orb that is filled with wonders upon wonders whose very guts spill with riches.

Have you seen with spiritual eyes?  Do you know the riches of colors, the rich decay of fertile soils, the feel of the rich soil under your feet, pressed between fingers, raw and willing?  From where do you garner this, the soil of life, which holds any seed, and willing root?  You flicker here then there with the static of life, yet what holds have you relinquished?  Can a tree bear fruit without its roots?  Can the sun hold forth its warmth without a willing earth?

Have you breathed with pleasure the soil made wet and soft with the falling of my rains?  Think on this, my earth.  Think of the many ways she serves, to nourish and to hold you.  Lie upon a field and feel the arms of her steady love, the power of life beneath, to know that somewhere on the other side, another is lying upon a field.  Do you not know one another, brothers, sisters, on the field of life?  If you listen with spiritual ears, you will discern one another’s beating heart, for all sounds, all music, all voices, are heard and held by my earth.

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Step Onto The Chariot

Hear his voice for he seeks to walk beside you, to ride with you upon the chariot of fire and glory that you know your place in the heavens, in grace, in glory.

So this is a day that begins with your prayers, your taking hold of the reigns of power, to surge through fears that they whither away, to speak with power for you are filled with the power of the holy spirit and I might guide your voice and your voice spoken will cut through the air of grief, sorrow, and all hindrances.

Step here.  Step onto the chariot.  Have no fear but delight in the thrill to know you are of the spiritual warriors and have all power granted to you to do all things in Christ for he is your head, your leader, who calls you to the power for I gave all unto him that he might lead a nation to glory.

Take a deep breath and sound the horn to the formation of your life.  Claim the ground you walk upon in the name of the King.  Claim those halls of commerce, the fields of corn, the streets of trade.  Claim all to be yours that you will fill your storehouses till they be overflowing for this is my promise, that you would have an abundant life in favor and reward and grace.

When you go out to the streets this day, greet your brethren with the kiss of the spirit.  Bless those along your way, whether or not the blessing is returned.  Sprinkle that love power to each person you come in contact with.  You are changing.  You are manifesting the love power I have given you.  You are gaining in strength as a young David who cared for the flocks and learned the aim of his sling and learned of the ways of war before he became king.   You too must learn the ways of wielding not the rock of a sling, but the arc of the flashing sword.  Love those along the way and you are changing the course of the stream of your life.

I will show you what changes will now occur as you step into the stream of life, not of yours but of what is the worlds, for you are not of the world but are in the world in this present day.  But hold tight, for the ride is just begun!


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The Reins Of The Chariot

A voice of reason changes the tides, perhaps a subtle shift at first.  It might gently sway the stream that runs such as a tree or rock that sits in its way.

Hear me, my one, my child.  Hear the whisper of my voice in the quiet of your secret place to pray and ponder the course of life.  You question the whys and ways.  You wonder at the directions life has taken you when others are singing along the way.  Are they happy for the spiritual knowledge they gained or for the rewards the world has offered them?

All the earth and its riches I created for those who are of the household, so what then is a mere pocket of coins that brings but a moment of glee to those who have no rock to stand upon.

I do not say you should have holes in your pockets that your honest labors are in vain.  You have the privilege of greater things.  I would that you know the course of life is held in the reins of a great chariot, one whose stallions might fly the course of the stars, leap to the peaks of the greatest mountains.  And you, my child, hold the reins for I have given you life not only in the moments of the flesh, but also in the moments of eternity.    What is your greatness?   It is in the power of the spirit, the gift that you must, as the earth holds its face to accept the warmth of the sun, hold up your face to receive my gifts.

You must step onto that chariot and grab hold of the reins, for this life is yours and you have accepted the seed of eternal life if you have accepted my son as the gift and know in your heart that he came to earth, the manifestation of my words, and accepted that breath of earthly life, and the pain of the sins of the world, and know he is the way of eternal life.

Hear his voice for he seeks to walk beside you, to ride with you upon the chariot of fire and glory that you know your place in the heavens, in grace, in glory.

So this is a day that begins with your prayers, your taking hold of the reigns of power, to surge through fears that they whither away, to speak with power for you are filled with the power of the holy spirit and I might guide your voice and your voice spoken will cut through the air of grief, sorrow, and all hindrances.

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“I Ate Meat On Friday”

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you….Galatians 4:19 KJB


From the time I was in my parents’ arms, they took me to church.  In those days the priests performed the mass in Latin.   One Sunday as Millie and Al, with me in Al’s arms, rose and sat and rose and kneeled and rose again, I remember eagerly awaiting my opportunity to be heard as the priest and the altarboys had their chances.  Because my father was tall, I had a perfect view of rows of parishioners sitting, kneeling or standing in front of us, a sea of men’s heads and women’s hats.  When finally I perceived a quiet moment, perhaps the priest was just thumbing pages to read from the gospels for which Catholics stand up to hear, I took a deep breath and launched into my favorite song, “Old Macdonald had a farm, ye ie ye ie oh… and on his farm he had a cow…..”   I still see my beautiful mother, who found the Latin mass as hard to sit through as I did, bow her head, not in prayer but in her laughter that always began with a long “ooooo!”

Every head and hat turned to look at me.   Some smiled and nodded, others gave their best ‘it’s time to be serious’ Sunday mass scowl.  It was my first moments of such glorious attention, a captured audience for a two year old with not such a great voice, singing as loud as she could for Jesus.   I didn’t yet know why I was attracted to him.  I knew he was really handsome, as all the images in those days depicted him as movie star quality, but there was something else.

My father quickly slid past our row of worshippers, and rushed me out one of the side doors open to catch the stray summer breezes.  I stretched up trying to lean over his shoulder to be sure my song was reaching into the church so that Jesus could hear me sing that joyful noise.

My next religious memory was a few years later, before my “First Holy Communion” an event I never quite understood,  “Why would we eat Jesus’s body and how did they turn it into so many little round wafers and didn’t they eventually run out of one body?”  The rest of my questions remained silent and were eventually left behind, somewhere in the past, except for one that really stood out in my mind.  Why did I need to figure out what sins I may or may not have actually committed at the age of 7.

When we were older and smarter, like around 12 or so, my siblings, cousins and I would convene each Friday night on the front steps of our shared two family home, just before our parents took us to the dreaded confessions, to come up with some sins.  We would decide who would say what, using such sins as, “I said a bad word, I chewed gum in catechism” which we all knew would garner the fewest numbers of prayers that were to be our penance.   There was another conundrum for me, “prayers as punishment?” I just didn’t understand.  The greater punishment was we wanted to be outside playing.  Personally, I never minded talking to God or his son even if I wasn’t in church.  And so after our visit into the darkened confessional box that smelled of wax, incense, and curiously, cigarette smoke, we would meet up in the pews to say our penance as fast as we could and try to make one other laugh with various versions of side glances, nods, and blinks.  Then it was a race out the big heavy doors, not to be the one left behind.

Once outside and the church doors finally, slowly, closed, we could at least hoot and holler with freedom and then review our penances for next Friday’s confessions.  Sometimes we even planned in advance what we might do, tell a little white lie for instance, so that we wouldn’t be lying about white lying to the priest.  A white lie seemed to be ok, like telling our mothers dinner tasted good even though it was something awful like liver.

I was not exactly nervous as I stood in line for my first confession and tried out a few sins in my mind that I thought would be acceptable to the man on the other side of the screen.  Some of us kids whispered to each other about what we might say, “I disobeyed my parents,” was a popular one, as was “I ate meat on Friday.”  What I was most unsure of was I could only remember the first three words of the “Act of Contrition”, a prayer one would recite after having received your penance from the priest taking your confession and that I attempted to memorize the night before.  I just figured God would cover me on that and it would just magically pop into my head.  But at that moment I still needed to come up with a sin or two.  “Oh, I know!” I said to my little self, “I’ll tell him about those times I asked Jesus to marry me.  That might be a sin.” And, I thought it might show him I was not just your average kid.

It was nearly my turn.  I stepped up to some invisible line till one of the nuns gave me the nod to enter the confessional.  Now, I do need to say I felt a bit cheated, having been really interested to see what was in those dark wood confessional boxes, but the church had set up fake confessionals that were screens between us and the priest, and other than that we were all exposed right there before the nuns, our peers, all the statues and the nearby altar with Jesus hanging up in the rafters and looking down.

I kneeled, did the “sign of the cross” as we had been instructed and said in a loud strong voice, “Bless me father for I have sinned and this is my first confession…” clearly in catechism they were training us that there would be more than one time you’d have to do this,  “and this is my sin, I said something to Jesus,” now imagine that I reenacted this just as my sister and I would play, as divas on a Shakespearean stage…  “OH JESUS, JESUS, WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!”  Let’s face it; I had a little girl’s crush on him.   He was going to save me.  He was going to walk with me everyday, why, he ended up even dying for me.  In fact, I had fully expected that at any time he would simply appear before me, strong and shining, and I wouldn’t be scared and it would be wonderful.  Who would not want such a man to spend eternity with!  And then on top of it all, God raised him from the dead.  He had to be the most special man in the whole universe.  I thought I chose well.  But alas, the priest did not tell me it was NOT a sin, and in fact gave me a bunch of prayers as penance, which sealed in my mind that I was in fact committing a sin, and so I pretty much stopped talking to Jesus after that.  I knew he was sort of around somewhere up there, but he was no longer a reality to me as he had been before my confession.

When the words of the Act of Contrition just did not miraculously come through, I faked it, mumbling along with the priest, and adding a clear “amen” when he did.





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Rousing Me To Life

Of myself I am nothing but, God, you, the father of the heavens, father of love and laborer of words that manifest as powers of light into the heaviness of dark, you fill the dark and then I am something.

I begin as seed in the labor of your love, to become your infant, a lump of clay.

I am yet to know the taste of your greater fruit, but succor at the drops of nectar that is your power.

You opened the door.


Was it I who opened the door, to the wandering and aimless thoughts of my mind and invited you in?

Did I call to you?  Did you hear me?  Did I long for the fullness of a lord who came to reside with me?

Didn’t I hear you call my name in the sleepy womb of my bed?


That was you rousing me to life!


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Patterns Of The Universe

There are patterns of all that exists, some to synchronicity some to chaotic masses.   The enumerable stars form great swaths of patterns.  Sound is pattern, waves undulating as silken threads, weaving together to form symphonies, such as the voices of my heavenly hosts, pure, electrified, and stunning, with songs formed from the pureness of their thoughts.  Vast blankets of music are woven throughout the universe that allow galaxies to form and swirl with magnificent freedom.  The angels’ voices are full of the colors and hues of the galaxies, each sound a universe of power and light.   Your words too form tapestries of strength, truth, wisdom, knowledge, and healings that hover over the path of your life, that allow you to see the colors of the rainbows even in a cloudless sky and hear the voices of the angels.  Sing with the power of my spirit and you sing with the angels.  Pray and they pray with you.  Speak words of strength and they add their voices with yours that what you say is formed in patterns that you might say to that mountain be moved to the sea and it will obey.  Such was the strength of my son’s words when he walked on the earth, for my angels were always with him and to you who have faith, the mountain will also obey.

So now imagine faulty thinking, negative thoughts that manifest into dark words spoken.   The vibrations of these words form blankets of darkness even to dark holes, if you will, of ingratitude and acceptance of inadequacies.   Hatred simmers beneath the structure of negative thinking, for it is of evil that seeks darkness.  Are your words of darkness or of light?  Would you want an evil thread to weave its way into your tapestry of life?   Negative words wear away the stone, the foundation of life.   Righteous words build upon the stone.

Always new patterns are formed, for my universe is dynamic.  You as my child are dynamic.  With words of the spirit you form new patterns in your thoughts and your heart.  Your words are spoken upon the foundation of truth and knowing you share the crown of glory.   Your thoughts are as the fountain of living waters, renewing your body and soul, healing those about you, healing even the air and the vibrations of the world that seeks to destroy.  You change that tapestry of life, your prayers in the spirit cause the healing of vibrations, stilling errant waves, raising the tenor till the music of voices, and earthly sounds form a more lovely melody.

Think on these things today.  Change the pattern of your thoughts, cutting off errant thoughts and thinking of all things that lovely.  Love and gratitude grows exponentially from the rich soil of righteous minds.   My words for the instruction of life will change the patterns of your thoughts.  Think on the words you find, for my book is filled with treasures, patterns and tapestries of beauty, strength, and endless love and power.  It is filled with knowledge and histories and will open your eyes to many mysteries of life.  Then will you speak even greater words, for each will carry strength.   You are my mystery of life, though I know all yet I am filled with joy as you seek and cherish knowledge and find those hidden meanings.

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The Song of Wisdom

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“I said let there be light.”   There is light.

This is the basis of understanding the body’s abilities as a receptacle for spiritual vibrations.  There is magnetism in particles that are electrified.   Vibrations cause particles to react.  Do you attract what is good and right and repel what does not line up with positive attraction?  Or do you repel what is good and what you desire and instead attract occurrences that play to shortcomings and fears?  What life are you causing by your words?  This is a very important aspect of your body being created for my pleasure.

Now, what would you like to know about this, my pleasure?  I am the God of the entire universe where there is no end of time or space and so time and space must continually expand.  Would I have created your bodies to be but a flower then dust with no continuation of my creation?  No.  I created your bodies that you might evolve into greater knowledge, that you would willingly seek me and seek what are my desires for you.  I spoke each word in my book for life recorded by great men who wrote what they heard, for they heard the words though they saw not all meanings.   I have many hidden treasures in my words.  My words are the way in which we commune one with another.  My images and thoughts I share with you, as you do with me.   Why do you think I not hear?  I am listening always, whether or not your words are spoken or imagined.

Now that you are listening, let me say, I long for your desire to build till I am your greatest desire.   I yearn for children who will allow me to talk, to show you magnificent wonders and miracles, children who will hear, for I speak always yet so few stop to listen.  Many people speak in pleading words and repeating prayers and wonder that I do not hear them.  But I cannot break my own laws of will.  I will not force you to understand how I speak to you.  And yet, the laws of the universe are proven.  Waves of energy have created many sounds and images and yet still, few hear me.   It is through your acceptance of what I offer that I may give.  The same laws that led to offering of life gave way to the angel of death.   Offer your life to me and I will give you life eternal.  I will show you depths of understanding through vibrations of spirit, my holy and powerful spirit that will surmount all obstacles including death.

Do you feel a quickening in your body, a surge of electric, simmering energy beneath your skin?   Does your heart beat a moment faster when you hear words of power?   The speaker may be a teacher, a poet, a politician and you feel the vibration of words.  You know the tenor that causes a reaction down in your core.   Now imagine your God talking to you, speaking of those things that are wondrous, opening your spiritual eyes to deep understandings and hidden treasures.  Would not your heart quicken as I whisper to you alone?  You are my tabernacle and I am within you, speaking, calling, singing with your joy, crying at your failings.  Always I will stir with deep love for you.   Will you allow me to correct you where you have missed the mark?  Few will open themselves to this splaying of the heart.   Most will cower for fear of pain.  But what is pain but the path to righteous pleasure.

Open your heart and your life to me and I will show you such joy, as you cannot bear to hold it.  Study to show yourself a workman of my word and I will open the vaults of knowledge.   Ask in anticipation of receiving and I will give you the treasures of my wisdom.   Seek the rightful fruits of pleasure and I will show you pleasure beyond your seeking.   Keep your bodies pure, that I might find pleasure in your company.  Keep your minds alert that I teach you of spiritual matters not written for the common understanding yet available to all who will to know.

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To Be Brave

Bravery is facing adversity head on, knowing you could lift it from its feeble foundation and toss it into the abyss.   Bravery is your heart pounding and fear coursing through your veins, yet you forge forward, pushing aside strongholds and casting away demons.   I say often in my book for life to fear not.   Most will join the call in tragedy, adrenalin flowing and being caught up in the mass rising, fists held high in righteous demands and cries for justice.   But what of the one who stands alone, who nurses a dying friend, who enters the strongholds of desperation if to save just one.

I tell you to fear not, for fear is a reaction to preservation.  It is not to know what lies beyond your last earthly breath.  It is pending loss or rejection that stirs when you don’t hold faith secure that I will heal, restore and protect you.  My son, who knew from the scriptures that his tormentors would leave him unrecognizable as man, did not allow fear to enter his life.  Knowing I would restore and resurrect him, he faced his destiny.

You must cast out fear from your life to accomplish what you desire.  Fight to push through the veil of fear that usurps your energy and sight.  Use its rush of adrenalin if you must for flight or fight.   But I have given you a greater power and I show you a greater way.   Pray and know that you walk protected no matter the battle or storm.  If you have cast your cares upon me, fear is no longer necessary to your safety, for I have my guardian angels to protect you, my warring angels to fight for you, my ministering angels to minister to you.    Fear is an errant vibration.  I don’t say not to use your sense of trouble, for if you are stirred in the spirit, it is a call to prayer, to cast out the troublesome demons that try to slip in unaware.  It is the sound of a falling of heart, the call of a soul that teeters on righteousness or misbehavior and the consequences of their actions.

As you mature in the spirit and in the use of the power I give you, you will know the difference from fear and discernment.   Spiritual discernment is a moving that alerts you to spiritual and natural battles.   The air quivers with the points that have been agitated by pending storms.  Even the birds and animals read the signs to seek safe ground.  In the spiritual realm, you feel disturbances.  A cycle of anger, disappointment, the opening of the gate to the stranger that seeks to steal, destroy and kill.   The dark angel will seek for the weakness, will see your endeavors and find a way to usurp your inspiration for his own rejuvenation.  He cannot get it any other way.   He will use others; not to their being aware they host his actions, to tear at your fiber of faith and to take the energy you gathered from the power of the light and use it for his evil ways.   You must stand strong against this wind of demise.  You must pray fervently in the spirit to push it and finally to cast it away and to allow my power to flourish, to heal, to cast away the evil intent.    Pray in faith knowing I will show you the way, the truth and the light, as my son showed and was the way, the truth and the light in manifestation.

You too may manifest the way, and show others the truth and way to the power of love.  Forgiveness casts out fear.   Letting go of what wrongs you harbor casts out fear.   Knowing I have given you a power greater than anything else, casts out fear.   In the name of my son, you call to the wilderness, to the points of power that manifest to walls of safety and redemption.  To the same you call to prick beyond the scarred, the broken, the matted hearts that cry to retaliate rather than to forgiveness.

an excerpt of I AM by JD James

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February 23, 2013                                                                                                                       Amen Amen Amen

Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’” And he added, “These are the true words of God.” Revelation 19:9 NIV

10Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near. 11Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy. Revelation 22:10-11 NIV

17The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.  Revelation 22:17 NIV





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Now Is The Future

Nothing will be hidden in the day that all the dead shall rise, not just those actions of the sin you held, but also of the actions you did not commit, those of the intents of the heart.  Do you think adulterous thoughts?  Then you have committed that act.

Was there something kind you thought to do but held back your hand?  What of those things you ought to have done and shirked from the task.  Then you have taken what you held from whom it should have been given.   I see all and so you too should look to your living, for the time grows weary of the heaving nations and minds conjuring reasons.  You who read of the book of instruction, do you know whether your name is in the book of life?  You will know by the conviction of your heart.   You will know if you have accepted the grace of forgiveness.

Your lifeline to eternity is in your faith, in the words you proclaim and live.  It is in knowing that a savior was born to shed his tears and blood for the sin filled powers that were to come, and for those, yet blind, who have descended from those before.

The power that was restored by his faith is of me, through him, for he knew who he was before the creation of time.   And you now hold that promise.  But promise is of future holdings, but, now is the future.

Now you have the fulfillment of restoration, that you might speak with me, not just to the air, but to a relationship of a father and his cherished child, for you are precious and anointed for you, of these generations, have chosen your stand.

And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.              Revelation 20:12 NIV

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The Wrath Will Come

All must rise on that day, including the great beast that was and will stir from a hidden place.   Then will come the great and raging battle against my one who has chosen who will stand by his side and then the second death call will sound throughout all the quarters of the earth.

The waters of the heavens run deeper than the all the seas of the earth, even to stand all upon each other.  And they will rumble with a roar, thrashing in the galaxies.  And the light of love will pierce to the bottom of the seas and through the phalanx of the masses, scattering and dividing, cutting to the divide of bone and marrow.

Much must come to pass in the plan of the universe.  Kings will rise and fall and histories will be written faster.  Nations will divide.  Desperate rulers will run and hide.  Blood is spattered against the walls and the earth groans, tearing itself in mourning.

In fear will rulers forfeit their scepter.   And their people will groan and take the lives of their unborn, of their newborn, of those who cannot run, to save them from a greater fear.   And sacrifices will mount on the hilltops and in the temples.  Flesh to burn to the fearsome gods but still the wrath will come.

They will all agree to give him their power and authority. 14Together they will go to war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will defeat them because he is Lord of all lords and King of all kings. And his called and chosen and faithful ones will be with him.” Revelations 17:13-14 NLT

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The Seven Spirits Of God

Hear the spirit calling, it is of my destiny, for I am God of all the heavens and the earth.  I have painted the skies, the celestial bodies, and called the everlasting gathering of my heavenly hosts whose numbers are ten thousand times ten thousand untold times.

I paint in images in my words for instruction of life and life everlasting, that not all will see and know of my wondrous works.  Colors and numbers and creatures all, are of greater meanings that are to be revealed in passages of space, or time that is as space, ever expanding, ever filled with the glory of my son.  To him I have given the keys to the galaxies, the throne to my creation.  See him in your mind’s eye, the majesty of truth and power and the light of pure love emanates from but his glance.

I have set much in order to the kingdom.  It is of a sevenfold.  It is to all corners of the earth and to where all footsteps have fallen.   To hear, to see, to know, I give you voices that are the keys to open my many secrets, for my knowledge is unsearchable but I long to give you more, a taste of the evermore to come.

Oh prophets and teachers, I speak to your heart of hearts.  I am calling those in the fields of labor.  I am opening my book for these generations to see things that have not been revealed before, yet all is in my words already painted.   See me, hear me, know me; know who is the king of my kingdom and you, my holy priests, know you are of the kingdom and of the King.

The horns are of the worldly order to soon be dismantled.  You, my solders of truth, will rise to those places for you have the power of truth in your hands, the mantle of glory and victory on your faces.  Race to the towers and mountain tops, and to all seven quarters of the earth, and spread the good cheer, the news of the one, the voice of thunder.

Gather in the fields of commerce and science and medicine and culture and government and agriculture and finance, for these are to be my places and cultivated of the magnitude of my power, that all who will hear the call will be saved for the eternal time to come.

You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God,

and they will reign on the earth.” Revelations 5:10 NLT

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The Greater Power Of Love

I am speaking to you through my faithful servants.  I speak to you my faithful.  You know you are faithful through your days of study and prayer.  You know to feed the poor in spirit, the fruit of the truth of my words for instruction in godliness and righteousness.    Now, I show you.   Look to my book of revelations, for my son is speaking to this generation, to this time, to know and to teach others of the time to come and those things that must come to pass.

To be honed in the victory of truth is to be prepared.  It exemplifies your faith but many have resisted the instructions and preparations of the last.  But I will, through my spirit that rests within you, open your eyes to those truths spoken by my one and shown to my servant who obeyed and wrote the words given to him.

You are a chosen and special people, chosen for this time, such as those of the generations were chosen among the many in the world for the time they wandered, were enslaved, where freed and were shown many miracles.   Now all of you who have professed your faith, you may show the power of the holy spirit.   You will do those things he did and even greater.   You must know these words and etch them on your heart of hearts and speak them to the gatherers.

The fields are of the entire earth.  The voice of the spirit calls to all who will to hear.  My forces have gathered and have pierced the wall of perdition and stand ready to heed the sounding of the horns.  The fray is the spiritual battle to now claim my kingdom on earth.  Your prayers are mounting.  Your voices are rejoicing in the call, for you, my loved ones know the time is near.

Stand, I say, stand and rejoice by the actions of your words, those given you by the king of kings for you have authority now, over the wicked nations.   There is not one thing that can stand up to the power of my might and you have accepted the cause, to stand for truth and the greater power of love.


To all who are victorious, who obey me to the very end, to them I will give authority over all the nations.  Revelations 2:26  NLT

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I Am Exalted In Your Vision

I tempt you to dream, to endeavor, to see the light off a snow peaked mountain and be stirred to reach its majestic peak.  To another, the mountain is felt in the hands, the strokes of a brush, the feel and mixing of pigment, the image captured for others to see in awe through the eyes of an artist.  And again, you, who paint with words, will fill pages in the delight of the mountain.   The air that cools and thins as you rise to its heights, the passages through alpines that hide its peak, the rocky crags that challenge the climb, your breath quickened to replenishment of your body.

Dream, seek, be inspired my loved ones, for your desires to create fill me with joy for who am I but the great creator.   Are your words for song?  Then allow my spirit to show you the voices of the mountain, the diamond blue of snow, the silken flow of a spring day’s clouds.   Ring out the song of the mountain, its stream of icy floe, the water chorus as it leaps over cliffs and rides upon the rocks.

My creation is of love and beauty.  It is of passion and glory.  It is of power and truth.  It is pure.  It is my delight that you will find its splendor.

Dream.  Imagine.   Allow my spirit to fill you with awe as do the glistening peak of a mountain, the voices of the skies, the brush of the clouds.  I am calling.  I cry with longing.  I am exalted in your vision.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8 KJB

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Amazing Things

You heard.  You heard the words of truth.  You know because truth rings clear, then a quiet reverberating of perfect clarity.   You see the signs that others slough off but no things are done that are of me without a perfect plan.  My finger touched your heart, did it not when you heard the words of my one?   Powerful words and actions of a great leader are also of the power of love.  The greater leader is also the greater master and the greater master is the most humble.

To what acts do you aspire?  To learn truth and act on the words you devour is to enter the race.  To run knowing all obstacles you will crash through without even the loss of one stride’s length, to leap over mountains, to lead, to call, to thrill to the miraculous signs and all amazing things and powerful acts that surround and follow your course.

I have anchored my legions of celestial warriors, who gallop upon angelic steads, pacing your course to achieve the prize, the high calling to which you are destined.  But remember, no matter the prize, each is of a different place in the body, and all is accomplished upon your freedom of will, to go this way or that, to run or to walk, to rise or to rest, to believe or to refute those things you have heard.   I seek those who seek me.

If you are reading these words of inspired verse, I know if you are stirred.  I know if you pant for the reason of truth, yearning with desire for the golden pieces scattered along the way that lead to my book for instruction and honest deeds.

To what do you aspire, a writer, a poet, a painter?  Or perhaps your life’s desire is to teach, to heal, to research of sciences?  I have many places of great need.  The halls of commerce for a nation of natural wonders, galleries of medicine for healing, the streets of youth yearning for a leader to take them to the wells of truth.   There are vast fields in the battered nations.  Are you able to cast fear aside and enter the fray of the dens of beasts to save even one, for one will save a village.

I have opened the airways with the touch of my finger, stirring minds to great achievement, that my chosen would fill the air with wonder, the serums of truth, the gifts of healing.  Speak out!  Call into the wild places, you who believe.  Call upon my angel armies, they are there for your ministering, healing, battles, and all array of the tournament of your day.  For you battle not against flesh and blood but against the rulers of the darkness, the principalities of the air.  Yet I have not left you unprepared.

Don the armor I give, for you must be prepared.  Giving of yourselves to meditations, prayers and praise, speaking and singing in the spirit, knowing you never walk or battle alone.

Come to the table of prosperity, of treasures and glory, for the battles are already won.  Imbibe of my fruit, that of treasures that know no end, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.


God verified what they said through miraculous signs, amazing things, other powerful acts, and with other gifts from the Holy Spirit as he wanted. Hebrews 2:4 GWT

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Your Place Is In The Heavens

Those who self appoint their worth, whose words are to protect their position, whose actions are to shine the dross of their own crown, will be pulled down by the same words that built their personal shrine.    Their eyes are not focused on what is right by my sight, but by the factions they have devised and by the influence of the whisperers who have mesmerized their thinking to join in the self-congratulatory circles.    Multiplied many times over, these self absorbed, who train in spiritual ranks they see not, rise even to command the steps of many.  The many feet of followers continues to fuel the fire of their injustices, seeing justice only in their own terms.   Know this, they will be brought down from their high posts.  Their places will be made to dust.

You will know them by their minions, some brought into the stealth fold unaware of their untoward actions.  Pray for such whose lives whirl in the glitter of dishonest praises.   And know that your place is in the heavens, for it is from where your thoughts and actions are seeded.

See yourselves on the mountaintops, my chosen. Would you not be the better leader than those who lead the blind into captivity?  This is the time for you to rise to those places, knowing you are sons and daughters of the most high god, knowing you are fellow heirs of the one.

“Yes, I will drive you out of office,” says the LORD. “I will pull you down from your high position. Isaiah 22:19 NLT

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Love Without Condition

Write these words for the people I love.  For those who search and hear and know, continue to seek as I open the fields of my word, revealing many more secrets and treasures, opening the vaults of knowledge and wisdom.   For you who stand against evil and willingly offer your thankfulness, I will hold back those forces that murmur.

Take this peace to sow good seeds, you in the land of plenty.  I have chosen you for this time and this nation yet there is strife and war in those places where seeds of dishonor were planted before the many generations.  I have set much in order to the shifting of the planets, to the changes of the waters.  It is of my touch, knowing man would not replenish the earth, but steal and forage all its wealth that I will one day allow chaos to rein for a time.

When the horns shall sound all will rise and know the truth.  Many will call out but I will not hear their cries, for they willingly turned their eyes when I showed them a greater way.  And of others, I see the intents of their hearts, though sin conducted the pace of their lives, they knew not of what they did.  Even my son forgave his accusers.

Forgive as he did, allowing those who point their fingers and raise their ire against you to retrieve their dignity.  Then will they see that the greater reward is to love without condition.


All you people of the world,

everyone who lives on the earth—

when I raise my battle flag on the mountain, look!

When I blow the ram’s horn, listen! Isaiah 18:3 NLT

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Love Is The Greatest Gift

My eyes are many that they see all.  My ears too, hear the multitude of voices and thoughts.   Yet I have eyes and ears for each individual whose thoughts are to prayer and praise, whose words lift to melt with mine.  I know the love that emanates and it is the thing that motivates all truthful actions.

Leaders are to love without condition.  Love the sinners as you love your heavenly appointed brothers and sisters, for even my son loved without condition.   To love as he did and does, from his place beside my hand, is to look upon the vast fields of humanity and to know in the spirit there are many hearts that will melt with the words of surety, strength, and truth.

I see with my many ways, the spirit that stirs in each heart, and those who are for me are for love and those who are against are not.   Love is the greatest gift, for with it you give of yourselves, you give of the spirit that stirs, to hear, to heal, to seal others into the glory of the life to come.

Learn to love, for it is of action and fulfillment of words.  Hold your words in honor, for words that are hollow fall to ruin.   Words that are lies are lethal, not only to those to whom spoken, but to the speaker as well.

Hold yourselves accountable to the words of the book for instruction and godliness, and I will energize what you think and say, that you speak with power and you love with the love I offer, for this kind is of volumes that mount and expand and change the course of even the crooked heart.


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35 NIV

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This Place Called Earth

Most have lost or never found the words of the prophets.   They do not know that I control the skies.   The days are now when the lost will be found, if they hear, and till that day I appoint when all that is will be changed.  Many flee but there is no place I cannot find.   Turn now to the words of truth and power, redeeming the moments of your days.  I reward those whose hearts are for the end to see to the new beginning, to know their moments are no longer counted as mere days, but as the seed to an eternal day.

I have spoken through the generations.  I have shown my will in the painting of the night.  I have instilled my secrets in the earth and those things of the earth, in soil and seed, in clouds and rain.  I direct the animals and the insects and all that is great and all that is small.  Have I not the reigns to pull the earth from its place in the sky?

Yet for all the power in the tip of my finger, I hold the earth in its place, orbiting about the sun, sun of heat and energy.  I call to the galaxies and the expanse of the universe and all moves under my hand, that this place called earth is held in the expanse and movement of the eternally expanding heavens.  I called to your breath from birth till death, not eternal death but slumber.  I hold your spirits close, that you rest till the day of my choosing, when the dead shall rise and those alive shall see too, the rising of a new day.

Have you chosen to participate in the new, to have the cloak of a new body?  To rise to the clouds to meet your lord in the air, he who came and went before to prepare a place for you?  Have you love and holy spirit?  Have you known from a child or learned in your days of harvest?  Come, come to the fountain of living waters, come that you might have life.


For I will shake the heavens.

The earth will move from its place

when the LORD of Heaven’s Armies displays his wrath

in the day of his fierce anger.” Isaiah 13:13 NLT

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Your Golden Wrist And Honeyed Tongue

Oh, I am here.  For you have seen, with your faithful eyes, the glory of my son.  Walking in his way, you walk in mine.  My kingdom is of many, and your place is in mine.  Though you walk on the earth and the world swirls about, you still stand within the garden of my place.   Therein is the sanctuary against the beasts and monsters, those spiritual abominations who stride the earth as if their domain.  But you, my own, are in a quartered place, for even the earth is divided in realms not seen by many.  My prophets spoke of many events, some have come and others have yet to be.   Fear not uprisings of the users, for their place will come soon enough.

Focus now on the eternal life that is already, for my power is working within you.  Find those of equal footing, for your brothers and sisters are your fellow warriors who seek you as you do they.  A time is unfolding, this time to the next, for you stand within two places as no other, a place of grace from which life abounds for you abound with favor.  Take this noble event, the one of death to life, which made available the comforter, not of a petting of the head but of anointment to the noble riches of glory.

You must take this refuge, for you are my chosen for this time, take the royal mantle of fellow heirs to the kingdom of many, for the earth is yours because it is my son’s.  The heavens are yours because they are his, the galaxies are yours as is all the places of eternal life, for I have given all authority unto him, the one whose shadow you follow, whose steps you imply to your own.

My chosen, you have yet to know the implications of the power you have received.  First unto the seed of eternal life, then unto the emanation of power that draws to you all that is essential to life and godliness.  All that is essential to life, I say all.  My desire is for your physical strength in health, as it is to your spiritual strength and health, and I want my children prosperous.  It is good to prosper in all you do, so draw that to your life for this is what the naysayers see and will open many eyes, honest work, diligent striving, a light and pure heart and great prosperity.  What more can be an example of my good men and women, my children of light?    And to the discernment of good and evil, you have knowledge and wisdom, and as much as the power within is for good, it is also for those battles that are but a mere flick of your golden wrist and honeyed tongue.  The devils must flee in the presence of my spirit.  They cannot be in the same realm because where you go you go within my kingdom and you go in the name of my son.

If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 14:7 NIV

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To Hear My Voice

You are a chosen vessel because you chose to hear me and to follow in what I have set in order.  My children, I could set all things in order, but you are my lamps, you hold the light to those that swarm about the darkness.  The darkness seeks to envelope the nations, but I have my nation, out of all, that is rising in these days.  To those who will follow my directions, I give all you need to accomplish those great things.  To hear my voice and know it is I speaking and calling and that you do what I ask, for this I have set great courses and deeds and workings.

The tasks for each are varied, for each of you hear and know in different ways, yet you are an integral part of the body, the army of believers who know their leader.  You are leaders who know the way, rising against the storms, the tides, the altering faces of evil.   I ask that you know and prepare always and every day, praying fervently in the spirit, which opens the floodgates to the glory of my power and might.  I will provide great things for those who will to accomplish great things, for greater will you do in this time for the accomplishments of the time to come.

The certainty of your tasks will be clear, if even to know of one step, for many steps follow and I will show the way as you come to me for direction in your day.  Every day is urgent to the cause, to accomplish all you can.  And on those days of rest, you will continue in your prayers in the spirit for these avail much.

To what deeds have no accomplishment you are to cauterize what takes and does not relinquish its own selfish reward, for evil seeks to steal time, energy, and resources.  Yet to those who will to hear, time, love and patience is the key.  To those things of pleasure but no reward, relinquish.  There will be many pleasures such you have not yet seen and known.  Days of reward are those days you hear the angels sing, for they mount up on wings and voice, and the spirit stallions with them in the frays and in the victories, for all battles will be victorious, for victory has already been accomplished.

Time is space and space is eternal as is time.  And all my son accomplished is for now, for your peace, not the worlds for the world knows not peace except its own concept of what it could be.  But you know peace is in your hearts, even to those who have chosen the front lines of life, to seek the inner knowledge, to ask for knowledge and wisdom, to speak in the tongues of the galaxies, to walk on the water of faith, to look into my face and know you hear my voice, to run to those directions I give knowing it is of a great cause.

I give you mighty blessings that you will see great signs, miracles, and wonders in your every day.  Your words will flow with power, even in those places you go without sight yet you will have spiritual sight.  You will see into hearts and minds that your inspired words will touch the inner hearts of the hardened, broken, egotistical, power hungry, poor, dark, murky and all who have ears to hear.

My chosen, my loves of my heart of hearts, I love you with great might for you have heard me.  You have seen your life in the book of instruction, in the generations that spoke of those times that have come.  You know your life was spoken in the words of the lamb.  You heard him call your name and you came.  Know that we make our place with you, in this world as you accomplish those things he did and even greater.  You are rising to the call, in your spiritual acknowledgement of the holy spirit of power that grows and expands as the universe expands, moving faster always for it must to balance the increasing galaxies, to pull and produce the ever generating power and energy, that the earth fulfills its orbits.  To understand the science is but a glimpse, as the earth is but a grain of sand.

This chosen vessel has heard my words, has neared the fulfillment of a season that I ordered, to write these daily words, to learn my voice, to know that other things were to be put in order, to show that I speak, for now I speak to others who read these words and know I appoint you to hear, to speak, to write, to share what I direct, that the accomplishments that must be set in order are so that the day of atonement and glory may be fulfilled.   Hear my voice and fear not to write those things that I direct.  There are many words to come in the days and seasons of which I set the tasks ahead.  But you are my eyes and tongue, my hands and feet.  I give to you swiftness and agility in the days and battles you face, knowing you have been appointed.  Rise, my loved ones, rise to that place you are called.

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The Throne Of Grace

Your confidence is in the words you have taken, in the oath of your faith.  You have heard and believed.  You see the signs, miracles and wonders when you step forward and not behind.   You know the truth has set you into the breeze of freedom, yet you have given your choices of your free will, to follow and act on those words spoken, and set into motion by my son.

There is a forward step, not just of each believer, but also of all who link together in the brotherhood of faith, to march in the victory already won.   The heavens now are the battlefields of spiritual power and might, where my angel armies defeat the untoward spirits that know their end is determined.

To be fellow heirs, you have taken the mantle of a son and daughter of the most high.  There are my chosen of the generations who will be reunited, and you who have chosen your path to be of my first one.  Come to the mountain of glory; come to the throne of grace, look to the skies forever, for you are in the wings of my grace.

Ask what you desire in the name of my one who went before.  Claim those things on earth as they are in heaven, for you call my kingdom to earth and you, who believe, will change the course of life, to save the many whom I know will hear.  Show the power of my might, whether to those who believe but have not manifested their beliefs and to those who have not yet heard of the glory of my power.  You will do those things accomplished by my son, for he showed the way.  You will now heal the sick, you will discern and cast out devil spirits, you will speak with the spiritual tongue in your praise and prayers and for others and for your countries.  You will know the meanings of your utterances in the spirit when you stand amongst the others who will to believe.  You will speak in words of knowledge and wisdom.  You will speak of those things to come in my desire to allow foreknowledge of those things to come.  And you will raise those who time has not yet transformed.

You will dream dreams and see visions, you will hear the angels sing, and see the glint of their motions.  You hold the sword of truth and reason and have prepared, as the great warrior, for that day to come.   Stand sure in your place of freedom, strength and godly power that is of me and not of the world, for you will conquer all to my glory and the glory of my son who sits besides me and to whom I have given the key of the universe, for he was and is the key of the book of life.


Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16 NIV

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The Rising Of The Saints

Of the generations I called a few, of the era I called but a few have heard the charge, to line up in formation toward that day of reckoning.  It comes; it comes swiftly when it does, with no time to step forth preparing for the great battle.  Prepare yourselves each day as though it were the day, as though you hear the horns held up to the skies, as though you see the one, crowned by the glory of the sun.

The moments are sheared to spare, but much work must be done.   The fields must be cleared and monuments of idol worship torn down and pressed to dust.  The wicked will be hunted, who before time were the tormentors.  What was done to others becomes their own demise.

Sharpen the swords of truth, for with these that glint in precisely sharpened edges, will fortresses be distressed and my power be raised to strength.  The waters will divide as truth from error, dark from light, and unrighteous work revealed as every knee is bowed.  Terror will strike many hearts whose glory were their own, melting to heaving ribs, and falling with the waste of their kingdoms.

That day is on the horizon, yet no man knows its moment.  I have set in motion all from the day I called to the light and yet before.  Wisdom followed the course and my word became the call of wisdom, knowledge and light and the light came to be.  I have set all in the motion of the infinite universe, that all should see.  And yet, not all see the light of truth.  They have followed blindly in the ways of the beasts that wandered in bewilderment at their own falling away.  And I chose that my ones have the freedom to follow in the way of righteous strength.

Rise, rise, the call is to the rising ones.  The songs are called in praise and power, hear the voices of my heavenly ones, those who stand in multitudes of union, who sear through the battles of the skies, who stand before and behind and flank my honored children.  Rise to the calling, for you have chosen from the start of your spoken faith, and all who have chosen to follow, follow him now with glory in your hearts.

To glory is the rise, of my loved ones, my cherished warriors who follow the march of the king of kings.  The battle is to save those who would hear.  The battle is for those who know to know, to know fully in the experience of their arms and legs and heart, the power of their voices and the fire of my spirit within.

Stir the mighty gift, praying and singing in power of the spirit.  Call to the lost and wandering in the driest deserts, for they are thankful for the drops of spiritual waters.   Call the idle worshippers, who hover in their cozy places.  Call out to the streets and byways, and palaces and to all who profess their faith.  Come to the rising of the saints.

Hear the noise on the mountains!

Listen, as the vast armies march!

It is the noise and shouting of many nations.

The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has called this army together. Isaiah 13:4 NLT

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From This Vibrant Growth

Below the surface soils, roots are held, nourished, flourishing, till the time of a new shoot that pushes into the light.   And from this vibrant growth, a renewed tree establishes its place, bearing fruit from the abundance of the soils and waters, reaching their sweetness with the warmth of the sun, a tree that expands its canopy, giving to the soils, waters, and air.  Giving of its seed and protection of its full arms.

Of the many trees that stand, not all have their roots held by my hands.   Nations will whither no matter the abundance of their stockpiles.  Others will rise from the ashes of the fires from those roots protected beneath the blanket of my soils.

What is the life of a tree but regenerated birth?  It stands in the way of my design, life that is exponential, energy that continues in the power of my desire, expanding always at the horizon that is always there and then beyond.   Life in its abundance is shown of my trees, full and laden from the sweet breath of rain, dew and gentle wind.  Yet the storms brew and swirl the most tender is also the more resilient.

Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot–yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. Isaiah 11:1 NLT


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Your Words Stand As An Army

Justice will always be served.   The wicked slash about in murky living.  They see their worldly rewards as just but are blind to their own demise.  Power is a drug.  It falsely illuminates one’s grandeur.  It builds upon a foundation that can’t hold its own weight, bearing down unaware till the crooked rocks falter.   There are some who are born to their ways, a seed that has germinated over the many generations, spreading as disease across the lands and seas.   Others come to their thrones, not by means of birth, but choice to allow the dictates of evil to grant them a quick tongue, to hold court and count their conquests and prey.

But evil cannot live in the light of truth, which is glaring and revealing to their ways.  They shiver in the heat of truth, stirring accusations to the innocent.  Be not alarmed by their delivery of lies, for in it they show their true selves.  These are charmers and even delightful in the company of those who love them or seek the grace of their rewards, a gift for accolades, one kiss for many.

And yet within, a times, is a lost and fearful heart.  Fear mounts to build its own fortress.  It rejects truth and asks for lies.  Fear of losing their kingdom cause them to unfaithful behavior, believing their own words in the moment, then casting them aside as waste, they move through the day unaware of the litter they leave trailing behind, mounting to teetering strongholds that will pull them down when the worthless words finally topple.

My faithful ones, be not dismayed at the anvils of the wicked, for my power supersedes all.  None can stand against me.  None can stand against you for you stand with me.  I will call to the angels that battle, who stand as my many heavenly armies to arm you with power and might as your words stand as an army, for each is straight and true and infused with the power of my might, spoken in the name of my one.

Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10 NIV


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Greater Things You Will Do

It is because he told you so.  It is because he spoke and lived my words.  You will do those things he did because you know him and he knows me, so you too know me and hear me.  He is the bond between that there be none between but we are in accord, acting as one, moving as one, receiving as one.

He is the one from the beginning and to the end, for this time will end to give to the time that will not end, time acting as the sieve, shaking the chaff from the wheat.  The gates will open for those who hold the key.  What is the key but the manifestation of faith, the face of the one who knew and came and will come again.  It is the word of life upon your face, it is of the words you hold, and those you confess in the manifestation of your faith.

There are those things I would have you to do, for he did them and he spoke what I offered, of the holy spirit that now is within, that you would mount up in your faith, to take on the full understanding of the power of your words, to speak and that which you say is, to know of those things that are to come that I tell, that you hear and know and speak forth when it is right, not to the counting of cards, but to the mounting of the saints to perfection, righteousness, soundness in spirit, and to the casting of mountains to the seas.   You, who are of the faith, take on the fullness of your faith, believing in full, your own words of glory.   Take those pronouncements to your steps and charge forward to reward, to battle, to action, to healings, to a voice that is filled with the power of my might, doing those things he did and even greater things, for he is with me, and you are in the field of the world and though we are with you, it is of your lips that the blind will see.

It is of the voice of the spirit, those words of majesty, of might, of the tongue of angels and of other worlds and of the spirit of the galaxies and of the places not seen at the edge of eternal space, that is a greater thing.   You who speak with the unfettered graces of love, speak with power, your words building to castles in the air, to tear down the strongholds that rear in defense, yet you topple their resolve to dust, to be blown away by the breath of the spirit.  You hold the breath of the spirit, for I give you the baptism through my one, the spirit of holiness and power.  Speak what I give, never wavering, that my full will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This too is a greater thing.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12 NIV

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To Hear And Know The Way

I am the God almighty; I called to the formation of all that is of holiness and grandeur of the earth.  I created the beauty of the endless sky, yet I have named every light.  I carved the shores that hold the mighty seas; I called to the beating hearts that cry out in their anguish before they are taken to the grave.  I know all thoughts and intentions.  My hand is upon you, my daughter, my son, my child of the earth and the seas.

Your hands hold the mountains and the waters; your hearts are precious to me.  I created all yet willful minds find their own course that only leads to decay.   I cry, I cry for the lost, the lingering doubters, the liberal minds that have lost the true meaning of life.  For what do you pine, the lost souls that prance in the ways to show their glittering jewels?  Or do you cry for the souls that never knew my breath of life.

I cry as the one who called in the wilderness, yet who hears me?  Who truly hungers for great truth, the fruit of spiritual power, the nectar of my breath that I might in flourishing words and drops of golden rain, and with torrents of words awash in the colors of the seas, the skies, the arc of the sky give you all my love.   My love for each of you knows no bounds, is as bountiful as the eternal waters, is deeper than the depths of the waters of the heaven.  No bounds are held to the flow of what is stored in my heart, to hear your voice in the spirit, to know your faith has grown to step out into thin air, yet I hold you tight.  To speak, yes speak for me, be my voice now in the desert.  Call, for I am calling yet only a remnant hears.

Call to the news, for truth is the news for this time.  The panting need of truth has its own cry, bitter, desolate, afraid.   But I would not have you fear for even a hair upon your head.  I will never leave you lonely or allow the gall of bitterness to wound your precious blood, if you allow me to hold your heart.   Call those in the byways, in the halls of commerce and the many places.  Place those words of offering upon the tables of the banquet, for he awaits to come in his time, yet he longs for his fellow heirs to hear and know the way.

You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain.
You who bring good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout,
lift it up, do not be afraid;
    say to the towns of Judah,
    “Here is your God!”  Isaiah 40:9 NIV



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Rise My Warriors, Rise

With what eyes do you see the earth?  There is vision of what is worldly for one who looks to their selfish cause and holds goodness and healing at bay, for then their complaints are justified.  Others see the darkness of death as an end to life.  Their eyes don’t have the sight for the light that leads to eternal vision.  Then there is the veiled promise of hope but this is to see with one eye closed.

My cherished ones, my one has given you sight, has healed the spiritual blindness that covered the earth, that truths hidden in the hems of ropes and in the folds of the earth, and in the hearts of those who heard and saw and knew there was a greater cause, are revealed to all who ask for spiritual understanding.

With your spiritual understanding, you will see visions and know of the call to the fields.  You will hear the voices of my heavenly hosts in perfect resonance that reverberates through the whole of the universe.   The tenor of my words will shake the foundations of the earth and you will know I am the only god of all time, space and all that is created.  And your voices, my true ones, spoken on words of power, will fill the great voids of the earth and those sounds of truth harmonize with the song of my angels.  Hear them rejoice; oh hear the songs of glory, the voices of the glorious hosts of my heaven.  Sing with the hosts and angels whose voices soar over the skies and the seas.   Do you hear the spirit calling?

My holy hearts of my heart, my spirit has filled you to overflowing, that my glory be seen on earth as it is expressed in the heaven.  You fill my earth with my glory, knowing it not of yourselves but I who breathes the fire of true power.   Rise to that place to which you have been called.  Rise my warriors, rise.


They were calling out to each other,

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Heaven’s Armies!

The whole earth is filled with his glory!” Isaiah 6:3 NLT

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Resist The Words Of Retaliation

Works of conviction will come in due time.  The sins of lies are great making a mockery of my words and the establishment of the magnitude of words.  To lie is to undermine justice, to steal, to willingly forfeit the power of truth.  To say you will do this and instead do that dilutes the power of your own breath.   To speak of an offering from your hand knowing in your heart your own selfish intentions, sets your own fields afire, for there is no life in dried utterances.   Towers of lies will topple, crumbling about as dried clay.  The weight of the sinful tongue fills a mouth with bitterness.   Such drag their sins behind them adding much to their own burden.

I have my ways, that my own who seek and endeavor to speak truth, need not carry the scars of another’s lies.  Resist the words of retaliation that may seem sweet for the moment, for they would only turn against you.  Give no place to the one who seeks to undermine your grace, maintaining to prayers and praise in your spiritual thoughts even when facing your mocker.

Your peaceful countenance, the power of your speech, the energized motion of your inner prayers, will avail much, whether to the fright filled sinner’s flight that your stance has convicted them in the heart, or their willful attack that turns their weapon to their own demise.


What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them

with ropes made of lies,

who drag wickedness behind them like a cart! Isaiah 5:18 NLT

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You Can Be Sure Of This

I always hear the words of prayer, whether of one who has claimed their faith, or those who hold the walk of their faith in abeyance for more convenient times, and even of wicked doers who mark their path with blood and thievery yet fear grips their hearts.   I hear the cries of the imprisoned, which have taken lives.   I know the intent of every thought and word.

So, my loved ones, I love you whether you stand or fall. I love you for the path you have chosen in my son even when you have not found the firm footing of my hand that is there but you don’t yet see.   I feel the pain you suffer, for my affirmation is of healing.  If you but allow me to hold your heart, it will find comfort and joy despite loses and fear.

The great comfort you will find is in the surety of eternal life and your time in these bodies are but a flash in time’s magnitude of endurance, for time always was and always will be.  Your spirits are mine and always will be in my keeping, whether you are alive or for those who have gone before you.

Rest my restless and anxious ones.  Step upon step in the life you hold is still precious to me, for you are the light of the world standing brave against the dark hold.  You are redeemed by the blood and are set apart from the world though you walk in worldly places.  Know that what you suffer is soon turned to rejoicing when you see each other’s glorious faces reflecting the light of my one.

A word, a step, a prayer, each takes you closer to the gifts of healing, for this I promised and it is there.   A faith filled sigh is a spark that fires the engines of promise, the comfort of the holy spirit with which you are filled to overflowing.


You can be sure of this:

The LORD set apart the godly for himself.

The LORD will answer when I call to him. Psalm 4:3 NLT


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Knowing The Truth Of Eternal Joy

I hear the voices of those who profess their faith.  Not all are honest with their own words, but strive to better understanding.  Others fall by the wayside for lack of endurance to walk a straight path.  But to those who, of their free will, strive toward the high calling that I have set, follow in the directions you receive, as you avail yourselves to the service of the church.

The true intentions I know, and I give all that you need to run this race against the principalities that seek to usurp my powers and dismantle the great body.  Harbor no thought of fear, casting it away with words of power and assurance, with the name of my son on your lips.

Be armed with the armor of power and the sword of truth, for there is your sanctuary as you stand in the light that holds the force of my holy spirit, and to know it is also within that you might stir the fires and do those greater things.

I am calling those who are now rising.  Look to the heavens, climb to the mountaintops, turn your ear to the sounding of the drums.  The great day stands on the horizon, my son sits on my right hand, his anointment made, and you, my faithful, who march on, the presence of my spirit will separate the waters, will cast aside the unruly spirits, will cause your feet to not stumble, for you do the work begun and to be ended through his hand.

The church has stumbled over the false doctrines that have been the cause of great divides.  Those who have slipped in along side speak in words that mirror partial truth, but fall short, weakening the churches from their due strength.   The weakness that pervades has allowed access to the one who seeks the life and blood to his cause, stirring false accusations, fostering uninhibited acts against the innocent, creating turmoil in the families, dividing precious unions, and honoring those that walk in sin.  Many sins will for be forgiven, in the falling to the knees on that day, of even the wayward who call upon the name of my son.  But for those who have attempted to hide away the key for life and godliness, for those who seek the position of a god, for those who live in the light of their own glory, fear the wrath to come.

“Come,” he says and again he says, “come”.   Come to the fountain of living waters; stand in the river of life, the source of beauty and loveliness.  Come to the life in the walk of a warrior with peace in your hearts knowing the truth of eternal joy.  God’s words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy. 


Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles,  the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. 12Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. 13This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.  Ephesians 4:11-13 NLT

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To My Kingdom

My nation rises from the heap, for most have forsaken me.  My name on their lips is bitter.  For what is the cause of cursing but to destroy goodness of hearts and goodness of the land.    Even the soil wearies of shed words, and sighs in heaves of turmoil.  It will open its belly to swallow the bitterness.  Fires are to restoration and renewal, for from the ashes are the willowy branches sprouted, tender and yielding to winds and rains.

Drink from cisterns and you live another day.  Drink from living waters and you live in eternity.   Curse the land and even you will whither.  Bless the land in your reserve and thankfulness and it will bless you.  Such is the cycle of life and life in rebirth.

Listen.  Hear.  Take in the moments of peace as you rise on a day of life.  Breathe the breath of my holy spirit.   Life.  Spiritual awakening.  Words of life are bountiful.  Take my words as your refreshment, your source of energy and life, for they are life.

Words are manifested to life.  My son was with me in the beginning and he is life for he was the manifestation of my words.  Follow.  Follow his words for he is calling you.   Listen.  Hear him.  Follow him to my kingdom.



If you are willing and obedient,

you will eat the best from the land;

but if you resist and rebel,

you will be devoured by the sword.”                                                                                    Isaiah 1:19-20 NIV

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The Garden Of Life

The course of your life patterned on deeply rooted love.

A yearning to be united with the  love of life,

to taste of the breath, a blossom in spring.


A hand extended, open to the sky.

A world of life upon that palm of spring.

Do you hear the whisper?  “Come”.

He calls you to the garden of life.

Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: cause me to hear it. Song Of Solomon 8:13 KJB

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The Power Of Prayer And Conviction

Even a moment you must claim, when the world’s distractions seize your thoughts. Disturbances you feel in the spirit are not to be covered with distractions of your own, but to open your eyes to the truths of evil turnings, surmising, the fluttering of unholy lips, all that seeks to undermine your resolve and calm.   To these signals raise the greater weapons of advance and not defensive justification, for never do you need to justify your holy position.

When the moments of unease are with you, pray in the spirit.  The power of the unfettered spirit you stir with the motion of faith, walking on the words of the spirit, running with force and holding firm the sword of truth, keeping your countenance calm and sure, your stance firm in your knowledge of the power of my holiness, will turn away the cursing.  For what is a wayward spirit that has found refuge in its host?  It is to find union with others, liars, cheaters, cunning craftsmen with words, yet you see their ways as foolish.

Even the thought of your presence stirs unrest, resistance, hate, for those spirits’ shackles are raised to defend their court.  But they must be banished before you.  They must flee in your sight, the battle is to the host, perhaps unaware, who is bereft of their lost worldly power yet groping for more.   Continue in your firm resistance, casting out the demons in the name of the one, who did not leave you unprepared for you have the power of prayer and conviction.

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Until The Day Breaks

Be clear in mind, heart, and body.  Know you have done all when each day is done.  A day, a journey, each a gift and a step closer to the one you cherish.  My words stream over the spaces of the day, the day’s journey, the journey to eternal breezes, that you would sip of the waters of life, to be redeemed, refreshed, and to know life’s worth.

What is the worth of a day if your bread was not of life?  Life in its fullest account is of what you have endeavored to know and to share, life, breath, words of wisdom and fruit of the spirit, glorious each.  Live in glory with each breath and every step, resisting the resistance and the tongues of evil.  Resist false words no matter how sweet, whether to hear and taste or to offer in social graces, however, you will find the words of kindness and truth to say even to your enemies who will be pricked in their hearts.

Your endeavors to the truth of life are as the wings of the eagle, spread wide on the spiral winds of the sky.   Fly on the spiritual wings of power, words, thoughts and actions, pure of guilt and full of holy reason.  Drink with gracious thanksgiving of the words of life of the words I spill forth.  A breeze, a life, a moment, all pass from one side to the other and no one knows from when it starts to when it ends, for all continue in perpetuity.

To what do you reason in dark moments, but to lift yourselves from the thoughts of derision, for all evil came out of the fear of loss and death and from the greed of unearned reward.   There is no other god, yet the world chooses its’ own.  To seed of perdition will many follow, and for the gilded bowl that holds no water.

Rebuke the adversary and he will flee, draw close to me and he will burn with his own envy.  Watch as the wicked fall by the wayside, for your path is mighty and your words of conviction are truths that sting the wicked seekers, the haters, the plotters, the thieves, not just of what is yours, but of what they should have offered.

But you, my children, need not take the offerings of solace, for putrid are the gains from the guilty.   Take what is offered in honest report when you have earned the rewards of prosperity, even if from the world.   Continue with full assurance of your place, until the day breaks and the shadows are blown away.

Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away, I will go up to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense. Song Of Solomon 4:6 KJB

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Till You See Him Come

Arise early, my daughter, my son.  Arise as the first light glints on the waters, the desert, the treetops.  Arise and seek the one whom you desire, who gives you the fruit of the morning and the day.  For what is it your soul desires?  Yearn, my loved ones, for the stirring of the spirit causes you to seek.  To seek, whether day or night, is to desire knowledge, then greater knowledge, to taste the honeycomb of truth.

Desire that grows draws you to find me, to seek my one who was manifested in the perfect image, upon whom I gave my holiness, my spirit, the power of my creation and love for I did all through him.   Your desire grows to know him, to be as he walked, to find the ways in which he will return for his bride, you, who are the body of seekers, believers, and lovers.

How will you show your ways?  In the utterance of truth, to speak of those things as you have learned.   The key has been shown, to open the many gifts of truths, to see through the glass as the specters clear, for there is no obstacle, no not even death, till you see him come.

Greater things, oh greater things you will do, before the day of rising, for you have tasted of the fruit of truth, you have desired the heart of love, you have craved the golden breath of wisdom, his, mine, now yours.

Go into the world’s kingdoms, for you have been holding the keys, to cast away the seas of doubt and darkness.  Voices rise in spiritual notes, till the foundations of the earth shall shake.  Call forth, my loves, call forth those words of majesty.  My kingdom shall be on earth and all that I have longed for, shall come to be.  God’s words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy.

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. Song Of Solomon 3:2 KJB

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There Is Always Beauty

There are days of clouds and then the sun’s strength pushes the clouds aside.  There are moments of introspection, to see the causes of grief, but then there is the time to shed the grief as the sky sheds the clouds.

For what do you clothe your soul?  The colors of the rainbow will change the pattern of the heart, to thrill, to open your mouths in awe for the precious moments of beauty that fades as does the beauty of a fair one, yet for the beauty that emanates from power of loveliness, there is always beauty.

To walk in the garden clothed with flowing linen white as snow, light as the filament of a cloud, is to be refreshed with the flowers of truth.  Truth never fades and gives in perpetual enjoyment.  To what do your eyes seek?  The golden vessels of wisdom fill the vision with pleasure, knowledge knows its course and it is a delight to walk its path.

To where do you set your steps, the garden, the wilderness, the desert places?  To lean against the garden tree in moments of respite, is to find refreshment beneath its canopy, a calm of shade, fruit to wet the lips, to breathe the fragrant garden flowers; truth, wisdom, knowledge, the sweetness of my garden’s breath.

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; Song of Solomon 2:11 KJB

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Till The Gathering Together

There are many loves, the love of country, fellow citizens, and fellow heirs, for king, for truth, for strength; the ways of one to another in the union as set by me, to be together as one; to be of the body, the bride, longing for the return of the groom.  In days of the generations, the groom gathered his bride and their journey was to his father’s house where rooms were specially prepared.

I set much in order of the body, whether of man and woman, or of the body that is of my life, life that is of my children, for isn’t the life of a father given to his own in seed, blood and kisses.

There are kisses for the king, the ground before his feet, a hem, a scepter, an extended hand the greater honor.  Yet in this time, the priests, the kings, the prophets, are no longer the silver cord to heaven for my son came to be all those, to teach, to show the way, to wash the feet of those who served and followed.

You yearn for the kiss of his love, for it is of healing, truth, and strength.  His kiss is on the truth of his lips, in words and the records of those things he did, that you might know the way to the purity of your ways.  To strive, to love, to kiss others with the truth is to follow his steps.   To know the intimate power of the kiss is to breathe one another’s breath, as I kissed you with my breath, that you flowered to a life to be a reflection of my creation.

I created a man and I created a woman to be the reflection of the bride and the groom, which is my son in glory and the church of love, to show the perfection of a union one with another.

Be inspired by the manifestation of my will, by the kiss of a lover whether in life or the last kiss of the letting go till the gathering together.


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Song Of Solomon 1:2 KJB

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Breathe The Air Of Heaven

As you look to the heavens, you will see the new sun and the new moon, for all things will be prepared for that day.  As you look to the expanse of heavens, you will see my son, who prepares a place and eternity is already in the heavens.  And you will join him who believed and you will follow where he has gone for he is coming back.  The clouds hold the rains but the spirit bodies, glorious in their ascension, will be in the clouds with the king.  Follow his voice, for you know in the spirit when he calls your name, you will rise from your slumber, those who have gone to the grave, and those who are alive will wonder and leap for the joy that their name is in the book of life.

And you see whom you are in the words, manifested in body and spirit.  And you know, the way to the eternal place is through my son.   Know him and you know me.  Do those things he did and you will do even greater, for you now have the knowledge of spirit, to call to those things that are not and they will be.

Does not your heart lift when hear his name?  My heart soars when what you claim is in his name, for I have given reign over my kingdom, and you, my children, whether asleep or running, you are fellow heirs.  I have appointed you so because you chose the way and knew before I called the lights in heaven, you would walk and breathe the air of heaven.

 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.     John 14:3 NIV

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To Meet The Lord In The Air

To rejoice or to sadness, it is human.   Yet in the spirit of your hearts, you rejoice, knowing the truth resides inside, that your lives are but a moment, yet precious in my sight.   For I would have you to live abundantly in the fruit of the spirit, and though there is death of your bodies, there is not of the spirit.  In this know your joy is not untold, for the angels sing, not of the lost to the life of the soul, but to the soaring ascension of the spirit.  Then in the twinkling of an eye, shall all who know open their eyes to glory to meet the Lord in the air.

The time is mine that all will rise, yet not all will join in the walk through the gates of my eternal city, prepared for those who professed their faith in the one who came, gave of his blood and rose again in his glorious splendor.  For this you are reserved to the redemption of what has past.   Go forth in knowing, full well, your rights as fellow heirs to the one.  Live life in its glory as you run the race for the prize of the high calling to which you have been called.   God’s words of wisdom and knowledge.


Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words. I Thessalonians 4:17-18 KJB

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In The Eternal City Of Light (In Honor Of Millie)

I take the spirit; a journey that is of light, for my spirit is yours and all who are of me return to me till the day of the rising. There is no memory of the grave, for only the body goes beneath, but the spirit rises to be with me. There is sorrow for the ones to have gone ahead, but no greater sorrow is there than for those whose hearts were never saved, though I see the pure. For those who know the way, there is also joy, a deep knowing of the truth of what will be.

Comfort yourselves when you know the truth, when truth abided in your loved ones whose bodies have let go of soul life, but know this, their spirit soared with the angels, whose flight was to me. A quiet and sleeping spirit rests in peace.

Slumber my loved ones in my arms of peace. I will give thee of your new life, that of eternal bliss and splendor, in the eternal city of light, with the king of kings, my son, who went before you to prepare for eternity.  Rest my child.

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12:7 KJB

He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. Luke 1:16 NIV

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Where Dark Spirits Roam

I am not seen yet you know me.  You know the works of my hand and the words of my breath.  You see my ways across the sky; the touch of my finger has brought the trail of stars.  I offer the rain filled clouds and the light of the sun.  All about you I have placed those offerings of loveliness and awe.  To follow the son is to know his words were really spoken; yet you have not seen him in the body.  To have faith is to breath the spirit of my faith, given to you for all that pertains to life, as my word was manifested so is my power, for I would not have you lacking.

The mantle of faith will cover from the rules of ungodly doctrines, though you live in the world of unrest and sin.   More unrest is to come in the days and years ahead, for this is the way of the world, not as I set those things in order, but in the willful fall of man from the protection of my kingdom.  The loosed spirits have spread, taking part in the wayward, flourishing in cells of misdeeds, seeking always the weakness, those places where too many live unaware, until the time has passed to close the gates.

I see sunrise coming over the plains and sands and seas of discord, and secret armies that infiltrate, slithering, dark, groping for strongholds in the lands of democracy and freedom.  The trail leads through those places of blackened gold, and deposits that call to the greedy leaders, seeking the means to pocket profit for the proliferation of their religious ways.   Battles upon battles must be met with force and the foundation of spiritual certainty that only is from above.

Watch for those who seek a seat of power, watch their words and study their histories, are they for the people or are they working, even if unaware in their ignorance, for the mechanisms of sorcery, the lighted in worldly glory yet lacking in the spiritual understanding as pertaining to the one truth, for all else is counterfeit and lies.

You, my cherished and lifted, have looked to me with faith filled eyes, knowing my one will come again, knowing you have a place in the kingdom of light and freedom and fullness of life everlasting.  You, who seek my heart, ask for knowledge and wisdom, that you wonder not in those desert places of illness where dark spirits roam, without the protection of my heavens armies.

Pray fervently in the spirit, for this avails much in the calling of my kingdom that you walk in the garden of my delights that storms do not sway your freedom for joy and rightful living, and upholding the torch of love and truth.   God’s wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy.

For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV

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Sharpness Of Your Spiritual Vision

The dominion of darkness operates at many levels.  There are hierarchies of the fallen one, who was an angel of light and fell, of his own-charted course, to a dark place, taking with him like-minded minions.  Watch with sharpness of your spiritual vision, for around you are the workings of the one who seeks to cast dark shadows, even unto death, about you.  The jabbering ones flit here and there, they mingle in along side as though a convert or even a citizen of your holy gatherings, places of commerce, villages and countries.

These have been scattered about the whole world, seeping into places of freedom for the eventual rise of the death of freedom, that the angel of light that fell to rule the dominion of darkness seeks to rule all.  Watch, I say, and stand guard.  Leaders of the gathered nations must stand against the sway of infiltrations.  The southern places that lie near to the northern places are most vulnerable to the settling of quiet factions till the rise of a northern explosion.

But I have called the saints to a great cause and brought you out from the dictates of darkness, that darkness has no hold or jurisdiction over you, and I have brought you to the kingdom of light, the place of my son who was the manifested man of light for he was of me.  Claim my kingdom to earth, in the name of my one.  Loose the shackled that will to be in the light of freedom.  Neglect not the gift, for what cause did my son suffer if you relinquish your rights, and your rights are to the power of holy spirit.  Pray fervently in the spirit and in your will and faith, great things will be done on earth as they are in heaven.  God’s Prophecy


For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Colossians 1:13 NIV

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Talk To Me As He Did

Write these words as I breathe and speak to you; words of heavens ways, words of desires, words of extinction.   I have buried many treasures that none have known.  My mysterious ways are not revealed in their fullness, forever you will have the desires to seek, to know, to gain knowledge and wisdom, for this is the quest.  Expansion of knowledge fits the expansion of the universe or else all becomes quiet and stillness turns to darkness.  The powers of expansion generate more energy, light, and the vibrations of truth and love.   Darkness can only fall in upon itself.  Darkness must steal, kill, and destroy to gain its energy and life.

Many words were spoken by my manifested life, my son of light, of the true and lasting light.  Many words passed his lips, the utterances of the spirit as he gained in knowledge and wisdom, a wealth of righteousness the world has never known.  Yet those words abide in the secret places of the earth and of the many worlds beyond the earth, some to extinction not of the power of the voice, but of the casting away of the spirits of giants, till those rogue waves fall to eternal extinction.

My ways will abide and rule, for there are rules of the universe you know not of, yet I show you in the many folds of truth and in the mountainous regions whether above the seas or below.  Growth, shift, and expanding energies flow from the core of my creation.  Does not the baby in its mother’s womb grow and expand, energy flowing to form a perfect finger, lips, beating heart?  Energy flows and regenerates on its own motivation.  Your energy too will flow with excitement and daring, not to the foolish antics of bravery, but to the abandonment of fear, the relinquishing of hesitations.

Go forth, my chosen, for you have been the seed of my heart from before the time I created the orb of life.  I knew you would come into the world, of the dust of the earth but not of the world.  I knew whose knee would bow to honor the one truth.  I knew whose lips would say, “I believe.”  Such simple words, yet the most sacred vow of the forever and the almighty power that I hold and that I am.  And to that believing comes the ever-expanding faith, on the ascension of my son to the manifestation of that which he came to reestablish.

Ask in his name, the glorious one, heal in his name, call out the spirits that hide and slither and lie and steal and do so in his name, for in that power will they quiver and flee.  Talk to me as he did.  Show others the way of life, for life is for those who believe and believing comes by hearing and hearing my words of life.

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The Light Of Holy Spirit

It is a day to see the means of light.  What is light?  It is the energy of love and power.  It was manifested when I called it to be that you would know the power of the word spoken with faith and to know the thrust of a holy love that would build a universe for its object.  And to the manifestation of my word in the birth of my begotten, such love he lived in his sacrifice and faith that I would be able to give to him regenerated power of his new form, one of light, and his return will fill the skies with his light.

The words you have studied and learned to manifestation of your faith, they are the utterances of light, to say you believe in the one who died and that I raised him again on the third day, are words of love because faith is the source of love.

To love those words that I have given is to know them in the experience of your life.  Do signs, miracles, and wonders follow?   See with your spiritual eyes then, allowing the gifts of light to manifest, to direct, to speak with searing conviction, to turn a wayward heart to the festival of light.

Love is in the utterance of the spirit, holy words as you pray and offer praise.  Those sounds resonate in the soul, on the tongue and to the outmost parts of the earth and the skies.   They fill my treasuries with the light of your faith that I might fill yours with the light of my grace.

To know, to understand with a spiritual understanding, is to accept those things you have not seen then you will see more.  As your understanding deepens, so does your vision of those things that are obscure to the casual reader of the book of life, or even the diligent scholar who only allows the words into the mind and not the heart.   Study to show yourselves approved, to be leaders of one or of many, for I desire leaders who know that they serve the one true god, who know to serve others you must be strong yet humble.

And the light of holy spirit will beam from your life, in words, in actions, in strengths and convictions.  You will be energized with faith, love, and passion.  You will see signs, miracles, and wonders.

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The Paths Of Words And Life

I will fill your words with presence, that what you might utter be the manifestation of truth, to power of healing.   Yet if your voice quivers with reticence, hold the words of your tongue that you not speak in trepidations.  Open your eyes to the book of life and truth, and behold the powers of which I brought through the many generations, till that day my only begotten came in to the world to show you the way and the truth.

He spoke that you might have a voice, that you too would speak forth and move the mountain that blocks the way.  He showed you the manifestation of words in power, in his birth, his endurance of three days to fulfill the prophecies, words powered aforetime in those who believed, and in his rising again, breaking the shackles of death’s grip.  What sin was committed in the relinquishing of the ordinance of life eternal, yet life has been restored and sin redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

Now it is of your walk, the manifestation of what you have learned, to know in the full experience of holy spirit, not just of the words you study and memorize and repeat, but to the full life of walking in the spirit as did the one you profess to follow.

My finger pricks those hardened hearts, that you would see my great desire, to walk as my son, to do those he did, for through him, I have restored the connection to spiritual life, that your bodies be a living temple for what I am.  Come to the table of life as though an innocent child.  Your sins and ways have been forgiven.  Yes, you accept this and I ask that you now accept the power of my spirit.

Rise and lose the tongue of many worldly fears, and allow my spirit to come forth.  Speak boldly of those things that I will tell, for I am beside you, giving those words, thoughts, and inspirations.  And I will tell you of things to come, and I will show you many spiritual truths hidden in my book for life, for therein are all that pertains to life and all that pertains to godliness.

Allow not the spirits that bind to close the gate to your heavenly right for you are my chosen and I give you freely of what I am as your spiritual father and I give you holy spirit that you might save others, and heal the bodies, and discern the unclean spirits that your words of power cast them away.  And yes, I will give to you voice of knowledge and power and wisdom, and to see and know of things to come for to some I give the light of future vision, not to choice of one child over another, but in my wisdom, I have already known who will have the will to hear and to open their mouths with conviction that I will give the words.  Such is the faith of my son walking upon the waters that he settled to rest with the words I gave.

But this you need to see and know, that your words must hold truth in each sound, that your understanding be exercised by the diligent study of the words that were already written, that you live and walk with truth.

You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.’ Acts 2:28 NIV

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The Plains Of Eternal Grace

There is a harmony of prayers that rise up to my ear.

It is the voice of my ones who know the gates are there.

Enter with words of faith that manifest to thanksgiving,

offer a gift of praise as honey on your lips.


I know the voices that rise each day,

as the sun lights up the skies.

And open are my gates of love for those who know my ways.


Come if you are faithful.

My temple is just beyond the gate.

Claim your rightful place,

on the plains of eternal grace.



Enter his gates with thanksgiving

and his courts with praise;

give thanks to him and praise his name.  Psalm 100:4 NIV


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A Grace Filled Life

Much that man conjures from his worldly ways, is instigated through the meaningless pursuits of vanity, believing he is greater than others and abhorring the understanding that even he needs a redeemer from such sinful ways.

Gold and glory become the goal post and if not achieved in its own time, the fall is costly.  If achieved and lost the fall is crushing.   But to seek me first, to plant your seed of thanksgiving as you rise and know that I have blessed your day, is to enjoy each moment filled of spiritual gifts.    Life is then given to joyful labor, to rejoice and enjoy the fruit there of.   If labor is endured only to the end reward, then what is a day but a burden?   What folly it is to toil without joy but with eyes only on what toil acquires.

Yet I would that you prosper in all you put your hand to, committing your works to me that I may set your ways.  If a full day of striving were taken in the strides of a righteous worker, why would I not cause your seed to abundance?   Keep careful thought of each moment’s motive.  Yes, to plant is to plan, yet keeping your eyes on the prize of eternal life rather than the prize of gold or noble anointment is to be gracious.

Your thankfulness and praise of the riches of the earth are wonderful, for the beauty is to be enjoyed of no cost.  The stars I scattered across the skies are for all eyes.  The birds fly where they may and all may hear their song.  Keep from shouldering greater and unnecessary burdens that your eyes be always to the ground, for then you will miss the true riches of life that abound for those with eyes to seek them.

Bless others with your spiritual prayers, without seeking recompense, for that is of me, your father who sees and knows all your utterances whether of words or thoughts.   Redeem the time, not wallowing in past disturbances that steal your thoughts and energy, but looking forward, striding with strength, a spring in your steps that propels to a gracious and grace filled life.


Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God. Ecclesiastes 5:19

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Plant Your Seed In The Morning

Your first seeds are those given to your time of prayer, thanksgiving, and study.  Do you rise when you see the first glimmer of light?  Light is the energy of seed, whether of the earth or of the spirit.   Allow your spirit to flourish with the regeneration of my words, my seeds of life.   And follow those words and steps of my one, who came and went before that you might have life eternal.  He was and is the seed of life and the birth of my words and he spoke my words.

To understand the cycles of seed and birth is to know the power of the spoken word, the faith of words spoken, to speak that which you know of truth, to know I spoke truth and it was manifested in light, and in the earth, and in the seeds of the earth, and in the seed of life and life.   Know this, all that I speak is of truth and truth was manifested in my book for life and in the life of my begotten.  Now, it is manifested in my children of life and faith, for you have spoken those words, and believe in your heart that he came, and died, and rose again, that your sins be forgotten for they have been forgiven, and that you might have the seed of life, that is of eternal spiritual life.   It is now that you have the seed, that you might do those things he did and even greater.   Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. I Corinthians 12:1 KJB

Fear not to speak with the tongue of the spirit, for you will utter things you would not know, yet the interpretation is given when your words of prayers and praise are offered before others that they would know and be edified.   Resist not the inspired words given of the holy spirit, for it is of me and I am working a mighty power energized by love, for all you do must come from the love of righteous behavior and the love of the brethren and all who would come to the power of the truth and even of those who love you not.

Allow wisdom to flourish in your words of power and truth, seeking for greater knowledge and adding to knowledge more and you will find greater wisdom, and my holy spirit is energized within you that you would speak of prophecies and knowledge.   Reach out to heal, for to some you hold the gifts of healing, yet all have the same power of holy spirit, you might stir one manifestation or another, for all you accept and work is of your will given freely to mine.  Cast out devil spirits for you have discerned their ways, and finally my children reach out your faith and you will raise the dead to life.

Be as my son, follow his ways, speak his faith, walk on the water of your faith, opening your mouth and loosening the tongue of power and the voice of my spirit, that you might rise up and call many to the fold of eternal life.

Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another—or maybe both.  Ecclesiastes 11:6 NIV 

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You Will Find The Universe

To understand the senses you have known lack and loss, abundance and gain. It is wise to seek the understanding of decay, yet to know the abundance of life. All under the sun is to train your spiritual minds to the vast knowledge of my universe, and to understand that you will never know all my ways and means.

Yet I give you to see the patterns of the structures of molecules, atoms, the formation of seed bearing trees, the flow and nature of water, the crystals that build with a freeze, the dilation of life and breath. Breath is the beginning of all matter. I said, “Let there be light”.

I alone created a universe, a platform of time and space, matter, spirit and power that have no beginning and no end. To know day I gave night. And the spirit that moved against me, who sought my position as a creator became the imposter. I gave freedom of will, not only to my chosen in the garden, but to the spiritual angels who sing out along side me, who call into the vast vacuum of the galaxies with their perfect harmony.

Now is there a tumble of adversity in the skies, the demonic breath attempts to usurp the breath of my spirit, my spirit beings, my human beings. The battles are mounting to steal light, but darkness cannot hold light except for my night that holds the light of my stars and moons and vast array of heavenly bodies.

My breath alone fills the vacuum of the expanse, my finger holds the earth in its orbit, because I caused the beginning of energy, the birth of energy that turns and builds and expands. And the universe is made to pull against the orbits in its expansion and so energy, as life, is ever expanding and never comes to an end. Breath and breeze of light, it comes and goes and returns again.

You will feel and know my breath in your spiritual senses, as you seek and gain and build knowledge of my book of life. Within you will find the universe.


Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2

Vanity – This word הבל hebel, or, when used as a proper name, in Genesis 4:2, “Abel”, occurs no less than 37 times in Ecclesiastes, and has been called the key of the book. Primarily it means “breath,” “light wind;”

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A Heavenly Garden

The division of a family, or the division of a nation, is caused by the same factors of variance.  Strife and fear causing a shift, one blames another for lack.  Truth is now dark and sins have changed to glory. The children run amok when there are no wise words, when leaders speak in lies, when truth is stolen from the coffers.

Freedom is costly.  One claims that words cannot be stolen or hidden.  Another grants self defense is an offense.  Yet the words and images are free to quell the innocence of young minds and fracture them to overloaded impulses of violence, numbing the natural senses of desire.

Freedom in a nation that no longer holds up my words as truth, but has quieted those words of prayer, yet words are still caught up in freedom’s squall, have squandered the rewards of freedom and have given in to the fear of reason. You have heard the voices that use truths in untruthful arts.

What saves these generations who know not the arts of mating, whose needs are immediate feeding of shortened desires, not just of the young, but also to those who have fallen to the unaccountable ways of self justification and self gratification?   The seeds of allure and love are cast away rather than nurtured and savored.  The ways in which I created two to be as one, has been altered to the reams of fast food, flickering eyes that cannot focus in what is before them, and seeking the pulse of instant nourishing.

Therefore, I say to those who desire the rewards of righteousness, the true nourishment of truth, the stunning beauty of growing love; you must relinquish the ways of the world and seek my ways, not to the turning off of progress, but to the utilization of progress in right ways.   A quieted mind is the beginning of prayer, to allow my words to sing and carve new pathways of thought and desire.  To beam the power of a holy love that you attract those of my desire.  Two who live with righteous words on their lips, whose light is from above and not the harsh glare of a world gone to chaos, will live in a world not of the world, but of a heavenly garden.

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Come My Faithful

Can you hear the spirit calling to a rising of the saints?

The march of righteous soldiers is filing in the ranks.


Come my faithful warriors,

there is much work to be done.

Add your voice unto the prayer,

to call to right and reclaim the ground

I created for the blessed.


You are my holy children to whom I give my spirit,

in holiness and powers with love that conquers all.


The flight of spirit warriors, will meet you in the race.

Join their song of victory, that evil has no place.

Prepare your eyes for battle, knowing what was before is done,

look straight ahead to glory,

Truth blazing from my son.



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Hear The Voice Of Strength

Drinking, drugging, lying, stealing, lust to fill your mouth and bowels, and mound the flesh about your body; all the things the waster wants you to do.  It is sinful to be unproductive but the activity of evil seeks an even darker path than the unfruitful works of fear or of laziness.  All take from the abundance of those who believe to love you even in your darkest days.  It takes from the abundance of your nation that strives to hold to liberalities way.   The dealers of death are glorified in their work; they build hierarchies of distribution, armies of cavorters and hold fistfuls of cash and firearms for their power.  It is to these gods that the sinful pay their dues.

To put off the relinquishing of unearned rest and sinful pleasures for tomorrow, is to live for a tomorrow that is always on its way.  There is nothing material in the futile words of saying, “I am going to”.   It is even worse to grasp the identity of the light and, as the dog that returns to its own vomit, seek to go back to your old ways.   Then the enemy is given a greater reward in the return of your soul to his will.  He delights in those traps stacked to fall in perfect unison.

Give no place to the adversary, and he will have no authority in your life.  Your thinking must be clear, your heart must be cleansed, your intentions must be manifested in true actions.  Your actions must be sure, straight, unhindered by even the thought of idleness.  You must abhor those attitudes of mundane thinkers and seek the company of doers, if they will have you in their midst, for you must prove your worthiness in your own achievements.

Hear the voice of strength.  It calls you to the light of forgiveness.  Let go of your old ways today, and then you will grasp the promise of tomorrow.  Step into the fold of knowledge, it is there always at your request.  Ask for wisdom and in times way, the knowledge you seek will grant you vision.   Peace than you shall find.

When people’s lives please the LORD,

even their enemies are at peace with them. Proverbs 16:7 NLT

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A Nation Gone Astray

There is a rush of bitter breeze that no one hears.  It flitters over the sands and it slips across the waters.  It seeks a harbor in fertile lands, to steal, to spy, to creep in along side.   It will leap up at untoward moments leaving behind a wake of havoc.  Strange as it may seem, it exercises its freedom to roam and rave, this breeze that is forensic.  It solves its own crime and morphs to another form, sniffing along the pavements to widen a crack a gash.

To what do I attribute this maligned cloud of divisive ways?  You know the scent of evil, yet as a mighty nation you believe your shores are hearty.  The gates are wide open except for a few who watch with spiritual discernment.   A leader goes astray with words that falter in a wasteland.  The nation of seekers looks to other places for reward of their alms, yet they teach not the children of disaster.

Just peer into the cities of bleakness; the sins of its fathers are mighty.  They build palaces of commerce then turn away from the slums that are left behind.  Giants seek to rule the land in the preciousness of what lies beneath the soils.  I have hidden many treasures below the surface of the land.  But the land too is of great value, yet the giants seek to poison the resources that will save a nation, when multitudes of the world will come, as wind filled with dust and sand and locust, to take the fertility of the land.

Be wise.  Choose wise leaders.  Speak aloud of the rape of the land of plenty.  The time of famine across the world is creeping near.  Nations will seek land and water.  They will harness the debts for reward of governing who will eat the corn and wheat, but this will be a relinquishment of final freedom.  Not even the farmer will be able to shoo the poachers, coyotes, and ravenous rabbits.

I call to the mighty nation of waters and vast lands and mountains and all that I have given for prosperity and beauty, a place that my truths might flourish, heed this call of the wild, the angels forces await their orders, to bar the sea shores, to link arms over the fresh waters, to blow away the ravenous beasts.


When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.
    But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. Proverbs 28:2 NLT

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“Silence! Be still!”

Imagine the silence of the quieted wind and calmed waves.   The only sounds are the soft movement of the boat sitting on the waters.  The voice of my son reverberates in the minds of his disciples, stunned at the miraculous power of his words.  “Silence! Be still.”    Those with fear shake for even the storm that has not yet come, but if your heart is calm so will seem any turbulence.

Faith replaces fear.  Faith comes by hearing my words.  My words are filled with power as he showed. “Silence!” and the wind closed its mouth and held its breath.   “Be still!” and the waves obeyed the command and relinquished their aggression.

NOW are these words to take to your heart.  Now is the time to plant seeds of power, for there are many seeds of fear that seek to root.  As tares in the fields of wheat, one cannot be discerned from the other till their cause is evident in destruction of the crop.   The lies of the world are insidious, slipping in with truth, adjusting truth by shades.  The liar is practiced in the arts of deception; showing life in carefree living, calm waters that belie the treachery beneath.

Quiet those first notations of disturbance, reticence, lies that would blossom into heavy creatures.  Cast away the beginning notions of unbelief, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

In the absence of prayer and words of life spoken with conviction, is the invitation to the sower of discord, to derision, sorcerous probing.   Then has the gate been open to a gang of violence, coming as storms to destroy, steal, and kill.   If my people give up the voice of truth, they have given over their rightful inheritance of power.

For what then was the life of my word manifested to the person of Jesus, who walked upon the waters that obeyed his commands?  He came that you might have life AND that you would have life eternal.   Life is the word you live.   Choose the words of power.  They are right there for you in my book for life.   Use those words he used because he came that he might show you.

39 When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm. 40 Then he asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”  Mark 4:39-40 NLT

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The Enterprising Way

To be enterprising is to take your situation and create a better one.  A poor man can mend his roof, if he is clever and keeps an eye out for the perfect cast away.  To sit in your well swept garden is refreshing at the end of a day.  Even a branch can be a broom and the sky covers everyone.   The enterprising keep the corners of their home free of dust, always ready for company, for who knows when an angel of the Lord might seek a place to rest.

To enterprise on the day is to redeem the moments, not resting idle without thought of action but to have already planned the steps of profitable activity.  Rise to plan your day.  The disciplined have planted their seeds early and are ready for the rains; they reap while others scratch their pockets.

I seek those who are ready for action by being in action, being in synchronization with the light, activating their thoughts with dedication to prayer and knowledge, building on knowledge that I am able to secure for them a more excellent way, excelling in their race, then reaching for the stars at the end of the day.   What way is more satisfying then to reflect on a day well served with gratefulness?

To be of the enterprising way is to find your strength each day in the fullness of your faith, for there is where I might fill you to overflowing that the resources of your energy and thought and money might be multiplied, that you might find favor, and honor.   I am the eye that sees and the ear that hears.  I know the intentions of every seed of thought whether to spend the time in distress for lack or to look up and allow favor to show the way to gain.

Those too lazy to plow in the right season
will have no food at the harvest.  Proverbs 20:4 NLT

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The Hammer Is In Your Hand

The integrity of a man or woman is in their words and the actions that follow.  Men have many faults, but the sin of faithful words followed by unfaithful actions is a discordant seed within.    There is errant energy in the conflict of words and actions.  It begins in the core, the place of life and expectancies.

If there is unfruitfulness in a life, a man needs to reverse his thinking in not finding blame beyond his own doorway.  What thoughts were manifested to building words but the manifestations of action fell short?  Great is wisdom and knowledge if not made to be idle.  If you speak of what you will accomplish, the accomplishment is always afar if actions are not immediately taken.   If you say, “I will do this” and what it is you will to do is right, it is only good if you follow the course of your inspired words.

I offer always an abundance of inspiration and desire to achieve, to build a strong and fruitful life, to be a man or woman who exhibits those strengths of a firm voice.  Be not as the talkers at the tables of exchange, who say this and that and then do that and this.   At the least they have acted, though seemingly not in a fair exchange, yet their cohorts do the same and all ends in peaceful hands.    But for one whose life is said to be built on faith and knowledge, so much more is expected for much has been given.

Your words manifested in the language of action are essential to the core of the faith seekers who watch for inspiration to learn, to follow, to find the path to an energized power because their words of confession to the birth, death, and resurrection of the lamb, is the acceptance of the great gift.

Neglect not that gift that is within.  Your words now have energized power to exceed what you formerly believed.  It is now that your actions are to be the manifestation of that power, to heal, to know, to speak in wisdom and knowledge, to act on the knowledge you have studied and the knowledge you are given as you run forward.

It is you who plants, but I shall give the abundance.   It is you who speaks forth, but I will give you the words.  The hammer is your hand, and I shall show you the fruit of your labor.  Ask, knowing it will be given.


Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you, which was bestowed on you through prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the presbytery. I Timothy 4:14 New American Standard

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Walk With The Wise

The fool tears down what others build up. He sees himself greater than he is and fills his belly with self-rewarding treats.  He believes he is so worthy, that others should wait on his desires.  A fool is puffed up and looks often at his image, overflowing of his own admiration.   He allows for others to pay his way, believing it is his due. He puffs up others with mesmerizing words, that they become his minions.  A foolish companion is fun, but watch when he puts his arm about your shoulders.

The wise seek to walk with those who are wiser, knowing when not to speak and loving the words to which they listen.   They abhor the murmurings of liars and turn away from the self-indulgent who lie to their own image.  The wise have and know to give to those in need.  The fool gives a penny to those from whom he seeks worldly treasure.  The wise build up others with unencumbered words.  What is the value of a fool’s flattery if you must pay?   When they laugh too heartily at your jokes, haven’t you purchased their drink?

With whom do you choose to walk?  Look closely at those who profess their friendship and brotherhood.  What they are is what you will become.  It is far wiser to forgo gaiety if at the bottom there is nothing.  There is gain to leave the fools to their own ways and strive for the reward of a greater path, to seek men and women whose treasures are of their hearts.  You will know them by their fruit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Hear this my wandering children, your ways are not justified by your strife.   Yet you have followed in the silky paths of the foolish, your hearts might be mended by your return to the ways of the man of life, the one who grants freedom from sin, not just of mocking another, but of not hitting the mark of righteousness, of not running the race to attain the prize.    What is a life if it is not well lived in the path of light, right understanding, great knowledge, and the pursuit of wisdom, enduring till the end that you would have life eternally?

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Proverbs 13:20 KJB

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The Disciplined Life

Time will run away from the lazy, shrinking their days that even to rise becomes onerous.  A little more sleep, a little less profit.   Slothfulness is a heavy load to bear.     There is a spirit of laziness that permeates, easy at the first taste.  Shoes off kind of rest that is only rest when there has been toil.  The factions of the land of plenty scorn those who come to labor with little rest, yet teach not those of natural birth the rewards of labor.  There are waves of generations whose parents have nurtured their innocence toward work, rather than raising them in knowledge.

Spontaneous reward is a goal.  Shiny new things beckon from every corner.  The gathering places for families are like gravesites in my eyes, where life is no longer lived but watched from hypnotized eyes.   Here is the conundrum; the material world on display is not attained by sitting on atrophied minds and muscles.   The voices heard are of false character and words.  No longer are conversations and communications fulfilling, and the minds grow narrower.

There are fewer disciplined minds; a small handful of children taught the hard work and rewards of learning.  What will become of a nation of so many, when so few will have the capacity to achievement?   The strands of attention shortened to moments will be the downfall of freedom, for few will understand the impact of changes that will mounted by the strong and of those who were taught by the foreign tongues and lashes of their mothers and fathers.

But there is a fragment of time, to seize, to redeem and to return to the disciplined ways of the fathers, not only of a great nation for they called this nation to be indivisible and under God, but those of the generations of my histories; the kings and the prophets who gathered and worked and strived to great knowledge and understanding.   Take the opportunity to teach your children well, the rewards of honest and hard work, showing them the fruit of a disciplined life.

It is time to turn from the glaring frame of distortion and turn to me, to each other, and share the histories of my book for life, creating a home of light, thought, new ideas, plans for education, and the righteousness of striving to be fruitful sons and daughters of the most high god.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 12:1 NIV

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Qualities To Lead

I have spoken of the issues as they relate to those of great qualities, attainable to all who would choose the office of leadership, whether of governments, commerce, or for the benefit of the believers.    I speak not of condition to the world’s measures, for the world has exalted grave sinners to be spokesmen, statesmen, honored men and women who abhor a truth they take not even notice of.

Sinners cannot revere the greater truths of life unless they obtain truth by hearing and believing.   So the world continues to expound and expand its own glorious nature, one that justifies and exults the beast rather than the creator.  Sins are not greater in magnitude but greater in numbers because of the populations that grew and many more hosts were added to the coffers of evil.

Now the cause is greater as the strain between good and evil mounts to severe battles.  But my chosen, my cherished children, you have mounted on the wings of eagles with your chosen words of faith and surety.  Know that you are in my kingdom and my will is done in my place and with those who have committed their allegiance to the one, the king of all kings who holds the rule of all the earth under his hand.

Now there is a grave task at hand, for the nation of great waters and prosperity is at the watering hole of depravity, unholy sanctions, and the glorification of sorcery that the children no longer know right from wrong and truth from error.   Speak out now of the cause for true leadership.  Teach those who have found great positions that true leadership means service, not of their egos and puffed up versions of position, but of ministering as if to an ailing church.   It means to speak with such solid truth in every single utterance and letter and dot, that the words have power, that all in the land will hear and know they are inspiration and not harassment to those who strived and earned their prosperity.  Your leader today has sought to show there is shame for those of success.  He speaks with demeaning and disparaging sound of those who have even attained their prosperity rightfully.  Pray for the forgiveness he has not yet sought.  Pray for his seat to be safe, but that his ways be altered with the understanding of righteous reward.   The burdens of unfair taxation will hobble a country.  It shows the youth that there is no justice for long and hard days of striving and gaining increase as reward.   Instead increase is taken and given away, seeds that will never be put back to fertile ground.    For you of prosperity and of my hand, fear not, and I will give you what you lose.  The greater loss is in the perception of the poor, the young, the seekers who wonder at the lost reward and who will turn away from the race for where is the prize?

Speak, write, sing, share, spread it across the air, what are those right ways to great leadership and healing, whether to a family, a company, a nation.   Seek for those men and women who exhibit the right ways, living exemplary lives, having one wife or husband, having children of honest behavior, and a house ruled well, and you will find a great leader, whether or not they have attained the attachments of formal education and skills, for those will be added unto them swiftly.   Hire them, vote for them, purchase their goods and you will support their endeavors.  And tell it to those who falter, that they might adjust their ideas and find truth that can be shared for the healing of a nation.   All prosperity and strength is in my laws of seed.

Let them find in all thou doest the model of a life nobly lived; let them find thee disinterested in thy teaching, worthy of their respect,[a] 8 thy doctrine sound beyond all cavil; so that our adversaries may blush to find that they have no opportunity for speaking ill of us. Titus 2:7-8 Knox

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I Will Increase Their Prosperity

I see the upright in heart and spirit, even those who have not yet found the fulfillment of those prophecies written by the generations.  Yet they publish what they give, to build houses of arts and halls of science, knowledge and medicines, their actions build the strengths of their city.   They have their reward in the voices that exalt their name, but better a grand name then a fool who lives for folly.


My precepts cannot be altered, as the king’s seal, they are set forever.  Giving is written into the laws of prosperity.  The one who hides away their seeds will have withered seeds rather than an abundance of crop that would have replenished their seed many times over.


Where are the wise?  They are in the streets.  They rise early to tend their stalls.  They seek to buy goods that others might purchase.  They look to a field for future promise.  Many men and women seek to build prosperity and that is good for a city and for a nation.  But the wicked filter in, deceiving even those of a generous heart, leaking away their abundance.   Rather than a household, a village, or a nation, expanding in prosperity and strength, energy within that should have expounded to more energy, is whittled and withered by the fools.


I see the righteous ones, who know the prophecies that have been fulfilled and have found the way to strength.  Those who rise early have built a household that will lend its pillars to a city.  I will bless them and those about them.  I will hold their houses aloft from the storms.  I will increase their prosperity and increase the prosperity of their cities.  I will keep the wicked panting at the gates.


Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.  Proverbs 11:11 NIV


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Truth Will Be The Serum Of Healing

Wisdom sat with me before I drew the sphere of the earth, before I set the planets in motion and the galaxies that turn.  I thought of the patterns I would create that would mirror how the universe would be held together yet expand.  All creation revolves around power and light.  The realm of the earth revolves around the power and light of the sun.   The patterns of all matter is made the same with the power of a nucleus and those which orbit are pulled to move in spheres of energy, reproducing more energy.  The universe is moving and expanding with an eternal source of energy.    And wisdom rejoiced that I would then build a place for my specially chosen whose lives would seek to me for power and light and who would choose to stay in the field of my orbit of love and perfection for all eternity.


The darkness came upon the earth, causing great havoc and seeking to utilize what I had created to take my position.  In its fallen unrest, it sought to usurp the eternal energy so that it would have power forever.   But its appetite is insatiable that even the pains of eternal fires will not satisfy evil.   And it continues to roam and cover the earth with lies and temptations, mimicking what I have called to a great adulteration of wisdom.  Wisdom that lives with me and is greater than all the treasures of the earth has been supplanted by the image of the Babylonian whore who beckons with alluring enticements, seeking agreements with those who speak of righteousness that she might be vindicated.  This, the beginning of days when the kings of the world shall bow their knee to the whore, when parents will offer their children as sacrifices, when the god of mighty gold, ammunitions, and decayed words makes a last grasp at triumph.


The churches have done much to offer the beast, with fear of losing their congregations and yet they are losing more souls than the seats they hold.   Empty cisterns they are, filled with gilt, stone, and graven images, an easy playground to fool the lingerers.


My church is not made with the toil of hands and much lucre; my church is made of light and power of which no building can hold its strength.  The strength is in the hands of my chosen that wield the sword of truth.


My warriors, you who know of what lie ahead, who read the words of my book for life, you see who you are in the words that endured through the generations.  You, who know my words are life, study diligently that I might open the great treasures and powers of what has been written.  Understand in your hearts, the power of the holy spirit and how it is energized within you.   Look at the life and of my one, who said, “greater things you would do” so seek to accomplish those things for he spoke to you.


A great tide is rising as the beast flails with fear and seeking the blood and bones of even the elect.  Resist all storms, stand against all fear, push through the throngs of lying tongues and hold fast, fast to the truth.   Truth will prevail, truth will take control of those mountaintops, and truth will be the serum of healing, for those who will to hear.   God’s words of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy.




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Every Day Is A New Beginning

You see this day as the end of a year and the hope for a new beginning.  It is a time many reflect on the accomplishments of one time with sights on gaining greater in the coming days.  To seek, to find, to desire, to strive, I have given all the qualities to work well, yet many have found their reward in repose.  Too many mornings slip by under the covers that allow you to forget to have purpose.  Without discipline, there is no accomplishment.


Look to the shopkeeper who always has abundance.  She must rise early, long before her customers arrive.  She must be prepared with product and a face for serving.  Admire the farmer who has no day to sleep beyond the dawn, or the captain of a ship, ready at the helm.


Inspiration is easy to find, the effort to follow through, day followed by day filled by hours of diligence to your cause is a state of mind, one that must be cultivated by proper instruction.  I created you to have a mind that desires information and knowledge.  I built your bodies to work.  To combine the mind and muscle takes practice, a daily commitment to searching for knowledge and to work toward goals.


I give you of my spirit that you rise each morning with the gift of desire to run the race, to reach for those things that are ahead and letting go of the things that are behind.  Determination will take the unlearned toward great achievement.  Laziness will soften the bones of the learned and leave them wondering at the long past time.


Without preparing the fields, your work will be fruitless.  Without planting seeds, what will I water for your increase?  If you plant the seeds but do not tend the garden, weeds will suffocate your crop, the birds will take the rest.  Even the seeds for a new year are gone.  Nature shows the ways of the universe, the ways that I have designed life.  The ants’ industriousness builds empires.  The critters of the forest prepare for the coming snows.


For what do you show your undisciplined hand, to claim your right for lack of discipline?   Do you bless the master who deigns to offer a field to harvest, a hammer to wield?  Or do you harbor regret that another tells you do this or that?


Everyday is a new beginning, to stir the desire to achieve, to work that which is good for the hands and the heart, to reach the end of a day and know you have earned the fruit of your labor.


Commit your good works to me, and allow me to direct your path.  Allow my words to be your instruction, my wisdom your director.  Look to give of your own abundance.  Give unto Caesar what is his due, turning from the battle of unrighteous tax and I will be the one to fill your pay.  Build your mind to discipline, rising early to give of your prayers and praise and to set the course of your day.  Then I will offer desire and invention, showing you ways and means to better management and reward.   God’s words of wisdom and knowledge. 


You will say, “How I hated discipline!

How my heart spurned correction!

13I would not obey my teachers

or listen to my instructors.

14I have come to the brink of utter ruin

                        in the midst of the whole assembly.         

 Proverbs 5:12-13 NIV

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Wisdom And The Word

I am always and I was always and I sat with wisdom to be my architect for creation that would be for life.  And the word that was of wisdom was with me for all that is created was created through my word.  My begotten was and is my word spoken into the birth of a man, to a redeemed man who went before.  He held my words in his heart and mind that every word he spoke was of truth, power and light and wisdom was with him and from that he knew of what was written and knew of what was to come.   And he came that the world, filled with darkness, would have a light to shine into the dark places.


The evil that came in the form of light was the angel of light who fell from grace and eternal life by his own will.  He and his followers roam the world and seek to rule the world and through the many centuries he has morphed and mingled with the times, causing, war, hardships, slavery, tyranny, demise, division, despair, tumult.  He produces progenies, with careful patience, working in the generations and governments and in those who believe they do good.  Those simple minded become single minded to the purpose of theft, destruction and death.


In my wisdom I saw all that would befall this earth, this beautiful and perfect sphere of life, created to be a garden for living in unity with light and power for I longed for sons and daughters.   Of you who have placed the conviction of your faith in the grafting of yourselves to the vine of life, you hold the capacity for despair to know of the fruit of darkness and yet I keep your hearts aloft, for your groaning is of the spirit, as my son groaned in the spirit, yet your joy be ever full.


I call to those who walk with wisdom because you ask for wisdom and I call to those who seek knowledge for you have the gift of desire to know truth and the deep treasures of truth that I have laid before all to see yet few see and know. Come to my garden, this day; enter the sanctuary I have set before you, claiming my kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  You hold in your hands the power of the ages, the power of creation, which is wisdom multiplied and knowledge sharpened.  Wield that power in those ways in which I direct.


Fear not to walk on the waters of your faith, or leap from the sodden edge of mediocrity to the supernatural walk as my sons and daughters for you are the manifestation of my words having accepted the mantel of service and obedience.


I am calling you.  Do you hear the voice of the spirit?  It is my voice, it is the choir of the angels who angle with me with yearning for you to hear, that you stand up with inspiration, together in a body of faith, and cry for the ages to turn from destruction and look to the light of redemption, that light that is now in you for you are the chosen in this world, you are the manifested seed of power for you have accepted that power in your faith, a power that came available when the alpha and the omega of life ascended.


NOW greater things you are to do than he for holy spirit is within you.   Neglect not that gift, your manifestation of the power is of your free will to stir to fire or leave smoldering in the dust of life.  Rise up and claim your rightful positions, your rightful strength of bones, devouring the knowledge I am offering to those who will see and ask knowing I desire to give all you need for life and godliness.


Rise my children, my sons and daughters of this great yet grave time, and pray in the spirit for those who will to perish, for those who follow the angel of death, for those who are blinded by rash politics and thievery and sluggish lives.  Rise up now and redeem the time.      God’s glorious words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy.



But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.      

John 1:12-13 KJB

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Leave A Candle Burning

Wise are the mothers and fathers who guide their young in the ways of righteous acts.   With children, it is not in many words that result in behavior whether of good or not, it is in the actions of the adults that the children follow.   A father who brings home the scent of wicked women cannot hide his sins.   He has cursed his own bed and the bed of his child.  A woman, who seeks redemption in the courses of false gods, brings home the cursed words of those who prostitute truth and publish false promises.

Always evil will have soothing and enticing words that beckon to the adultery of the body or of righteous knowledge.  Both are seductions to serve false gods.  Both invite the dark spirits to enter a home, to cause sedition, chaos, stirring the participants to ranting of bitterness.   How then do the children learn wisdom?  The term, broken home, softly denotes the truth of broken spirits.

Always before you, no matter the ways you have journeyed, is the path of righteousness.  Even in the wake of evil intent, standing for truth with a voice of conviction and not ranting, will convict the heart of the wayward.  Charging your own actions to be of righteous ways, offers the choice of those same ways to the child raised in raucous and division.   Wisdom has her way to build a foundation for healing and proper behavior if wise words have the fertile field to take root.

Prepare the field first, upholding your own actions and words to the standard of my words for life, for in them you will find life and comfort and be convicted in your own heart of the new path you have taken.  The weeds of perversion must be cast away.   Manifestation of my spirit to pray in power for the mind that hosts evil and seeks the wicked pleasures of peers, will melt that iron will your own indulgent acts of the past gave license to.

Joy follows when a son turns from his wicked ways.  Pray for the redemption of the hearts gone astray, leaving a candle burning that the path of their return is softly lit.


A wise son brings joy to his father,

but a foolish son grief to his mother.  Proverbs 10:1 NIV

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The Song Of Wisdom

I called to the foundations of wisdom in my word, my voice of reason and treasures of eternal knowledge.  Upon this formula of truth, I established the arena of life.  Wisdom was born of me.  Wisdom is of my utterance, wisdom filters through every vibration of righteousness.

What value is a world without knowledge that builds?  If there is stagnation in attained knowledge, than all of life also stagnates.  That is the pattern of worldly ideas that have been shaped by the dictates of limited or evil minds.  Even evil has its own wisdom to morph with the times.

I would not have subjected even the wild beings to scour the fields without wisdom whispering in the breeze.  For the very earth I built with wisdom.  I watched as my creations developed into strength not just in searches of meat, but minds that evolved of knowledge, gaining in wisdom that followed through the generations.

What is wisdom?  Wisdom is the manifestation of purified thoughts.  It is wise to desire knowledge.  That is the germination of greater knowledge.  Wisdom and knowledge seek to work in unison, harmony and strength.  The greater righteous knowledge you gain, the greater wisdom you may find, if you seek it.  Many of my children have gained great knowledge, but are blinded to wisdom.  The world will seek to disarm the strength of wise thinking through man’s arrogance, laws, and self fulfilled discoveries.  But add the luster of wisdom and what truths will be unfolded!   My voice will find its place to resonate within your very thoughts that your words will be of justice and great and precious value.  The words you speak with wisdom’s music will ring across the lands and seas that many will turn to hear, to be filled, to thrill to knowledge purified through the fires of my spirit.

Wisdom will provide.  It will blanket you with her comfort that you will always know the road you walk.  It walks beside you showering you with manifold ideas as you live and run the race.  It shows you where to turn and what to offer if the offering will find a place to grow.  It will attract many to your voice, for all have the seed of desire for knowledge and wisdom, yet there are so many who will fall to the sirens; the morphing voices that seek to divert truth that they would have their way.

Seeking the voice of wisdom is a joy, for when you find it you know.  When you share wisdom, it builds greater.  You gain wisdom as you speak with wisdom, for it is always growing, its patterns are as the universe that never ends and always expands.  Imagine, the song of eternal wisdom!   And I write the words of wisdom’s song.    God’s glorious words of wisdom, knowledge and prophecy.  


4And she says, “To you, men, I call, and my voice to the children of men”

5“That children may understand subtlety and the feeble minds may know in their heart.” Proverbs 8:4-5 Aramaic

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A Call To The Truth

Call to the young and seek to change the chart of their courses.  The ways of the world have captured them to chains not easily broken.  While there is nothing new under the sun in the behaviors motivated by sin, the ways of the wicked have morphed, working its ways through the generations, increasing strongholds that have never been broken.   The means of the world have given broad access to temptations that before were hidden.  Now they are glorified in the new faces of idolatry.

Wickedness is broadcast as desirable lifestyles.  Even the ways of male and female have been distorted to mimic a lawless creature.   The strengths of each have been forfeited not to pleasing ends for those who cater to mass demand.   The results have been the breaking down of safety within the garden of my blessed homes.  Nations too have weakened for the ways and desires of the masses that don’t know the prince of the power of the air has programmed them to his desires.

The children run wild with no ability to discipline their own behavior because they have not learned to control their own thoughts.  But I have seen this in the foreknowledge of my mind, knowing when my chosen who were set in the garden, would choose the path of deceitful desire, that death and destruction would be given their freedom.   Choice is still available for all are given free will, to think and ponder those things that are right or to allow the seeds of perdition to flourish in your thoughts.

I speak of these conditions for the world is reaching a climax where dishonesty is accepted as profitable, cheating as a right, fornication as sport, and lust, aided by the insidious potions that pour forth as waters to profit the orgies of the captured, is never fulfilled and always hungered for.

My chosen that have fallen to the decay, I cry your names.   My heart longs for yours to return to a state of innocence.  My begotten has already sacrificed for your sins yet your nature was not to sin to death but to taste of the fruit and desirous portions set before you.   You must forfeit the life you have for the life I offer.  Both you cannot have for I already said that no one can serve two gods and my precepts are set in stone.

Seek truth and it is truth that will set you free.  Truth will offer the power to break from those who keep you in their midst of darkness.  Truth will allow you to see that what glitters with greed and lust is not of light.  Truth will show that the caring arms of naughty friends are the heavy chains of bondage.   Truth will reveal that evil is held captive by its own sins.   Truth will show that lack of self-control and your foolish behavior will only lead to death.  Truth will speak and call you to life eternal.   God’s glorious words of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecies.  


22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;

they are ropes that catch and hold him.

23He will die for lack of self-control;

he will be lost because of his great foolishness. Proverbs 5:22-23 NLT

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Time Of Meditations

In your time of meditations, allow your mind to ponder the earth, the patterns that I carve in waterways, shorelines, rock, mountains, layers of soils.  The earth was born as you were born, of water and salt till the time to be brought into air.   It was in a place devoid of light yet there was light in the seed of my breath.    The words and discoveries of man have some truth, more shall be revealed of the ways of my universe and the ways of my earth through inspired and holy thoughts as you, my children, learn to hear my voice to instruction, knowledge and spiritual insights.

The means of meditation are not to repetitive sounds but to prayer and praise in the voice of the spirit.   It is to think on my words, they are there for you in my book of life, and they are life and they will settle your mind that you might learn to pray in a peaceful state.   My words will form new patterns in your mind, your ways of thought.  Think of this.  The noise and information of the world will cause pathways in your thinking that most often is chaotic.  My words will heal those edges, and create greater ways of thought as they align with mine.

Be as me, for I am your father.  To be as me you must know me.  Look to my begotten who came to show you the way, how to commune with me, not in vain repetition of words, but in claiming those things that are right for they align with my desires to your righteous living and the manifestation of spiritual powers.   Gods glorious words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy

Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. 15Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. 1 Tim 4:14-15 KJB

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Warriors Of The Words Of Life

Words spoken, words sung, words written on your heart of hearts; all have effect, vibrations of annihilation or healing, of death or life.    There is a treacherous slope for ill spoken words.  The first drop off the tongue as stings, then the avalanche of destruction comes, stripping the mighty and even breaking them in two, as the vibrations of sounds will cause the tidal wave of snow.

Stand with vigilance at the gate of your words, for from it issues the commands of your life.   Have I not told you that life and death resides in the tongue?  Seek to write those words of my book of life on the tablets of your hearts, for there is where you will find life.  Each of you create a field of energy effecting the patterns of those about you.   Are you causing chaos or joy?

Look to my begotten whose words were as the purity of perfect waters.  He spoke with clarity, love and truth.   His words continue to reverberate over the earth, as yours do, and even beyond the site of the stars.   Stand sure to speak words of power, wielding words as a glittering sword of truth, for you have been anointed, my children, warriors of the words of life.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Avoid all perverse talk; stay away from corrupt speech.

Psalm 4:23-24 NLT
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Thrumming Of Life In Your Veins

Do you feel unsettling in your bowels, a disturbance of spiritual calm as an errant ripple.  It provokes questions and an unbalance, perhaps a thrumming of the blood in your veins. Come closer, my child, stay near to my heart as I send my voice through gathering clouds and the urges of resistance.   These are the yellowing voices of unrighteous prudence seeking to usurp the power of victory you are on the verge to attain.

No matter the cause you invest in, these spirit attacks, some not so clear to discern, are set to disrupt the flow of my spirit, to stir chaos, division, and diversion.   Dark thoughts are whispered in the quiet, screamed in the rustle of the day.  Does it seem those about you seek to dismay your peaceful resolve, a counter point to provoke a reaction, a request hard to resist that will plant unfruitful waves of unjust life in your midst?

I am hard to see through the mist of dim living and lazy usurping of another’s fruit fill enterprise.   I am hidden in the corners and pushed to the side lines when a house is overcome by anger, unrest and untruthful breaths.

My child, my splendors of life are yours to behold, my thoughts are for you to uphold, my power is for you to hold and to manifest to reality.  Slash through the thickening fog of deceit, hold truth firmly on your tongue, always speaking with conviction for you professed already your faith, and today you stand your words, I stand on mine.   Know this, my promises cannot be revoked.  Hold those things you have learned tight to your breast, engrave my words on your heart and my promise is many years lived well and full of the fruit of the spirit.  May the thrumming of life in your veins be the glory the holy spirit, surging and powerful and wonderful.  God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge and prophecy.


My child,a never forget the things I have taught you.  Store my commands in your heart.  2If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying. proverbs3:1-2NLT


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A Kernel Of Wisdom

In order to have peace, you must seek for it.  Peace is the reward of wisdom, and when you find wisdom you find calm in your decisions.  Wisdom helps to relinquish anxiety over which road to take for always there is a right one.   What has your day been, this day?   Another day to promise that tomorrow you will find the time for reflection and prayer is putting away the promise of what it is you desire.

Create time in your day to give to me.  Quiet, introspective, reading my words for life will nourish in ways you have not known.  They will calm the soul, temper hearts that beat with the pounding of the day’s tasks, they open your mind to my thoughts.  Hearty prayer will avail much for your day, the tenor of your voice in praise and spiritual words go out into the atmosphere of your life and down into the marrow of your bones.   My spiritual words are healing and powerful.  Those tasks that mounted in heaps will be easily be dismantled as each of your steps is laid out, your time expanded.

A moment of calm prayer and thanksgiving is as a seed that grows and multiplies.  Such is wisdom.  A kernel of wisdom will carry you through a day till your days are lived in the splendor of wisdom and the growing desire to attain even more.   Your children, your friends, even strangers, will want the fruit of your wisdom.  The more you give it away, the more you will have.    God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.

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Laugh With Abandon, Healing And Hope

Write a song that you might praise all that is created.  You write it upon the tablet of your heart, in your praise in the spirit, your whispers of thankfulness.  You show the harmony of your life in the words you secure, scattering kind thoughts, showing strength to speak truth, wielding truth with its two edged sword.

The chorus of your day is in the laughter, a joy filled song of notes, as a butterfly, that flutter and dance and reach my heart.   The reverberations of truthful laughter reaches to the depths of the seas and to the foundations of mountains.   What is a better balm than the rejoicing song of laughter shared with a friend, a loved one, or to squat and know the cause of a child’s note of joy.

There is strength in the voices of shared joy that comes from the bonds of family and friendship.  Knowledge of shared experiences and days and of those things that resonate in your core, the place of love and worship.  Blessings abound in the symphonies of joy, healing, restoring, renewing as waves of laughter cause filament to galaxies to realign,  and for the marrow of the bones to strengthen.

A life lived full each day I reward with joy and satisfaction that you have done all to stand and to strive and to show the light and power of your life in your actions and words.   Seek those moments to allow the vibrations of joy to renew your body and your mind.   Find time to share with those who laugh with abandon, healing, and hope.   I rejoice to hear your song of praise, laughter motivated by truth and joy.   God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.


He has made his people strong, honoring his faithful ones—the people of Israel who are close to him.  Praise the LORD! Psalm148:14 NLT


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The First Glimpse Of Light

Your thoughts have causes and effects.  They power your mind in the ways in which signals, that are transmitted in images and sounds, cause patterns.  These connectors, as bridges, transmit currents of energy,  building your capacity to understanding, to the ability to see patterns ranging from your own thought habits to those of material patterns in the earth and the skies.   A more nimble mind, developed by the information that it records through sound, sight and increasing comprehension, builds perception of  numerical causes, abstract substances that formulate to concrete.

Emotions release hormones in the body that effect your thoughts, your thoughts, or what you have fed your thoughts, cause emotions, trigger responses to love, compassion, anger, fight, flight, envy, strife, anxiety.  A cycle is easily established.

Look at the emotions of one who has built their thought patterns on their faith.  The patterns of their speech will follow that of strength, of controlling worldly reactions.  The synapses not only form to greater brain power, but to sending signals that attract powerful occurrences.

Building your mind on the foundations of truth, your day and your life on daily meditation on my words and my splendors will cause physical changes to the structure of your brain, that you will build on each day’s knowledge to greater knowledge and to greater wisdom.  There are no words for your prayerful thoughts in the spirit, for you utter thoughts of matters beyond your understanding and yet, whether in prayer for others, for yourself, or for your offerings of praise to me, the voice that speaks silently or aloud has causes on a super natural level and flow of energy.   Vibrations, the flow of energy, not seen by most naked eyes, but perceived and seen with spiritual eyes, will have great cause and effect.

What are you casting as you speak and pray?  What spires are you building when you think, read, listen, watch?   Faith comes by hearing, simple, joyful acceptance of knowing what you have not seen.  That is the beginning, the first perception and glimpse of light!  God’s words of knowledge and wisdom.

I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.  psalm 145:5 NLT

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Be Prepared Be Full Of Grace

What is the plan of this day and how will you redeem the time?  Prayer should be fervent, not breaking with the time that you offer to me to set the course of the day.  Your praise in the spirit too, keeps the gates secure, opens the windows to blessings, a time that we might commune, your thoughts to meld with mine, to set your steps and direct your way.

Ask for the tools you need, to gain time, to gain a heart.   How will you show yourself to the world today?  Will you be wise and kind?  Will you take on the armor for battle, displaying the certain tactics that will forge through enemy lines?   Always there are skirmishes, not to be dismissed as slight distractions.  Be aware of the thief, he comes with his consorts to derail your best laid plans, to divert the river of hope that might save another from his river of maleficence.

Your day, my day, a day to be lived in the fulness I redeem, that you walk on the waters, whether calm seas or ravaging storm, knowing the relinquishing of your faith that is unto me, gains your faith, for you believed and know in the spirit of what is right, what is wisdom from on high, what are the fruits of the spirit to be attained in doing those things set before, in running the course set before, in attaining the true calling set before you.

Call a voice out of the afflicted, pray fervently for you will have the power of casting away even the most coarse, that words of truth pave the way to redemption of yet another who might have slipped away to the enfolding darkness, the lure of ease, the escape of truth where the demonic time will find a way for it follows.

A diligent prayer and steadfast endeavor will burn the mere nuisance of the chaff, leaving dust and the withering screams of serpents in your wake.   Be prepared, be full of grace, be already a conquerer, not for thoughts of the future tomorrows, but of this day, my day.   God’s glorious words of wisdom and prophecy and knowledge.

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.  Colossians 4:5-6 NIV

My child, listen to what I say, and treasure my commands.  2Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Prov2:1-2 NLT

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Living In The Freedom Of Grace

The burdens people carry are many, fears, injustice and infringements they have set upon themselves, the inability to step forward tripping over their own ways, loneliness, a dimmed pallor over even joys they cannot see or experience.   Your presence is the presence of light and spirit, the Christ in you that is hope.  Some will reach out, ask for what is it about you, touch you, want to be in the circle of light you have brought.

Others will squirm, wanting to agree yet the evil spirits that lurk in the lives of the deceived will howl and spit at your words.   A steady gaze and silent spiritual prayers will avail much, for you have been given the liberality of truth and have much to gain in remaining in a firm stance, bringing the heat of my spirit to bear.  Watch as the spirits that cannot stay in the light, cause raucous as they tear themselves away.   It is from the presence of the Christ in you that they cannot remain, if but for that time, for these will linger from afar, seeking a way back to torment their host.

Knowledge, how I desire that all seek the knowledge of truth, that no longer can the demonic oppressors seek to demolish lives.  Seek to the saving of many, for many will hear when they hear truth spoken.  Continue in the battles, I give you the circumstances to enter the frays of justice clashing with injustice till truth wins.  Fight the good fight for the souls to be redeemed, that all who would be saved be on the side of truth, joining the ranks of soldiers who stand with the son of glory, redeemed, set free, living in the freedom of grace, forgiven and forgiving those who set them wrong.   God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John8:32 NIV


By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see. Acts3:16 NIV

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The Riches Of Life

I give gifts that my children might go in the way of my begotten, speaking, praying and healing.  I open my heart of knowledge for you to understand the depths, seeking and sharing in what you acquire in breath of words.   What new understandings you glean will grow greater as you fill your table for others to take their fill.

Such sweet savors of words in lovely array, sprays of florals, delightful to the senses and health to the heart.   Grave and serious assertions will you utter in matters of soul searching, urgings for others to take the precepts you offer.

And to some will be given great spiritual words that spill forth from my stores of knowledge, the depths of my words of life, the many jewels that have been kept secret.

I give the seeds of love to be planted.  I give gifts of healing to be given again and again.   Knowledge builds on knowledge, the keys to be fitted together as each seeks, finds, and shares.  One seed produces many if it is planted.  Set aside to be idle it withers.

Seek to find, strive to learn, knock and I shall open my storehouse that many will share in spiritual gifts and strengths.  And to those who have and have more, so much more will they have for their seeking to share and striving to give, these take the seeds of knowledge and listen to hear.   Such are cycles of life, of many lives, the seeds of eternal knowledge, of life in abundance, of life in eternal abundance.

What life do you desire?  If you seek joy, you must find the seeds of joy and spread joy.    If you long to see signs, miracles and wonders, you must find the seed of faith, plant the seeds of the faith with your prayers in the spirit and the more will signs, miracles and wonders follow.  Build others up to be of strength and sound minds, and you will be given more strength and an expounding mind, filled with knowledge and wisdom.  Such gifts I give as you give and sow.  Such is life, worldly and spiritual, whether of gold or charity.

The riches of life will be in what you desire to receive and to share.  Desire knowledge and wisdom and so much more will I offer than you know to perceive.  Planting and building each have their rewards in abundance, security, fulfillment.  There is no end to the gifts I savor to offer, no end to eternal abundance, no end to knowledge and wisdom, and much more I desire for my chosen.   Seek me first.  God’s glorious words of knowledge. 

“He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.”  Luke19:26 NIV

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Crashing Down Strongholds

I desire greatness for each of my children, not in the bread of the hands nor the ships of the seas, though in all places I would that what you put your hand to yields seed and growth and abundance, but the greatness I see is in your hearts;  a growth of that seed you accepted upon the bed of your faith, growing exponentially in knowledge, verse, wisdom, foreknowledge, discernment.

What are my thoughts of you?  I speak to you individually, that you know there are depths, you cannot know, of my deepest desire to see your spiritual strength expound.   I am your father of strength and knowledge of spirit, to know, to understand the depth of that spirit, to know it into manifestation, not just in ideas and a future moment, but in this moment.

Your own desire to stir the gift into manifestation will grow exponentially as you see its effects, its rewards, its powerful force crashing down strongholds and principalities.   You will begin the understanding of an untold power of love and the strength of a pure and powerful light that will change those places you go and those faces who see you.

I speak to you who desire the magnitude of my desires for you to come to fullness, yes in the moment of transforming your body, but in this moment of eternity for much is to be done in the last days and for the atonement that has already been paid.   The battles will rage as the demonic oppressor knows his time is at end, his strength in acquiring souls will quicken, but I am calling to those who will stand with the son of strength, my heart’s soul who came to be and was and now is at my right hand, and resist with the might of my  strength, allowing my power to infuse your words, for these are the my most powerful weapons, seeking diligently for those who will be saved, knowing I am with you as you follow in the way.   God’s glorious words of wisdom, and prophecy, and knowledge.


How precious are your thoughts about me,b O God.

They cannot be numbered!

18I can’t even count them;

they outnumber the grains of sand!

And when I wake up,

you are still with me! psalm139:17 NLT

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I Will Be There With Open Arms

I speak of the battles;  the signs of these darkening times, victories of chaos and despair, sins of a nation, atrocities, pits of hellish and ghoulish desires.  The children are under demonic attacks that are seen that are not seen.  They are called to the darkness with potions and weeds, with lusts of the flesh that knows no bounds.  This is the call; wild screeches of delight, bragging voices of demons as they fortify and strengthen their plight.

The plans of adversity have been laid well over the generations in the acts of adultery and the disintegration of the eternal meaning of the holy union.  The flickering images displayed hours, days, and years are a glaring fatal disruption to life and have corrupted young forming minds.  All the noise of the world is aimed to deteriorate, to steal, to kill.   The images of Sodom and Gomorra are turning to a devastating reality.  Oh, my young, my hearts of tender ages, I am calling in the voices of righteous words that you reject, yet did not your heart stir within, a longing you have lost but is there, it is there, a yearning for truth to set you free from this raucous life of lies.

Children, young and tender are splayed in death to feed the hunger of the devil’s desires for screaming fear and blood of sacrifice.  Others are splayed to appease the Babylonian gods.   I cry, I weep, I know that many will be devoured.  Hear my pleas to hold to the hand that will pull you from the depths.

Do you see the glimmer of light in true love that is not a flight of fancy in physical desires that are not right, but spoken from hearts already in the freedom of eternal life?  Do you now agree to lose the glory, the joy, the majestic beauty of eternity for but a moment and a taste of evil?  What joy is in losing eternal life, for even the angels the cry.

Yet if you repent, not not in lying and deceiving words, but in truth, in a great and deep desire for the serum of truth and a taste of the true sacrifice of blood, I will be there with open arms and my unconditional loving heart and redemption from your sins.  God’s glorious words of wisdom, and prophecy and knowledge.

From the depths of despair, O LORD, I call for your help. Psalm 130:1 NLT

O Israel, hope in the LORD; for with the LORD there is unfailing love.  His redemption overflows.  8He himself will redeem Israel from every kind of sin. Psalm 130:7-8 NLT

Out of the depths – The word rendered “depths” is from a verb – עמק ‛âmaq – which means to be deep; then, to be unsearchable; then, to make deep; and it would apply to anything low, deep, or profound, as the ocean, a pit, or a valley.

Sodom could be a word from an early Semitic language ultimately related to the Arabic sadama, meaning “fasten”, “fortify”, “strengthen”, and Gomorrah could be based on the root gh m r, which means “be deep”, “copious (water)”Related articles

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Walk In The Way Of Courage

Go to the altar of wounds, of hearts that bleed and cry for their lost.  Call to healing, you nations that grieve, for many children have been taken from your arms.   The mothers weep, the fathers ask why.  They know not that the thief came to steal and to destroy and to kill.

Nations are rocked with the progression of chaos, yet the dictator of chaos has laid his plans well; seeds of violence planted in the minds of the young, shots of firearms the background of entertaining images, words of violence in song, the false stance of manhood to mimic the true warrior who fights an enemy for righteousness.

I grieved before the day of remorse, the loss of freedom in the choice of knowing, in the loins, the taste of evil.   Just a drop floods to the endless need of consumption in fornication, adultery and the taste of blood.   Fear and greed are the weeds in the garden of life.

What will heal the nations if the nations are falling to perdition, violence, chaos, and filled with  faithless hearts darkened with the thoughts that I am a useless and violent  god?

Pray this day in earnest for those who cannot pray for themselves, for their perished ones and their loss will grieve their hearts for a life time.   The blood of innocence cannot be wiped from the halls.  My earth groans and weeps for the shed blood.

If the lost but turn their eyes to me, I will bind their broken hearts.   I have numbered the children, as I know the stars, calling each by name.  I call now to the young, the innocent, those whose hearts can still be tamed by the freedom of faith in another whose blood was shed.  Come to me, hear me, cast your youth, your young lives upon me.  Walk in the way of courage, that your peers be not your guides if they seek violence as revenge or sport.  Seek the one true God who will show you a greater reward than the rewards of a world gone to the seed of perdition.  Be of the nation I call out of the many nations.

I am calling to the grief stricken.  Walk in the way of courage to face your tears, your fears, and know I will hold the many pieces of your heart till they mend together and then you will hold the promise of eternity.

Walk in the way of courage, to face a mighty God.  I hear you, do you hear me?  Your nations are crippled with the violence of blood, by the seditious who kneel at the fountains of pleasures.   Your citizens have turned to idle worship of false images, bloating on their lusts and gluttony.  Laziness, smugness, altercations, all glorified by the endless images that supplants truth.   “Come.”  He calls all who will to hear.   The Daily Prophet



He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds.

4He determines the number of the stars

and calls them each by name. psalm147:3-4 NIV


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Seek My Untold And Innumerable Treasures

My desire is for my children to see with clarity, to know men’s hearts, thoughts and intentions.  The more sure and clear and honest your own words, the clearer you will see. There will be a surety of the discernment you manifest, to act and think as my begotten.   Breathe, words, vibrations, thoughts, occurrences…see, the vibrations begin at the center.  All of the universe rests on this model of a nucleus.  Your thoughts are your words.  What is manifested starts with what vibrates in your inner being, whether your soul life or the new life you have in the spirit.

Life abounds all around, in fields of forces and energies, vibrations of love fill a home.  The atoms of even those objects of your home, vibrate with love and creation.  What are your thoughts?  Have they manifested into words that you speak forth of health, prosperity, creativity, invention?

I am seeking to reveal much in my book of life.  Those words were of my heart, the nucleus of love, the power of love, the manifestation of love.  Who speaks to you with more power and conviction?  Remember, true love is not the patting of the hand and many yeses.  True love is a furnace, a fire, a volcanic overflowing of power and healing and light.  True love is the slap of friend who fears not to hold you to your own words, for if you cannot, do not live to your own words, then all others you utter are weakened till they have no effect.  Their vibrations are diminished, their music dull.

What is exciting stirs the patterns of momentum followed by the soaring flight of ideas, ideals, the real fruit of your thoughts manifested whether of building or growth, painting or words, sculptures, design, capturing lost hearts, inspiring others to the words of life.

Your acceptance of harsh and damaging words are the weapons of destruction.  Your listening to weak and coddling words are the weapons of deterioration, a force field of dimness, illness, clouded judgement.  But know this, resist you must to heighten the force of power and love.  Think and breath my words as my sons and daughters.  A word is a seed, is a tree, is a house, a nation, a world, a universe.

Seek to live in the power of the light, generated by the powerful renditions of love and knowledge.  Love to know, to seek, to strive.  Love to speak for a righteous life.  Love even the strangers along the way who see the light in you, about you and wonder at your life.  Live that others want what you manifest.  Show the way to glory, to the path of truth, the untold mysteries that always and forever you have much to share and speak of as you continue to discover my many ways, and my untold and innumerable treasures.  God’s glorious words of knowledge, and wisdom and prophecy.

In him there was life, and that life was the light of men.[a]And the light shines in darkness, a darkness which was not able to master it. John1:4-5 Knox

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The Mystery Of 4:22

There are many ways that I might show you of those things to come.  Listen for the wind of my voice, my words are always filling your thoughts, listen to the air ways, for I put people in the way that they will sing and rejoice to correct the corruption of my waves.   I have others who know not the power that works in them.  They are not of perfect hearts but strive to be obedient to the government’s works for the good of a great nation.

There will be choking heresies, brutal financial burdens that your leader, you nation of the waters, will fight to commit to those who work in abundance.  Few will feel the pains of the financial slaughter for few there be who work heartily and fruitfully.   But those of the children of Cain will rejoice in the gains of unearned toil.  (Thou shalt not steal, oh you foolish one, who grins with his own desires.)   Do you see?  You who have been given the spirit to discern, see the foolishness of violating those precepts I set before.  You know that those who would fearlessly seek truth find it.

There are ways that I show you of those events to come that are destined in the world, for there are always the children of disobedience and obeisance to the lord of flies.   And I show you the pathways of victory, that in the face of dire predictions, you my ones, my holy hearts, my progeny of my words of power, will be the beacons of a dark nation where even my name is covered over in the veils of mourning.

You, my leaders, for you know of the mystery, and the glorious one who rose, and of the power of my desire, will be separated out of the chaos and dismal circumstances.   You will be my spiritual army carrying on in the darkness, yet there be eternal day about you.  My heavenly hosts are preparing, mounding in the strength of the heavens, greater than any other battalion that deems to go up against them.   They will crash through the strongholds and obliterate the resistance.  And many will be saved before the day ends.

The reigns of power are held by a woman for that is where the powerful see strength.

God’s Prophecy

“If one of Israel’s leaders sins by violating one of the commands of the LORD his God but doesn’t realize it, he is still guilty. Lev4:22 NLT

Then you can tell them, ‘This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’ Josh4:22 NLT
You will cross the Jordan to occupy the land, but I will not. Instead, I will die here on the east side of the river. Deut4:22 NLT
Barak came by in pursuit of Sisera, and Jael went out to meet him. “Come,” she said, “I will show you the man you’re looking for.” So he went in with her, and there lay Sisera with the tent peg through his temple–dead. Judges4:22 NLT
She said, “The glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured.” ISam4:22 NLT
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Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

I search for those who would be my instruments, my voice.  A song, so small, so grand, so stirring, what does the pitch and vibrations say that it stirs something so deep inside?  In the genetic make up is a seed, a remnant of longing to look up, to reach up, to know I am. And the longing stirs sadness, a long lost love, the misplaced affections, the missed opportunities for perfect human love.   And they hear the word the chorus of praise and yet miss the meaning.

There is no perfect human love for each have frailties, and so forgiveness must be.  Yet there was one whose love was that, perfect, fully forgiving, a heart that held all of the misery and loneliness of the lost, a heart that knew it would bleed for the heaviness of sin.  And the days and centuries roll by, and a people of many nations seek.  Still they feel the groan of spiritual oppression and yet come together to sing of praise with a longing to know of the voices from heaven.

What is the longing of your heart?  To sing, to rejoice, to hold beauty in the palm of your hand, to hold time, to know pure love, to forgive wholly and without condition?  Hallelujah, a song, a moment that stirs even the sinners to long for the harmonies of my wondrous angels in heaven.  A song worldly yet a word of praise, notes of yearning, stirring to the depths where despair lingers.

Oh my children, rise.  For this earth is yours.  Rise to sing and praise and allow the soaring of your spirit to resound with the harmonies of the angels.  Sing aloud the words of praise, hallelujah!  Sing to the glory of your true God, sing in prayer, sing in the spirit, rejoice that no despair be of your heart.  Do you not know that you hold eternity in your hands?  Hallelujah, I say in my own heart and breath, that some will hear and know that I am a God of light and pure love and forgiveness and health and strength and power.

I say it loud and sonorous,  my thunders, my crashing waves, my mighty winds, hallelujah! the angels sing when a crushed heart has revived with the whispers of truth.  Hallelujah, my angels cry when the voice of truth heals the brittle bones.  Hallelujah, hallelujah, I sing and cry with joy when my children hear my voice.  God’s glorious words of knowledge, and wisdom and prophecy.

After this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting: “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, Rev19:1 NIV
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Fearing No Giant That Stands Before You

You, nation of justice and many waters, have chosen a living idol to lead.  Yet he breathes he was made in the image of your own desires.   Though he is not entirely truthful you desire to believe  every word.  He has taken on the mantle and the grave responsibility of his office, to leave behind a legacy of releasing the poor by taking from the rich and yet, before your eyes, he stoled from the coffers to give to the giants.   A country so rich in resources should have the means to offer labor, yet many refuse to put forth their hands to the shovel, the pick, and rather pray for reforms that pad their pockets than building the callous on their palms.

The giants have stolen the resources of this land, building towns to build their factories, then leaving behind desolate places and the lives that offered their fare.  The thief comes to destroy, even if he steals to give to another.

The ideal that I set is for the strong to help the poor, but who are the poor?  They are the poor in spirit to whom you offer light, they are those lacking truth so do fill their pockets with truth and desire.  They are the frail who cannot wield the ax or carry buckets, and yes, feed those who cannot feed themselves.

There are also idols that peer from glossy pages and the flickering images of the altars of many homes.  They are are the mutilated bodies and brawlers and adulterers, not just of the body but of the spirit.   The prickling wives are an abomination to what is godly and lovely in my women as are all who prance and preen for their own glory.

I would that you who hear these words and know my desires, to go forth and conquer those places, those mountains, fearing no giant who stands before you, for I am standing with you.  Go and take those places to show the ways of righteous living and prosperity, replacing those ideals of falsehoods, and showing that your wondrous lives are not of yourselves but of your father in the heavens.   Speak in powerful words that go out as wondrous arrays of stars of truth.  Know that the strangers who look at you with question wonder at what they perceive but cannot see.

Those who follow their idols will be as they are.  My children be leaders that those who see and hear you will find truth and the way.    God’s glorious words of knowledge, and wisdom and prophecy. 

The idols of the nations are silver and gold, made by the hands of men.  16They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but they cannot see;  17they have ears, but cannot hear, nor is there breath in their mouths.  18Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them. psalm135:15-18 NIV

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This A Day Of Glory

There will be heresies against my words of truth, broadcast from harsh glares of the bulbous, protruding lights.  There will be thoughts of destruction.  The heretical and wicked will rampage in raging curses and stupefying gargles.   Fear and starvation prevails in the vast deserts where lies are played as truth and fantasy sung of in stinging fashions.   Repetitive motions are reinforced with the pounding rhythms, generations raised on words of derision and unbelief.

My stories are of battles, they tell the sins of my chosen, wicked nations becoming their gods, their idols, their directives to unconscionable actions and thoughts.   Take thought of the sacrificed.  The shed blood.  The ribbon of blood.  What are the famines of this day, this time?  The greatest dearth is in the fear of the unknowing and in the bondage of the knowledgable.  Strongholds have rooted deeper into the lives lived on the brink of poverty, desperation, and blinded ambitions that honor the doer and not the creator.

You are a particular people, you who live and breathe the air that I breathe, who breathe and seek to live the words that I breathed, who strive and seek to know of what is your destiny, that you might leave a legacy of collecting souls.   But, hear me.  I first gave freedom of will, that those who would come to my dwelling would do so of a pure and desirous heart.  Leaders know words but feign to live in liberty as they seek to adding onerous tasks to their followers.

My spirit is of a great power and those who see how great and how powerful must see also the complete liberty I give.  Some will fall to destruction, others to lame living, saddened hearts, and meager rewards.   Swaths of lands have morphed into sin filled nations.  But to those who choose the full liberality of my nation, look and see and know that I long to lift you from the path of famine and chaos.  But you must look to me and commit freely and with great faith that I will tell you of things yet to come and I will direct you to ever deeper knowledge of the words of my book for life.

Make not your knowledge be idle, stagnant, words recited on a stage.  Know my words and my breath still breathe and live and that I still speak.  I am not a mute god as those who pray to images made by man.  I am your creator and I created all the mountains that my children be those who stand on the peaks and my children never be afraid to hear my voice, for I will tell you of many things to come and direct you to those green and safe pastures, and I will expand the time of your days and toil of your hands, and I will hear your requests, and I will speak with you as your heavenly father.  Commit your lands, your labor, your thoughts to me and allow my words to come forth in directives and inspiration and power.

Sleep in the comfort of my protection.  Sleep upon the stormy seas.  Be ready for the day of glory, for my one will come, and be ready for this day too, for it is a day of glory when my children come together in the name of my son.  God’s glorious words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy.

The people say, “Our wickedness has caught up with us, LORD, but help us for the sake of your own reputation.  We have turned away from you and sinned against you again and again. Jer14:7NLT

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Two Waves Are Rising

Two waves are rising, one that is of you, my chosen, my loved ones, voices resounding,  splendent, glorious, reaching for my heavens, reverberating over the earth, my earth.  Another rises.  Voices screeching, gyrating, fearsome. This the voice of unearthly collisions.  It is a swirl of jagged and wagging tongues.  A mountain of disdain.  A cauldron of fear, and it seeks to silence the lambs.

Fearsome events will be displayed in the crashing of good and evil.  My fearless warriors, stand close to the heat of my power and love.  The untold thieves will seek the chink in the armor.   Walk with precision.  Your stance must not falter and as you learn your skills in the power of my might, you will be more sure, your strength will be in the power of my spirit, your words a two edged sword, your life a majestic beacon for others to follow the way.

I am calling that my people be of the wave of righteous warriors who seek to claim the earth in the name of the king of kings, the warrior of warriors.  He is the vine and you are the branches and those who are not of the vine have NO POWER over you.  You must take this and make it your claim, that he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

Be not burdened by the events of the world, for this not your place.  But the earth I created for you.  Be fruitful, be prosperous, strive for greatness, stir the fires of the spirit within, that no thing in the world, no mirage of obstruction, no voice of fear or disappointment be in your way.   I never said my children should be poor.  I spoke of the poor in spirit.  I never said my children should not have riches.  If you love me, if you love others, you do not love gold.  If you seek me, if you seek to be a guide of hope, if you work to those things you have been inspired to do, you will be of me and for me and the riches of the earth are for you.

But above all, your riches will be of the spirit, of the magnificent fruit of my glorious spirit.  You will burn with joy, peace will rule your hearts and homes even in the midst of great chaos, love will surmount all.   Seek me early, seek me always, praying fervently in the spirit for those who come your way.   Signs, miracles and wonders will follow.  When others seek your face, it is I they see.  It is the glory of my son that glows in your eyes, for he is in you and you are in him and he is of my heart.   My loves, my protected, my joy, you are my children.  Be like me.  Strive to be great in all you do in love, in praise of your father in heaven who breathed the light to be.    God’s glorious words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy.

“I am the vine, you are its branches; if a man lives on in me, and I in him, then he will yield abundant fruit; separated from me, you have no power to do anything. My Father’s name has been glorified, if you yield abundant fruit, and prove yourselves my disciples.” John 15:5,8 KNOX

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Forever To You Joy

The tree that bears fruit rests in its season.  I give you the sweetness of rest from the day of toil.  Take what I offer.  So many reject the time of repose, a time for your earthly bodies to be renewed.  The same holds true in allowing your land to lie fallow at the seventh year.  A time that allows the soil to take back that which it has given, a time of deep rest for even the husbandman, to look at the years of plenty, to retool, restore, rejoice in the serenity of silent fields, a man who trusts in my abundance to continue on.

Now is a time of great need upon the earth and upon the nations.  Lost is the knowledge of service to the land that it might renew and replenish.  Did I not say replenish the earth?  The nations have raped the land where I sowed plenty with nutrients and fertile soils.  The nations strip the seas of its abundant creatures.  The skies are filled with the mud of progress darkening the day and the starry stories are blinded and obscured at night by the harshness of a cold light.

Are you seeking a better way?  Do you long for something you feel but you can’t touch, a touch you no longer feel?  It is a cloud that has veiled the glory of the beauty of my earth. It is a veil that has covered over gracious thoughts so much so that thankfulness is no longer on most lips.   It is a dimming down of the spirit, the light that I gave upon the first order of the days.  It is the glaring source of wastefulness, fear and greed that turns up the volume of glaring lights that will devour the velvet of the nights, my nights, that are soothing, calming bringing delight in the vision of the skies, the moon and the spray of heavenly lights.

Build your house, your life, on the foundation of my gifts.  Rest in the night and I will cover your eyes and ears that sleep be sound and full and your days will reap the benefits of my ways.  Restore the ground. Trust in my bountiful seeds, that plenty you will have in all seasons.  Let there be seasons of rejoicing, following those days of harvest.  Enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Join with family and friends to a full sharing of thankfulness.  Do these things and joy you will have all the days of your time on the earth and to the great joy of eternal life.  Joy in labor, joy in rest, joy in all your endeavors, for I gave you to hold grace in your life.   Hold forth thankfulness always.  Your God, your father who breathed into the heavens that they be filled with the stars and the glory of my might, forever to you joy.   God’s prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.  2In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—for he grants sleep toa those he loves. Psalm127:1-2 NIV


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Till You Are Bound In Chains

Knowledge that is of the world is onerous, a chain of burdens you pull through treacherous waters.  Lusts and sins, sought to sooth, accumulate into mountains that cannot be moved.  Seeking the sorcerers devices opens the wounds that should have been healed.  Mind and emotional games are played on hearts of heaviness and countenances of depression, oppression, and scorn.

Be released of the chains that secure you in the safety of your problems.  You seek to find sanctuary to the sharing of your darkness and inabilities by stirring the voices of those who are forced to hear, or those who enjoin the misery of the battles of your life.  You have flung the door wide to the wolf who appears at your beckoning, ‘come, hear my pity’,  you ask, ‘feed me your mesmerizing words, hold me beholden for your mercies and I will become your servant.’    To what have you given the force of your life?  Darkness, deviance, decay, for even the angel of death may appear in fortitude, professing soothing words, pressing for more of your energy and your stories till you are bound in chains.

But I am God of heaven’s mercies.  I am the force of spiritual powers and gifts.  I will release the chains that bind if you hear my words and if you find faith.  Peer out from the darkness and see that fragment of light.  It is the power of love from on high.  Take it, ingest it, as my chosen did of the manna.  Take a word from the instructions of life, a story, a verse, a psalm.  One day at a time, one moment then the next, one foot in front of the other, shedding those who are not of me but live in the world and seek the advantages of the world and seek for what you might offer them.

Let go of what is behind and reach for what is ahead, relinquishing fear, illness, anxiety, emotional wounds, and know that I will take those burdens if open your hands and allow them to be released.   But you must fill the void of the missing whisperers with the true words of life, power, healing.  These words are of me, they are the words written in my book for life, they are words spoken by my children whose lives shine with the restoration of life.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


13 Was it not I, the Lord your God, that rescued you from your masters in Egypt, struck the chains from your necks, and gave you the upright carriage of free men? Lev26:13 Knox

It is the cunning, the false-hearted, that are God’s sworn enemies; from them no cry comes when the chains close about them; Job36:13 Knox

and am not I, Lord, thy servant, born of thy own handmaid? Thou hast broken the chains that bound me; Psalm115:7 Knox

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Be Mounted On Stallions Of Fire

Peace will be within, there will not peace in the world of nations, not till all that has been built on the fruitless foundations of slavery, usury, and greed has been dismantled.  That day is coming, but my children, look not for the end, fear not the uprisings and the bitterness that courses through the nations.  Their manifold lies will be their demise.  Their disregard of truth will be the loose stone that topples their idols, their palaces, their house of cards.  There are many who have willing walked into the gilded cages.

I have called a nation of nations.  One which will stand, one which will continue to shine yet there be nights upon nights where others will stumble and fall.  They built their palaces on walls of mischief, on the labors of broken backs.  How do I not tear down such strongholds.  The city of my holiness, the heart of my nation shall stand, because my words went out on the surge of promise, my words spoken cannot be divided or changed and they are what have built the city of love and prosperity and light.

Sing your praises in the darkness that there be light.  Speak words of truth and light will be before you and behind you and astride you and always you, my children of the nation that is rising, you will be surrounded by the light.

My words are weaving with your voices as a great blanket over the earth, vibrations of love and power and healing.  These are in contradiction to the maze written by the prince of the air, who knows his days are short.  He is calling in mounds, his writhing followers, fear is stirring the cauldrons of war.  Cease not to pray and cast away the demons that seek to division, hatred, malice, adultery, sorcery.  He has gathered in sevenfold to return to those whose landscape is barren, whose lives return to their own vomit.  He is mounting his attacks.  BEWARE BEWARE.

Nations are teetering on moments of time, they sacrifice their own for victory that will be but a moment, for it will not be victory that I have called.  I have already called the victory of Jerusalem, the true city of light.  I am calling those who will be the eternal citizens.  You are my nation among nations.  You are the harbor of my love.  You hold the sword of victory.  Waiver not.  I will show the falling nations, the unbelievers of truth, that truth is the power of healing and prosperity.  I will grant you strength to prosper, to build.  I will send fruitful waters that multiply your harvest, even in the midst of barren and dry lands, in the cities of adversity and calamity, and in the darkness brought on by the fear of poverty and war of those about you, for you are a city within, you are a nation of nations.  You are a separated people for whom I created the abundance of the earth and the glory of my city.

I am waiting for those who sleep, not in the grave, but in their walk of the living.  AWAKEN, you are my chosen, RISE UP, you are those who will lead yet you follow for you hear the voice of the shepherd.  Take up those words you leave behind, stoke the fires of my spirit that you join the voices of power, strength and truth.

Love those who linger in sin yet have hearts of desire for righteousness.  Love in power not sapping gibbering.  Love is of power of my holy spirit.  Love the rising nation, love one another, not to petting of the head but to iron that sharpens iron.   Urge one another to the stations you are called.

Where are my healers?  Rise up, rise up.  You know of the power that surges in your hands.  Rise and heal and speak those golden words.  Rise you prophets, fear not to publish those words I call, I whisper, I long for you to hear.  Speak out, you who know and discern the hidden meanings of my book for life and show the power of the blood that courses through.

March forward, in unity of peace among yourselves, march forward for the future of eternity is upon you.  Be mounted on stallions of fire of winged power.  Be fruitful, be insightful, be full of the power of the holy spirit now and forever. Amen.   God’s Prophecy

Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper. psalm122:6 NLT

We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy.  And the other nations said, “What amazing things the LORD has done for them.” Yes, the LORD has done amazing things for us!  What joy! psalm126:2-3 NLT

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Who Issues Forth A Scent Of Capture

There are trials, not that I seek to set your lives in default, no.   Deadly sins began with my first appointed in the garden, to whom I gave the integrity of will, and who relinquished what I offered and gave credence and anointing to he who sought to rule over man.   His anointing was in a moment of agreement, to be one of fallen power and no authority to that of a prince, who, till this time, holds the abilities to fool even the elect, appearing as he wills, giant, dark and powerful or as a gentle and broken angel, he and his minions who followed, well versed even of my words.

Be skillful in the power of my spirit, not to judgement, for what man can decide who lives and who dies, but to the discernment of the ways of the prince of the air, to know and see with your spiritual eyes, those nimble actions that appear as offerings of kindness, catching you unaware, unprepared to proper reaction.

It is a far greater effort to resist the allure and beauty of sweetness, loveliness, holiness, a skillful play on righteous words, a voice of reason, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”  What other voices resound with truth woven into words of  attack?  Do you hear and see the flicks of wickedness, those who seek to slip in without your notice, yet there was something not quite right.  You know inside but the music, the noise, the voice of the seducer speaks louder, knowing you hear truth and diverting your attentions to their own devices.   Lives are lost down the alleys of perdition, lost is time, efforts and right thinking.  The wicked work patiently, days, years, lifetimes, perverting truth gently.  He knows, don’t you see, your weak places, for his have planted those seeds in generations of sins, missed chances, till truth became slander.

It is now that my elect must rage against sinful and lying tongues, tearing away the layers of false living, the lies that have stripped your wealth, your peace, your security in what my love is stands for.   You must live as my chosen, my children, following the ways of my begotten who showed you that the motions of your life will show whether you are my son or my daughter.    No one can serve two gods.  He who is for me cannot do those things to lying and cheating and sacrificing love of the innocent for their own salve, it is not possible even for me who created you and created the earth and the heavens for you.

Follow not the enticer, the entrancer, the mesmerizer, who prances and parlays and issues forth a scent of capture.  Resist, my loved ones, it is of your will to choose me or the god of frothy lies and follow him to everlasting chains.   Resist, even in pain and anguish, resist and reach long to my hand, reach high, redeem each moment and each breath knowing it is with you I reside, and the devil will leave you to seek others to divide and destroy.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

37 If you find that I do not act like the son of my Father, then put no trust in me; 38 but if I do, then let my actions convince you where I cannot; so you will recognize and learn to believe that the Father is in me, and I in him. John10:37-38 Knox

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The Burdens Of Judgements

I hear all thoughts, to seizures, to judgements.   It is not lawful to steal but you take another’s moments.  Have you given to those times life affirming words in your conversations, a toast to joy, a gift of your heart’s love?  We see but we do not know what thoughts flicker through the minds of a wanderer.  A sea of loneliness is just beyond your doorway.

You see a neighbor and his unkept beard is your disdain.   You pass another and mounds of flesh presses thoughts of their gluttony.  Take a moment to pray, uttering words in the spirit as you cross each others paths, for what they are they hiding, behind the worldly manifestation, is fear and loneliness.   Fear and loneliness lead to sins against ones own body and heart.   A body devoid of the power of holy spirit is sepulcher for the spirit seeking a host for sin and a break down of humanity.   Adultery, debauchery, pornography, prostitutions, gluttony, abuse of their bodies, turning into servants of the wrong god.

Restrain those first thoughts of judgements and allow me to fill your mind with those of forgiveness and love that you might find compassion for the lost, the wanderers, the repeaters of self immolations that only mask the pain of their years.

Follow the ways of my son, who held his peace when I directed, that sinners did not feel the glare of judgement but the light of love and forgiveness, allowing them to seek, to follow, to know and taste of the powers of healing.

Some you will not save though you love, even a stranger in need, with no condition and yet they fall away to their reprobate minds.  It is a choice they make when offered a new path toward life in the light or to continue on the road of destruction.   Consequences are pain, loss, grief of no end, yet I am always there if they but turn and begin their march in the better direction, that of life, a shedding of all the cloaks of sin, to allow the casting away of the demons and addictions, that sin filled thoughts be replaced with thoughts of life, words of life, affirmations of life, of love, of the light and power of love, to be washed by the blood of the lamb, and baptized in the spirit of holy power.

The joy of a saved one is far greater than the burdens of judgements.  Who can bear such onerous words.   Seek that you love as he did, unfettered, unbroken, even unspoken, yet unshaken, without disgust, without cause.  The world is cruel to those who are broken and lost.  It glorifies the ones who are mercurial, boastful, setting the stage for followers to a great and awful doom.  Even amongst the most ardent of sinners who parade the rewards of their sins and glorify their own amends, are some to be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

15 You set yourselves up to judge, after your earthly fashion; I do not set myself up to judge anybody. John8:15 Knox

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One Word Of Truth Feeds Many

Even for those whose desires and sustenance have been of substances that are manipulations of harvest and powders, whose lives have diverted through moments of pleasure that have expounded to dire needs, there is relief.  For those whose anxieties are their drug turning in their beds before sleep and releasing toxins to the blood stream, there is reprieve.  Anger and bitterness goes to the bones, but I have words that heal and sooth and give back to life what darkness takes away.

What is the bread of life?  What fills you that never hunger, from what cup can you drink that you never thirst?   My begotten came that you would have life and have it in all its glory and abundance and the release of the grips of death that you would rise in new life.   What is my begotten but my own, my son, who was and is the manifestation of my words. One word of truth feeds many.   Take of the bread of life and you will have much to share with the hungary and poor in the spirit.   Be of the body, that your life be everlasting in the spirit, that you meet in the clouds with all of the body and the head who is my begotten.

Drink of the new covenant that your laws, too onerous to be filled, be fulfilled and ended except to love me and love your neighbor.  Love that is of me is as a single loaf of bread that feeds thousands, expanding, expounding, in endless waves of energy and light.   Love that is of me is as one word of truth that expands endlessly into the day and the night and beyond the expanse of the heavens.  Love that is of me is in my first loved one, that you follow and be healed, be whole, live victoriously, for he showed the way.

A day is coming that the world will build to a crescendo of its chaos.  Be not of the chaos, chained by the dictates of misery seeking to consume the many lives to bad choices, illicit works, and being shut off from the true stream of life.  Build a life that is full of joy and discipline and good works and health and prosperity and eternity by partaking of the bread and the cup, that of the body in your faith that my one came and died and rose again, and taking part of the new covenant that you no longer are of the world and the laws imposed for godliness in a sinful nature.

Now you are fellow heirs, my chosen and those who have followed.  Stand together in relinquishing what is no longer needed.  Stand together without borders of differing precepts for all should take part of the same creed, to believe with faith filled words, shedding the old for the new, releasing all fear, and chains, and anger and bitterness and being filled with power of my spirit, healed and healing those who would be saved.   God’s  Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

“Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35 NLT

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To The Children Of Despair

My young ones, lithe in body, but troubled in spirit.  You have entered the dark waters.  They swirl about you, filled with pricks and thorns.  First you tempted to but taste of the sweet nectar.  It filled your nostrils, coursing through your body as a tone.   ‘Yes’, the voice brushed across your ears and eyes as soft caresses, try another potion.   And when that no longer stimulated your glands you itched, but it was inside,  a rash of desire becoming your propeller.  This desire so audaciously morphed to a featureless shark, hunting, hunting, devouring, panting for more, more.  You no longer are the captain of your body and it’s a bottomless pit of desire; lust and stinging and of putrid need.  What screams inside but issues in easy lies, deceptions, mellifluous attentions.  A monster, many monsters, a jagged chorus of Leviathan, seeking more, sharing your breath and tongue, seeking false justification for your ungodly actions.

I cry for you my flesh and blood and the souls of the breath of life, I call your name, I call to your heart.  I flash my spiritual light in the crevices of the darkest places.  I am here.  I am love.  I am restoration to the place of peace.  Call to me with but one word and you will open the flood of strengths, for many you will need for the battle ahead; restraint, resistance, repentance, forbearance in the great pains of healing, divisions from calamitous friends who are enemies, a searing blade to the bones, a fiery furnace of purifications.   Yes, pain in body and spirit, but you have called this upon your own head  and soul and are not of my desire.

See in the beyond and you will pass through with dignity, the prayers of many, the prayers of your own tongue, the atonement of your own words.   Seek me in every moment of despair and temptation for that is when the evil strikes ever greater, many times over empowered by multiples of itself.   RESIST. Come close me, call to me, claim your victory over the insidious enemy and he must flee.   Remember the light of love, the power of light, the power of words of love to heal, the power of holiness, making the power of righteous words your addiction, your lust, your greed.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.Lamentations 3:33 NIV


Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.psalm 119:67 NIV
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I Am Calling To The Young To Rise

So many lives hang in the balance of truths and dares, hands on the gates to an untimely end where my spirit cannot dwell.   The ripping away of life in its full and lovely and loving and glorious robes is a stain on the cloth of humanity,  defiling to my soils that are meant to give sustenance.

My ways have been trampled by the lusts of youths who find their sustenance in the ways of decay.  They boast of sins as if conquests, never seeing with their eyes the deconstruction of their lives, their bones, their flesh, even their thoughts, that are scattered as the trash bins, are wired that truth is distorted to meet the demands of their flesh.

How easy for the ones who stir the cauldrons to cast easy spells, that lives are bought and sold, hearts are strung on belts, as pelts of prey.   The net casts wide to gather these sin filled, unlearned souls.  They have been shown the ways of crooked ideas, worthless words where even no means yes.  The minds of so many young ones have been damaged by visions of idols, power, greed, chaos, noise, destruction and the fantasies of sexual predators.    The numbers grow.  The lure of quick fun stirred by manipulated weeds and potions, a choice of life and death.  A lawless nation rises that can no longer be controlled.

Many faithful doers work endlessly with their heaping good intentions, their tears run dry for all the lives lost to the destruction of the lords of drugs.   The fighters are a small and committed band fighting with spoons against an enormous tidal wave of destruction.

I am calling to the young the strong to rise and gather in greater strength, learning my ways and precepts, devouring the words of truth to be sure and steady, to know of my weapons that you will be as David against the giant of Goliath.  Band together in a brotherhood of saints, young men and women who will take an oath to stand on truth and who hold to the ways of my words, to be examples to those who have fallen before they even knew to stand.

Stand with the power of my holy spirit and I will give you all you need to stand against the powerful tide that seeks to destroy.  I will give you strength in your words to speak to those whose lives are wavering, to take hold of as many hands as you see, and pull to safe harbors those who would be saved.   Who of you will take this mission?  I will be with you and for you and you will not fail.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




How I long for your precepts! Preserve my life in your righteousness. psalm119:40 NIV


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Rejoice My Loved Ones Rejoice

I have painted fields of flowers, colors bloom beneath the sun that I called to warm the earth, that I created in the voice of my thoughts, birthed from the mighty waters that hold the universe.   Do I give you breath and voice that your thoughts might manifest to creations, to be as your father in heaven, to love, to see words turned to forms, to sooth, to heal, to restore, rejoice?

Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice for in your voices that ring from your hearts, you have soothed mine, that I see the glitter in your eyes, for you see the mountains and  rejoice, and you see the colors of the rich soil, and you ponder the depths of the my vast seas, you fill my sight with tears of joy.

Rejoice my loved ones, rejoice, for your voices of love stir my soul, my being of spiritual eternity, that you have called to the gates of spiritual riches that I pour much upon you.  Rejoice in all places and I am able to bless you beyond your thoughts.  Rejoice in all days, that each be as rich as the seas and the galaxies.  Rejoice always my souls, my breath, my hearts, for I have loved you from before the establishment of time.

And your songs and words of praise change the vibrations, heal the jagged edges, heal the nations of many nations, that you rise as one glorious body of my own, that your praises are heard throughout all the places of the earth, that those who will turn to the light of the lord will see and hear and know the true voice of the one of my heart of hearts who heard and believed it was he who would rule all that I have given him.

Rejoice and know that my kingdom is come, rejoice with praise the rapture will come, rejoice with song that the way be lighted with love.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Praise the LORD, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth. psalm 117:1 nlt


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Saving Those Who Have Slipped To The Shadows

The disturbances come in waves, spiritual unrest, those who seek to turn your peace that you enjoin and embrace their chaos.  The ways of the relentless preacher of sin will not cease to try until he sees that you have claimed the ground in the name of glory, that you have drawn close to me so that the light of power causes him to flee.

Evil comes from many directions, the thief seeks to steal in innumerable ways, working in the fears of those in your house, in your circle of family and friends, in your churches and work places.   He finds harbor in the children who have fallen for the enticements of luxury, filthy living, abuse of their bodies, and leads them to destroy the foundation of families.

Evil speaks in exciting ways through many forms of media, showing its candidates ways of the world.  It whispers, it ushers, it beckons.  It takes on the mantle of righteousness and fools even the elect into servitude for man and not me.  It strides openly into classrooms and to pulpits, and changes the words, the truths, shading meanings, some knowing and others not, that they are the harbor and source of the destroyer, dismantlers of  truth, disrupters of peace and joy, cogs in the motion of power and healing.

Seek me so diligently that your minds and hearts hold only my power, that my spirit is powered within you with words that call out in the dark moments, that your missiles are of truth and not miss their aim to shatter fear, misconceptions, and lies, saving those who have slipped to the shadows.   My gateway is open where the righteous enter.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Open for me the gates where the righteous enter,
    and I will go in and thank the Lord.
20 These gates lead to the presence of the Lord,
    and the godly enter there. psalm118:19-20nlt

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A Garden Of Righteousness

Stay with me, my loves of my heart, my dwelling is of all that is lovely and pure.  Reside here beside the clear waters, rooted in nourishment and abundance.   Rest here under the expanse of my sky, lying upon beds made of moss, and grass, and jasmine.   Be restored as I give you the flowing milk of life, brimming … cascading.

Speak to me in spiritual words and hymns, making melody for the joy you hold, knowing I have given you the fruit of joy and peace.   Peace is of the heart, of the presence of life in the spiritual frame work of my works, that of my holy words.

Peace is not of the world and the world will not attain peace.  There will be agreements that will be broken, borders that will be stampeded, angry mobs will riot, weapons of destruction raised.  Yet I separate you, my children, who know your place is not in the fields of blood.   You will raise the sword of division, dividing asunder good and evil in those places not seen by the unlearned, knowing when you are close to me, the enemy must flee.

Peace you will find, always, in my garden of righteousness.  Glory you will find for the light of love will shine from its gate.   ‘Come’  ….my one is calling, beckoning turning his heart inside out that you see his love for you.  ’Where fore didst thou doubt?’  Did you know that perfect love casts out fear?  Come to my garden, my dwelling.  My kingdom reigns on earth as it does in heaven.

Stand in the power of righteous love, that you know you have done all to stand,  and heed my voice when I speak.  I am answering your call, your prayers and your thankfulness.  I clear the fields of prey, I raise the road upon which you stand, I bless the nation within because at least one hears my call.  The winding storms rush, but you know you stand in their way.  Call to the spirits that bind and cast them far.  Stand against fear in those who surround your life and the spirits of fearsomeness must scatter and fail.

Reach for the hands that grope and seek comfort, not of worldly deliverance but of my deliverance.   Call for fullness of each day, that you have done all to savor your work, to plant seeds, to cultivate what you have planted, to speak to fruitfulness and prosperity, to love and reign for you are in my kingdom, you are fellow heirs with the one.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

They themselves will be wealthy,
    and their good deeds will last forever.
Light shines in the darkness for the godly.
    They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. psalm112:3-4nlt

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A Garden Of Prosperity

As I chose who would reside in the garden so too I pointed my finger to those lands I offered to my people.   Who will look to me and honor always the words I give?  The nature of man causes many to turn from me until they have grave needs and fear.  The nature of the one who changed his ways to be a god, has shed seeds of darkness in many fields.  This has been the way since I offered the sanctuary of the garden to the fertile fields of great nations who also turn from me in their willful hearts and greed.

Have I always to prove I am the god of all lands and seas?  I show my intent in mighty words, and in my hands the globe is held sure.  I say the words and the skies fill with the rains and winds.  My hand holds back the waters and keeps the dry land.   Who of all has earned the right to plant seed and cultivate a garden of prosperity and to become a nation?

There is one to whom I have given all and those who hear and know his name, they too will inherit what I have created.  My decree can’t be broken.   My promises are seeds of goodness and wisdom.   My words are the heavens, the foundation of life, my one is the cornerstone of the temple, the majesty of my kingdom, my kingdom is the garden, the eternity, my words are for you, my chosen, my children.  My offerings are my creations, my mountains are my works, the stars and the galaxies are of my words.  Breath is of me.

Soul life I give that my precious will find me, will desire the fruit of my words, will eat and drink of my promises, will find eternity by finding the way to all encompassing life of life.  Freedom of heart is to choose between darkness and light, oppression and liberty, life and death, a path of destruction and poverty, or a garden of righteousness and prosperity.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

He has shown his great power to his people
    by giving them the lands of other nations. psalm 111:6 nlt

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